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  • Easter Special – bots video

    Written by . Posted at 5:40 am on April 11th, 2009

    Since Easter Holidays is all about killing and torture I decided to give you a little present. Here is an actual gameplay video from Link-Dead with bots. The graphics and animations in the video ARE NOT Link-Dead graphics, they are placeholder graphics I made in 5 minutes. I know there are a lot of retarded people out there, so please remember this and don’t post “that’s crappy graphics!”. The thing that matters is even with 5 minute graphics the game is awesome. Click on video to watch in Higher Quality.

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    1. It’s nice to see that something actually works here, a pity that the vid is so slow. I noticed that when close to each other, the bots act like in Soldat. Also what concerns me is the ‘going down’ response, sometimes u had problems with it. I suppose that you have to tap ‘down’ twice? Maybe it would be a better idea to make a separate button for it? On the other hand lighting clearly owns, dust effects are also nice. Are u planing to share something about particle effects with us? Oh, and are u still using foot placement correction here?
      Cheers mate and bloody easter to you and all folks behind the project.

    2. Yay! Nice effects, dust clouds and so. It seems like Soldat was more like quake 3 and Link-dead will be more counter-strike’ish – tactical kind of game. Sounds like fun. Finally you have the gostek runnin’ and shootin’. What are you going to do next? And what’s the Berserker status?

    3. Very nice stuff you got there, gunfire looks very realistic, though the ragdolls look a bit stiff, makes them look even more unrealistic than in soldat (maybe because they’re so big?)

    4. oh cmon that’s crappy graphics!

      Just joking. As we all already know the game graphics will be no1 thanks to Sigvatr but that’s hardly a point. Do You really believe this game will have ANY gameplay at all? I was wondering what kind of solution You’ve been talking about that whole time in the past to make this project’s gameplay kickass and now I see that You’ve been just talking. Classes, ladders, elevators and stairs? Is that really all You managed to come up with after the soldat revolution?

      Games that are just nice to look at get forgotten quickly. And it’s a pity, hope you will get something out of this project anyway.

    5. FishyBoy

      Easter isn’t about killing, or torture.


      I like that you didn’t edit out that crash partway through.

      leek: I’m pretty sure Michal is aware that this isn’t Soldat quality gameplay at the moment, and is going to improve it, and judging the entire game on what is essentially a tech demo is really stupid.

    6. Nice.

      Hope to see much much improvement to the realistic gameplay.

    7. Underline

      Nice stuff!
      Keep going! 😀

    8. I like chocolate ice cream

      That really needs vsync because muzzle flash will show up only every other time you shoot.

    9. Haha yeah its about zombies sorry.

      The current status of the gameplay is: Soldat with one gun without grenades on a crappy map. I think it would play fairly similar.
      Although this will be a completely different game and I am aware of the risks of doing so. This game is going to be slow and realistic with hit-scan weapons. There is no flying or storming other players. Its about tactics, using cover/shadows, planning your route, being very fast at aiming at the head. This is what deathmatch would be like and it’s only the TIP of the iceberg.

    10. I have to say that I personally often wished to have a bit more of this “slow, but tactical” gameplay with cover, shadow etc while playing Soldat. So I like what you’re heading for.

    11. Sure hope LoS/fog of war will get in.

      But yeah, nice progress.
      Merry zombie-jesus day!

    12. Good progress, but the video shows very little of the current state. You let us bleed:)

      The light effect while shooting makes me afraid, i thought the lighting will stop on walls?:)

      Wish you effective programming and happy easter!

    13. Looks awesome.

    14. Underline

      anyway the doubletap isnt working proply..
      it will be very sad if i get killed because of the double tap..
      make a new key for it! its better IMO.


    15. You’ve said that graphics are not ready, but you didn’t say anything about the music…. this music is gay :P.

      Hapyy Zombie Jesus Day.

    16. Even at this early phase it looks awesome.

      Happy zombie g-sus day.

    17. niko šveikovsky

      So why is the window labeled “Crimson Engine”? I thought you built the link-dead engine from the ground up.

    18. Cause its the crimson engine. I rewrote most of it since crimson glory but the skeleton is the same. I might change the name of the engine so its not confusing.

