Defining Awesome — How to make money on making video games in 3 easy steps
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  • How to make money on making video games in 3 easy steps

    Written by . Posted at 7:36 am on November 25th, 2009
    1. Make an awesome game

    2. Open a PayPal account

    3. Start receiving cash

    ( anything less than awesome will require investment (like marketing))
    ( if you want examples of this working (besides me) search for Minecraft, Love, Lugaru, Mount & Blade and so on…)
    ( if you think there is something more to this you are bullshitting yourself, so stop living that lie, sit on your ass and start making your GAME!)

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    1. How fucking dumb are these posts? Seriously!

    2. Any chance of separate news feeds? One for Soldat dev and programming, another for your musings and titbits.

    3. s/Soldat/LinkDead/g

    4. Huh? What are you guys talking about?
      Being a game developer myself I really enjoy the posts Michal makes here. It’s just what goes on in a developers mind while making a game.

      Also, he has completely valid points.

    5. if u dont like the posts, GTFO…. seriously.

    6. Nice plan :)

      I will defenetly try to follow these steps!

    7. What do you guys think about flash games?Isn’t it easier to make money, making good flash games ?

    8. Is there any way to skip the first step ?

    9. every second you spend on making a game is an investment, all the bills you pay and food you buy during the dev. is an investment.
      writing this post is marketing and having a blog is marketing. so cut the fucking bullshit..

      @Zeze: i made some really good cash on my animations and now i moved into flash games, the bucks in there are huge, sponsorships, exclusive deals ,ads and much more. Many devs make more cash a year that mm ever made on soldat – and user didn’t have to pay to up the fucking resolution..lolz

    10. I know cuz I also working in Flash game industry. There is many ways to monetize your hard work :)

    11. I think you do need some marketing, if you’re just starting out. Michal has 7 years of Soldat behind him. I have nothing. I’m still in the process of learning programming and learning game engine structure – 2D/3D. It may be possible – if I keep working and work hard enough, that I could actually release a well made commercial game (on mobile platforms such as iPhone/Android, etc.). But, being completely unknown – I will need to spread the word around about my work, which is marketing. Then, if I do make a good game, word of mouth spreads fast.

    12. @mman

      I would assume MM would eat and pay his bills even if he didn’t work on his own project.

    13. @curious

      if he was employed he’d be getting money for his work in real-time so he can sustain his life, now as he’s working on the game and not being paid for that he’s making an investment hoping that in a year or whenever he’ll finally make something on it.
      Worry no tmm is still living with his mom ^^

    14. @mman: what kind of animations you sold?, this shooting stuff gets boring after watching it once.
      You are right with the flash games, but there are many good games already out, its getting more harder to earn money. I think the Android Mobile sector is the fastest way to earn money when making games in future.

      Its really hard making games when you get older, have wife and son, the lack of time, but i still look forward to make a uniqe multiplayer game without being dependent to make money out of it. Its like the perfect hobby for me, it is never finished and you dont have to hurry just because thousends of lazy teenagers want to have it finished right now. So keep up the good work MM. I read your blog every day, just to remember and celebrate my own dream :).
      I have written an XMAS-Screensaver for my company again this year. This time i integrated the SDL Library into my screensaver as a preparation to integrate it into my exisitng game engine. It was funny, SDL rocks! The screensaver got nice i think. Check it out (freeware, no ads or other bullshit and customizable):

    15. MM is god, he can do anything with nothing.

    16. MM. You are right, it really is that easy. You need not market shit, because if the game is awesom (Like previously stated) everyone will tell everyone else and the the word will spread, just like soldat. That is not marketing, or advertising, its is simply a reccomendation.

    17. @mman

      Isn’t he employed?
      Maybe he’s a teacher at a university.
      He seems pretty passionate about what he does while also having his own philosophic thinking about the world and stuff and I guess teaching leaves him with more free time than if he were working in the business or at least this is my impression :S

      Maybe he’s laughing his ass off now because I fatally missed it.

    18. Snow: I didn’t even have a web page when Soldat got popular.

      mman: its true I eat and have a blog. My point is, you don’t have to do this. It’s not important in the end.

      yv3: if you don’t have enough time I have a simple tip. Constrain your time even more. Dedicated 1-4 hours to development each day. But REALLY dedicated. Cut-off the internet, switch off the phone, delete all games (including solitaire). Open the compiler and sit there coding. If you get stuck get a piece of paper and solve the problem there. This will increase your prodictivity 10X.

      curious: ROFL

    19. @yv3: omg dude, u get paid for that? You company must be fucking throwing money all around!

    20. Detailed plan:

      1. Make an awesome game
      1a. Get an awesome idea
      1b. ???
      1c. Awesome game!

    21. Phase One: Collect underpants.
      Phase Two: …
      Phase Three: Profit.

    22. Phase one: Invent a cloning machine.
      Phase two: Put MM in the cloning machine.
      Phase three: World domination… uhh I mean finished L-D

    23. The underpant gnomes forgot about phase two, which is simply open a paypal account :p

    24. niko šveikovsky

      this is funny— it’s almost identical to the way i make money as an artist (make films/music/photographs/paintings, sell for x dollars, x being how much people want to pay for it, free being an option, of course).

    25. I love Love.

    26. EL OH EL!

    27. I didn’t actually think that would post… Oh by the way I have absolutely no idea at all on how to make a game, but the conversation sounded interesting and high-tech-ish.

    28. @Tenshi: No, i just made it 4 fun and that’s the point. You can’t force creativity with money, you have to relax your mind and body and play around to get uniqe ideas.

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