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    Written by . Posted at 6:07 am on July 20th, 2009

    I got angry at the physics code for being limited. So what I did is make Box2D work with tiles collision. This means that the game is not limited now to some memory issues. Infinite maps are reality now in the Link-Dead engine. I am not using them cause they are loaded into memory (for fast loading times). I can make them load from hard drive and that would allow for gigantic maps. But I’m not doing that cause there will be a slight loading hick-up; about 100ms. Doesn’t seem like much but in a multiplayer game that is a matter of life and death.
    If you are following my blogs I wrote that Box2D was a bottleneck in the engine cause the loading times for the map were huge. Fortunately it was just my error, I fixed it and now its really fast.
    I tested a map 15 screens by 15 screens large and it generates and loads in about 15 seconds. This is a really good score even before optimizations.

    I’m really proud of myself for doing this. I want to thanks the lack of internet for pushing me to do this.

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    1. xf117-philx

      Great to see progress being made, yes the internet can be a lot of help, but sometimes its just best to not have it as a distraction. Great work MM, and good luck with the rest of the engine/code/game.

    2. Sure you are.


    3. Yea, yea. After this brief moment of relax and self-admitarion go back to work. I can’t wait to see that game completed. 😉

    4. The evil known as YouTube too distracting eh?

      Good thing you don’t play World of Warcraft then 😀

    5. awesome, buttem, just a question , wouldnt infinite maps require infinite time to load 😛 ?

    6. niko šveikovsky

      TLD: MM probably means that the mapper would not have to be limited by any dimensional constraints.

      However, the current limit is 5×5 screens, so we’ll just have to sit tight.

    7. ZeroG001

      can’t wait for this game to be released. I check this site almost everyday now.

    8. Underline

      COngratulations =)

    9. No I really mean infinite maps. Generated on the fly, which would be truly infinite or built by the mapper, which would be limited to the amount of memory the mapper has.

    10. fuckin great and all but… how would fuckin spawns be put onto a map that’s fuckin infinite?
      dynamic fuckin spawns?
      like ‘spawn at da motha fuckin officer’ type spawning?
      or like…
      capturing certain fuckin points? [which can also dynamically fuckin randomize by distances between each other maybe]
      or like…
      parachuting from a fuckin hacker’s [or who fuckin ever’s] magical fuckin flying machine that’s ‘UAV’ing the map from fuckin air
      or like…
      tell me what the fuck im trying to say you fucker

      [ByTheFuckinWay – im not fuckin mad or anything just… fuckin around]

    11. Rudiment

      It is really good to read,but what about blood and violence?
      Can player shoot off some finiteness(like hands,legs,heds) and will be displayed gun wounds on bodys?

    12. SpiltCoffee

      Fuck me, Fuck. You use fucking like it’s a comma.

    13. Fuck: spawn points are a retarded idea. We have something better in plans. Fuck.

      Rudiment: Definitely! You can see a teaser of the violence on the old Berserker videos.

    14. >>>I want to thanks the lack of internet for pushing me to do this.

      Me too.

    15. whitdemon

      hey MM this is not an joke, can you re-make soldat with this kind of code in mind? i belive that if do that soldat will skyrocket in popularity… and you as it maker… i belive in you (most of the time… lol)

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