    19. Makron666

      That is nice, although there was not enough lighting, it was a very dark video and that was dissapointing seeing as the blood stains were hard to see. What about callinging it the hellspawn engine?

    20. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”

    21. Nice “unhandled exception” ;).

      As I can see you made the bots go on distance and try to hide themselves.
      But they fail then they are too close to each other 😀 and when they are traped (in the base) they cannot move. Maybe you need an attack trigger too.
      Also it seems like they are too much concentrated into the enemy and dont actually notice if you are above them and shoot they only attack when they see you but not when the should hear you. Also if they see you but there is a collider they attack but stay too close to that collider it looks really botlike. Maybe you could make them attack when they see you need to reload (don’t know if you implemented that already) or if you wait or move away.

      I can see that you did make it more realistic (I don’t see heads flying around ;D).

      Well done!

    22. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”


    23. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”

      You were probably just lagging when you went to go watch it.

      Nice work MM. 😀

    24. so how far is the game/engine in % ?
      its looking really damn awesome michal!!!

    25. looks nice. maybe u should try make ragdolls lean forward when they start to run and lean backwards when they try to stop – giving the feel of momentum.

      something like

      just a suggestion…

      Good job so far

    26. Still cant watch it :(

    27. It’s definitely there, it came up with that message for me aswell, but I just had to refresh the page and it worked.

    28. i just have to ask this will there be a sniperline in link dead as there is in soldat?


    30. This is lookin really nice. Even though you say that the game will be more realistic than soldat (no flying or storming), I hope at least there will be the ability to be able to huck a chainsaw like a throwing knife and decapitate someone with it. 😀 … Or at least the ability to put that in via modding.

      Anyway, really really nice. Again, love the one-way (style) platforms and the lighting effects. The bot behaviour is pretty interesting too. Keep going. The progress is great.

    31. I love it the game ,physics of game like when a body dies the bullet holes and the smoke just the graphics like you says its just to show how is going well i just have a guestion do you have in mind how many guns will have or ill be like soldat tht has 12 guns?
      by th way the game is perfect! 😀

      sorry for the bad english :/

    32. i really suspect 2 to 4 team-based weapons? that would be friggin great, and the modders would fukin love it

    33. I agree with Kay, momentum made Prince of Persia a classic, it really adds to the feeling and would also look better.

      When is Berserker coming out? You should put yourself a dead-line.

    34. SOME stranger

      yeah put a fucking deadline so we know when we’re going to play.if you can’t put a deadline and stick to it just quit programming altogether I am not going to wait your lazy ass to make the fucking game.Programming is done at night,not going to do random other stuff but doing JUST FUCKING PROGRAMMING,that’s all.
      Good luck with not disappointing me(us).

      I will hate you if you don’t finish this before 2010(it would be really ridiculous of you not to do so,as pointed out by a commentor above it’s been 2 fucking years you’re dragging us ..)

    35. Wow, what are you, a spoilt child? You have no right to demand anything of MM/Sigvatr, when they are using up THEIR OWN TIME so that YOU can enjoy a FREE game. So MM/Sigvatr, please don’t give yourselves a deadline, as people (i.e. post above mine) will only complain if it is not finished in time, and the pressure will lead to a rushed and unfinished game. Take as much time as you want. :)


    36. ZeroGunner

      I don’t think that this game is going to come out any time soon…maybe not even in 2009 and from that berserker reset it seems that MM and his design company cannot make up thier mind on what they want. Don’t get me wrong soldat is a great game but I think its time for other game developers to step up to the plate and make an even better game like this. Once im done university taking programming and design courses, I want to one day develop a game that is similar to this.

      MM don’t be shy MM ask for some donations, im sure all of your fans will be glad to lend you a few bucks to speed up game development ;D

    37. Writing crap seems somewhat motivating. You can do that SOME stranger.

      ZeroGunner : How much can you give me?:)
      You don’t need to finish university to make a game. Start learning and making it now.

    38. well i have helped you cus i regestered my ver of soldat

    39. Matt (all4x)

      I think it’s really cool to see the walls actually getting damaged and dust and everything pretty realistic. Many games such as soldat have both but It would be cool to incorporate the damaging of walls and such.

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