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    Written by . Posted at 4:08 am on May 6th, 2011

    I finally compiled a version of Link-Dead under Linux with working graphics and sound. So this is the same as the PC version! If somebody wants this please e-mail me or ask on the forums. If you donate I will send you the link.
    Next system to conquer – Mac OSX!

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    1. FinDude


    2. thepessimist

      “So this is the same as the PC version!”

      Did you not run the game on a PC?

    3. If you manage to do the mac version I would be damn glad to be able to play with one of my friends who seems to be fixated on macs.

    4. izhoiahba

      awesome, cant wait for the mac version

    5. Reactorcore

      Im not sure how networking in games work, but does this mean that I will be able to play with linux and (possibly) mac players on a pc?

      So in other words, will it all be a unified community and not spread between 3 platforms?

    6. Seshan

      Can’t wait for the Mac version. I wish there was a OS X version of Soldat, so I could play it :(

    7. Mac players can play with PC and Linux. No problem. It’s all one family when it comes to LD.

    8. Clawbug

      How is Windows any more PC than Linux? 😉

    9. Reactorcore

      @MM: Thats awesome! I’m happy technology allows this.

    10. @Reactorcore:
      You can cross platform multiplayer between almost anything. For example game called Guerilla Bob has multiplayer that can be played between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Android and PC using Lan or Wifi connection.

    11. RungAaz

      MM, I love you!!! – really!

    12. This is awesome, I have been waiting to see this post for ages.

    13. niko šveikovsky

      great news, michał. cross-compatibility is so so essential for indie games.

    14. aehaue

      Need OSX version badly. I haven’t played LD yet (I have it), no windows here and LD is unplayable on a ION nettop.

    15. Underline

      Youre alive!!!! \o/

    16. Hi, MM, could you please send me a link to the Linux version on my email here (if you see it) or on my forum email? Also, I forgot my forum password, but the ‘Forgot password’ thing on the forum doesn’t work. No email came. So it would be really nice if you could somehow do something with it. Sorry for any inconveniences this might cause to you.

      Also, I still would like to help you with the Linux version. If you have sent me any messages on the forum, I’m sorry for not replying to them but I have been busy with school exams.

    17. Some more updates soon? :)

    18. Underline

      I hope so..=(

    19. Reactorcore

      I’ve heard a rumor MM is secretly working on another game inspired by that Ace Of Spades game I posted about on the forums.

      He’s working on it with another indie dev ( with him doing the art and MM doing the code. I’m pretty excited whats it gonna be like.

    20. What’s that flash games? Where did you “hear” that nonsense?

    21. from
      C:\KAG\Base\Scripts\gui.cfg -> # Link-Dead GUI Config File
      this is game on your engine?

    22. Just tried King arthur’s gold. This REALLY looks like your engine.
      You should look into this if your not affiliated !!!!

    23. Seriously though, this game started around the time link-dead got less updated and its based on a game you like (arthur’s rts for the snes).

      Looks like your working on it secretely.
      If yes, pros it looks good.

      IF NOT do take actions and contact them. This would be quite a steal.

    24. *props it looks good.

      PS: Game is already fun. I hope your working on it. Looks like a good way to take some steam off link dead.

    25. Reactorcore

      @MM: I have my sources. 😀

      Btw, this is possible concept art for that said game:

      Again, this is just speculation, but it’d be funny to see if its true. Not sure if KAG is related to this, but I dont think it is. Its an FPS game of sorts.

    26. There definitely is some relation between “King Arthur’s Gold” and Link-Dead since it’s using the Link-Dead engine and since it is contacting MM’s domains while browsing for servers:

      But I think we stop speculating now and just wait for MM to shed light on this. :)

    27. Does KAG stand for Killer Awesome Game? Because damn it’s awesome. Gameplay and graphics are worth gold.

      Definately hope this game keep progressing until completion, because with some more features (more classes ,weapon upgrades to buy with gold, etc) and more emphasis on game objectives, it will be a certain hit!

      MM, you better be behind this :)

    28. This medieval game is simply awesome. I love it :)

      So someone licensed your engine or are you even involved in this project?

    29. DorkeyDear

      Its quite unfortunate the best FPS I got while attempting to use the game was 4fps. Looked fun in the video.

      Any news on LD? 😛

    30. i guess the name of this game just lost the word link

    31. yeah, it’s dead ;p no one is playing. a minimal update saying ‘yo i’m hard at work on next release, more info asap’ but no…
      i bet mm will jump out with a big post when it’s ready. full of bs talk etc. can’t wait how the changed ld will look like with that nice lighting.

    32. Underline

      Jesus.. please… dont tell me that this game is dead..

    33. … Yeah, I love KAG, but it aint link dead !
      I guess KAG is a lot more fun to develop, and attract more people easily but
      LINK DEAD was more then a fun game to me.

    34. Not “was”, it IS a fun game. Not dead yet. 😛
      And don’t forget what MM said on the Link-Dead forums…

    35. Comeon guys, why would he waste his time and not finish link-dead. It’s obviously not dead. This other game looks kinda cool but nowhere near as blood pumping adrenaline squirting as LD



    38. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      It’s been nearly a month since the last update…?

    39. niko šveikovsky

      just because he hasn’t posted an update on his blog doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working hard. bear in mind he could also be going through life-problems right now. there’s a lot that could be happening and updating his blog isn’t top priority.

    40. Reactorcore

      I’m kind of curious why MM chose to keep anonymous with KAG. Its obvious that KAG uses the same engine as link-dead and Illu already proved that it connects to MMs domains.

      And looking at the devblog, the style way he develops and makes blog posts can be by no other than MM himself.

      Besides all that, KAG’s artist dev Geti revealed who’s he working with in another forum.

    41. Hi,

      I donate to you and want Linux version.
      Can you send link to me please?
      My email is zabivator(at)gmail(dot)com

    42. Hi,

      I donated to you and want Linux version.
      Can you send link to me please?
      My email is zabivator(at)gmail(dot)com

    43. Strona świadczy o ciekawych zagadnieniach, zachęcam do rozmowy

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