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  • Written by . Posted at 7:28 am on February 24th, 2010

    Today I’m making inventory serializing. In human this means you can save your inventory to a file. Also it will allow to send the entire inventory with slots arrangement through network. So server can create its own inventory slots, force the players to use specific weapons or change item/weapon variables.

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    1. Yeah, thats a good feature..
      but.. im afraid to see a lot of servers with changed weapons. If a wanna play the ‘normal’ game then i just have to filter the servers with no changed weapons.
      Make this and everything will be fine =)


    2. HexanValaris

      in my opinion:

      in soldat 10 primary and 4 secondary weapon only, i thing this not to much, and if you make this feature.. example: you create 20 weapon, but somebody create a server with 40 weapons with own made weapons, in soldat player/admins cant create more weapons thean 10+4, you know what im mean?:)

    3. Whats the problem with having 40 or 400 weapon servers?
      Don’t play on it if you don’t like. I’ll add filters for modded servers (Soldat needs this too btw.)

    4. Yeah, you just have to add filters!


    5. HexanValaris

      I mean: if i create a server (modded) so create world war 2 weapons
      and the basic weapon number is 20, but i create 21, the players will see all of the 21 weapons, or like in soldat we just can mod the basic weapons?

    6. HexanValaris: The 21 weapons will appear in the weapon shop which is the red squares here:

    7. a server with moded wapons should also send all gfx and sounds to the client. just like in all good games.

    8. Will the interface be packed in a little more for convenience? Perhaps those menus could be customizable to where we want each menu to be. Then again, I guess it would change for each server we switch to since the # of weapons/backpack-size/etc. would differentiate.

    9. HexanValaris

      Okey, this is a good idea, and when i shut down the server, the bought weapons will in my inventory when im restart the server or something?

    10. Yea, inventory skinning or atleast coloring would be really cool. It could yeild nice results.

    11. Спасибо, довольно интересно.

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