Defining Awesome — Introducing Gay Mutant with Pickaxe!
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  • Introducing Gay Mutant with Pickaxe!

    Written by . Posted at 1:00 pm on January 28th, 2011


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    1. Is this the “bot”?
      That is green… and also WTH with the pink all the time.

    2. Patiently waiting for a lesbian Uber-women with a lawn-mower.

    3. Not gay enough. Needs more fabulous, luminescent pink.

    4. what’s on it’s ass?

    5. Oh sh*t, mices in danger!

    6. Makron666

      The pick should be smaller. Its too manly ATM.

    7. The gray thing in between his legs is grenade. (They are there in link-dead if you haven’t noticed.) Although if I were to have grenade I would keep it as far away as possible from my passionate parts.

    8. Damn… the LGBT players will not be a fan of this.

    9. grenades are kept between legs? uhhhh

    10. Anyone see the “.” at the end that links to this pic

    11. whoa is that a raping session going on? necrophilia?

    12. Gostex is a bit too big. You should make it smaller, till you still can.

    13. Maybe the grenade is there to protect his ass?

    14. yea they’ll just cause the bullets to ricochet awau

    15. That isn’t a grenade, that’s his balls.

    16. epic bawl sack btw

    17. [quote]That isn’t a grenade, that’s his balls.[/quote]
      Uhh.. Pretty big balls 😀

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