Defining Awesome — Excerpt from the “Minimanual of Urban Guerilla”
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  • Excerpt from the “Minimanual of Urban Guerilla”

    Written by . Posted at 4:02 am on September 16th, 2010

    The urban guerrilla’s weapons are light arms, easily obtained, usually captured from the enemy, purchased, or made on the spot. In general, light weapons are characterized as being short-barrelled. This includes many automatic weapons. Experience has shown that the basic weapon of the urban guerrilla is the light submachine gun. The urban guerrilla should not attempt to base his actions on the use of heavy weapons, To prevent his own death, the urban guerrilla must shoot first, and he cannot err in his shot.

    1. He must take the enemy by surprise.

    2. He must know the terrain of the encounter.

    3. He must have greater mobility and speed than the police and other repressive forces.

    4. His information service must be better than the enemy’s

    Minimanual of urban guerilla

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    1. They need to hack the system to know the map and the forces on the terrain. So they can decide where to put traps and the best position to make an ambush!

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