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    Written by . Posted at 6:06 pm on January 19th, 2009

    I’m working on the Link-dead character animator. Here is a GIF animation showing some simple results. The animator is nearly finished, it has a lot of functionality which isn’t shown here. I’m quite happy about it. click to check it out.


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    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 How long do you think it will take until is ready?

    2. Anonymous


    3. Русский перевод:
      Nice Animation frame builder.

    4. pretty cool.. looks like he’d be a pretty good dancer

    5. Anonymous

      :O does anyone see this? whats that thing on the character’s back???? :O you originally said there will be no jet-pack in link dead (which i thought sucked really really bad), then what is it? or did you decide to re-add the jetpack? which would be the greatest thing I’ve heard in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Anonymous

      that would really prove to me that this game WILL be the greatest game ever! with no jet-pack, i doubt how this could happen…

    7. Underline

      jetpack for life!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/
      btw, very powerfull software you have!

    8. Clearly anything that goes on your back is a jetpack! Just like most school children have! Definitely not a normal backpack where a soldier would keep his supplies, ‘cuz that would be a silly assumption to make from just one rectangle!

    9. “no jetpacks”

      its a backpack

      ever seen an army guy nowadays without a jetpack?

    10. i kept starring at it thinking it would show more, after like 10 minutes i only just realised it was looping.

    11. Michal, have you considered using an existing 3D model format, using single polygons billboarded towards the camera as opposed to full 3D shapes, to achieve these 2D animated characters?

      One could leverage the already powerful animation systems existent in Blender or 3DS max as opposed to building it from scratch.

      Have you considered this approach? What kind of advantages does your system have over leveraging an existing model format? In your opinion, is it worth spending the extra time creating a custom animation system/editor?

    12. What’s that written in? C++ and OpenGL? Will it be Linux compatible?

    13. I think he uses Irrlicht. If yes it will be Linux compatible

    14. Linux Yessss!!!

    15. 1)gnat, your ideea is a bit late, dont u think? The animation editor/system is already done, as you can see. So no matter how much time it cost, it would be folly to turn away from it now.

      2)Wow. I really, really like it. I thought it would have standard moves, like soldat, but if you can animate the character yourself, there really is no limit to the mods you can put on link-dead, is there? I can hardly wait to see wild animals or some kind of desfigurated zombies jump at your neck to kill you and all that shit. Shouldnt be a problem now. Great update.

    16. JackIsNoMore

      No game needs a jetpack to be good. Don’t become so used to jetpacks. There’s a time to grow the fuck up and move past jet-packs.

    17. Finally some News!

      Looks really great.

      And the colors look nice.

    18. I would like to know how to make same animation in gif without taking screenshot every 5 sec.

    19. I hope it works on linux natively.
      It looks nice and really moddeable. (new word)

    20. @Cosmin

      You can edit the animations in soldat…

    21. Oh, really? Hmm, okay, but I guess it hasnt been used much, since there aren’t any soldat mods anyway. but we had a discussion a couple of months ago, link-dead will be highly moddable, allowing for completely new shooter games emerge from its engine.
      I hope Michal didn’t change his mind on that, but judging by the animation-editor, i think we’re on track.

    22. ._.

    23. This is the eye-candy I’ve been waiting for! It’s great to know (and easier to wait) that you’re making progres with Link-Dead developement. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MM !!

    24. It’s great to see an update! Great *great* work :)

    25. “You can edit the animations in soldat…”

      Servers don’t allow custom animations – they only work in single player.

    26. Anonymous


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