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    Written by . Posted at 4:30 am on October 30th, 2010

    Testing revealed that the Linux server is very unstable. I have to nail all the bugs before any public release, don’t know how much it will take.

    In the meantime I quickly implemented in-game video display to prototype an idea I had for helping players grasp all the features of the game. My idea was to make a couple dozen little 10 second videos about every aspect of the game: like how to climb, how to reload, how to use cloak, what do attachments do, how does fatigue affect aim, how does running affect aim, etc. The test video I made is how to patch yourself when wounded. Take a look at how this might look like. These videos would not be at the place you see on the video but in areas of interest. For example when attaching a flashlight in inventory you could click on a little play video button near the flashlight icon and it would show you how to turn it on – in the in-game video.

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    1. Thats cool, seems like it would be very helpful to the distressed newb. (so long as they know the escape key brings the menu up :D)

    2. Makron666

      I’m really liking that, that health system looks very good, just by looking at it, it seems like that 1v1 approach might work better, long intense battles.
      I can just imagine running low on health, your legs are screwed, about to patch your body up to stop bleeding, but quick footsteps on metal gratings reveals your enemy running to your vicinity. So instead, you use your last patch on your legs, run to the cover of the shadows, attach your bi-pod, lay down and wait for the shot..
      Bang!! he jumps right before you fire your rifle, surviving the shot, but losing mobility. You chamber another round… Bang!! You hit him in the chest this time, causing him to bleed out. You duck a bit of post-Morten fire and scavenge his last patches.

      Sorry bout that, got a bit carried away. But anyway, the videos are a good idea, you could probably stretch them out to 15-20 seconds if you need.

    3. The video seemed very chaotic when watched for the first time.

    4. The video is too fast.

    5. Underline

      yeah, idea is very good!
      Lot of work to make all the videos.

    6. I agree, the video is a little fast

    7. IMO, too much work for too little use. You might as well make a command list and say “Heal Patch (needs medic kit in inventory): Press E+Select Bandage+Select Bodypart”

      Far less chaotic than the vid, far quicker to see, lets the user try it out for himself, it’s far less work for you and it doesn’t fill the game with noob-material that just makes it look complicated to noobs anyway.

    8. Is that shotgun?

    9. Does that mean your going to have medics in the game? If so you should make the healing yourself as primitive a possible. Kinda on the run patch job. Just my two cents

    10. great idea again but the execution should have been handled way better (video is way to chaotic) but i suppose its not about the video itself , its about the IDEA of implementing videos ingame , also i suppose that its kinda difficult to always skip to main menu and then to the help button instead of letting the tutorial videos appear in a quick tutorial on Game start.

      I´m also having a little question :

      What about the Menu Interface and the GUI?
      will it stay that style or will there be changes as its not really like a typical game menu (ESC)
      Me and individual gamers like most Soldat players are who don´t really care about Graphics, and Menu and whatever wont be botherd, but i suppose the other kind of players would be

    11. its times like this I wish I had a decent computer. All I have is this crappy netbook.

    12. Great idea MM but maybe a little too fast for newbs. And i don’t want to nag but I was curious about the sound effects. Are they going to be as they are seen in your videos? Not that they’re rubbish, most of them are good, but some of them just don’t really compliment the realistic theme of the game.

    13. Sorry to say but that confused :)

      Didn’t follow what was going on the first time I watched it.

    14. Underline

      Maybe you can add little titles before each scene, like:
      -show the wonded soldier
      -show the player adding the medkit
      -show that

    15. I wanted to fit the tutorial in 10 seconds that’s why it’s fast. You can watch it several times if you need to or I could make 20 second videos, but that seems too much for a simple thing.

    16. Toothy: I’ve a plethora of (very) realistic weapon sounds culled from various sources over the past seven or eight years: I’ll probably compile these into an unofficial soundpack once the game’s released.

    17. Everything is simple when you know it already.

      But if the work it takes seems too much, then perhaps just reduce the framerate.

    18. I think the idea is great.

      My concern is about the 10 sec limit you want. I think you should not limit yourself to 10 sec for every videos. I’m pretty sure there will be stuff that would need more than 10 sec to explain (like control basics).

      Don’t forget for who you’re doing this, it is for newbies. Honestly, we are now living in a weird world, like we need everything so fast. I don’t think a newbie will look that movie more than 2-3 times, they will want to get it at the first view.

      So, I suggest you that you balance the time for each type of information you wanna show. In worst case, if the video is too long (like 30 sec) and the person don’t want to die, they just need to play a solo game and pause the game, so he can look at the video without any problem. Solo game are made for that, learning the game control and other things.


      How to reload your gun : 5 sec
      How to use the bandage : 15 sec

      On this, have a nice day!

    19. SonOfBeer

      Good idea!
      To me, playing a game is diving in your world and get my ass beaten up in it.
      But for many (newbs), it is about your world being presented to them smooth and easy.
      Just don’t make these videos to “insecurely” make sure everyone understands.
      Keep em short, stating the facts.
      Sweet and awesome, like the rest of the game.

      Make sure you use voice audio so its shorter and clearer.

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