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    Written by . Posted at 5:19 am on July 15th, 2010

    I will be gone for the next week. I’ll be on the conference but also on a little vacation. So not to leave you empty I present you the
    first preview of the gore & blood system in Link-Dead. Dudes don’t just die in this game they will die slowly in agony trying to desperately save themselves from their brutal agressor. And yes, that is one of the sprites Victor made.

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    1. This is AWESOME.

      I think the “agony” animation could use some more work, but still: it’s really nice to see the gostek trying to survive, it adds a lot of depth to the game.

      Plus, the sprite is very damn good.

    2. Question: In the video, we can see their limbs flying apart. In the game, will this happen only when a soldier is dead, or can he lose an arm/leg while still alive? (If that’s the case, it seems the “suicide” command will be really necessary in the game! I would love to see my enemies in despair trying to kill themselves! =P)

    3. Bleed, bastard.

    4. Makron666

      The agony part is great, despite the fact that they move their arms way too much when they are crawling.
      But the gore is terrible, you shot his legs off and he hanged there like he’s head was pivoted to the wall.

      In short, it is nice, but it needs a lot of work.

    5. (If that’s the case, it seems the “suicide” command will be really necessary in the game! I would love to see my enemies in despair trying to kill themselves! =P)

      /mercy will do the job well

    6. He’s picking up his pistol and shooting his own head or he’s laying on the ground and shooting to enemy not to survive but to kill ’em. Kill ’em before ’em kill him. Untill the bitter end. Without legs. Without sens to live.
      It’s very nice btw.
      And mack (ok, ok, gostek) is very nice!

      No /mercy! Because there’ll be bug with blood 😛

    7. Yes his arms are kinda moving too much at the agony thingy.
      And the gore needs some more work & the blood is kinda to bright in my opinion but im looking forward to it;)

    8. haha very nice.

      How will the agony work in multiplayer?

      Needs a blood trail :)

    9. The sprites are greeaaaat! And the way the blood “jumps” on the wall instead of just appearing is great! And the agony is awesome !!! (except for those arm movements, but I’m sure you’ll change that)

      If I might throw in my two pennies:
      – When you’re in agony, team-players can shoot you (friendly fire as a strategy for quick respawns) – without losing points. There may even be a medal if you do this 100 times or sth…

      -When you shoot a limb or his head completely off, make a blood-fountain gush out (Kill Bill style).

      -Also a doctor that could “mount” robotic arms/legs and save you from agony would be pretty cool, especially in game modes where you have to survive as long as you can. Or at least a doc that can stop the bleeding?

      -Make the /mercy command more complex, meaning you should make the player STRUGGLE to kill himself to be able to respawn (for example by having to click really fast until he manages to put the gun to his head and shoot). -> Make that suicidal-shot in slow-motion for the player himself, brains flying around and everything.

      Q: Does the bleeding eventually kill you over time? Is there a limited amount of blood in a body?

    10. Not sure what i think of this but the game looks awesome, those sprites.. but this game must really have to be slow for this to work.

    11. The next gore test video has to be with grenades.
      The idea of the rope is still ongoing? Could use for the dismemberment throwing the rope and jump to the empty

    12. holy fuking shit! gimme that game!! NOW!!!

    13. Underline

      just fix the ~arm movements~ bug and it will be perfect! 😀

    14. FinDude

      Next month will be spent on a custom fluid model to accurately simulate blood on floors and walls.

    15. @Andrew What about something like CoD4’s Last Stand mode, when you survived with pistol?

    16. Makron666

      @FinDude: I really wish MM did that, it’s not impossible, but will be for really high end users.

    17. AnonGamer001

      AWESOME!!!! I feel bad cause I laughed at the part where the guy was crawling. I think it was just the animation, he was extending his arms way out there lol. Anyways, this game LOOKS AMAZING!!!! A+++++++++. It reminded me of soldat whet the parts flew off. Again, AWESOME! :)!

    18. Underline

      I watched the video several times and the arm movements feels right now (dont ask me why). Just remove the weapon from the hand.


    20. Those sprites really do make all the difference.

    21. FinDude

      Hmm, I wonder if blood should spill over to the solid map FG

      Should give the map some depth

    22. screen should turn more and more red when you get hurt

    23. weak shot sound, weird arm movement, everything else is right 😀

    24. How long do you plan on having the blood stay there on the wall? Maybe it could fade to a darker red (over the duration of 20 secs) and then leaves a very very dark red stain on the wall (for the next 5 minutes)

    25. Where there’s blood on the wall (and respectively on the ground near that wall) make the step-sounds sound sticky.

    26. Would be cool if I survided this many shots in real life :)‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮

    27. Michal, sorry for offtopic, this is my GP version of Necromancide ^_^

    28. @asd:E :

      Try it out.

      And dont forget to post pics/vids or it didnt happen.

    29. Perhaps you could get in touch with the Overgrowth guys concerning the representation of blood after it hits the wall:

    30. Damn, that “Games Developers Conference” in Gdansk was shitty piece of crap. I’ve lost three days of my precious life (cuts his wrists) >.<

      But You were ok, man.


    32. Underline

      NEED UPDATE (2)

    33. NEED UPDATE(3)

    34. NEED… you know ; )

    35. combobreaker :(

    36. c-c-c!

    37. Makron666


    38. Give us a tour of your hotel room or something…

    39. Makron666

      Give us a.. Fuck it, give us link dead.

    40. I’m addicted to this blog. Don’t even know why…
      BTW Great sprites

    41. ZeroG001

      I want to see more video footage! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase??!!?

    42. u’re all fags

    43. Makron666



    45. MOOOOOAЯ!!

    46. I think my brain start’s to melt

    47. I think my brain starts to melt. (fixed misspelled)

      If mm don’t give us news I’m gonna call my ex girl friend 😛

    48. uhmm… im coming here every minute but no news!
      if he didnt continue making the dev in the meantime he could at least use that blog like twitter.
      I HAVE NO TP
      I GO TO BEd
      wow that´d be cool

    49. sorry diebolas… I already called your ex.

    50. so did u ? wow, what a coincidence

    51. Hahaha. I have a couple more ex´s. I don’t care 😛

      Post Data: My dog counts

    52. ZeroG001

      I wonder what MM has cooking up…

    53. Underline

      he is on vacation..

    54. Could give you my soul as a form of payment?

      However, I don’t know how to send it through Paypal XD

    55. Another Stupid question.

      If I Die while playing L-D, Will I go to Valhalla??

      I really want this feature in this game. 😀


    56. stop making lame comments, we all know we wont go to valhalla, cause we arent the soldiers themselves… DUH

    57. Look up – Chaos & Destruction

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