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    Written by . Posted at 9:30 pm on December 10th, 2007

    A failed genetic experiment appears in the world of link-dead.

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    1. the hoff!!! hahahaha

    2. Haha, you are an absolute madman, mm. I love this.

    3. Trip at 2:02, LMAO, and 2:28, lolz

      Insane, good that things are coming together with the game 😛

    4. Will be David Hasselhoff’s character available in game?
      An are you planning to make a “making the game” movie with those bugs, errors, and so, like in Jackie Chan films at the end?

    5. Joke is good, but where’s new screens or videos? We wait new info every day(

    6. nice))))) thx

    7. There will be a special Hoff class, its special power will be amazingly styled hair.

    8. …and leather coat.

    9. MM, your drugs does their effect, i see 😀

    10. omg -_-‘ …..but still nice music 😀

    11. meduim-aged mutant poor guys:) (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

    12. rofl.

      I like it when your dude walks over a small bump and collapses to the ground. Good to see realistic mode will still be included.

    13. How is the game coming along? Anything new implemented? Anything new for us to see? If 0 was “the game development has not even begun” and 10 “the game is ready for beta-testing”, where would link-dead be about now? 3? 4?

    14. WtF?

    15. WTF???

    16. wahh! copycat!

    17. lolllllllllll

    18. Lol.


    19. @Anonymous: There IS a cake. AND a party. You just never take part in it.


    20. Espressokuppi

      Dang, I missed it.

      *note to self: copy all new MM’s youtube videos to hard disk before they are removed*

    21. Espressokuppi

      Good, it was not removed. Maybe it said it was no longer available due to high internet traffic.

    22. scary shit

    23. How do you expect me to spend one more silent night without any nightmares after seeing this Hasselhoff music video which was yet unknown to me.

    24. Extreme ROFLAGE

    25. […] other day I was trying to fix a bug in the animation system. Namely the monkeyman bug. Now whenever you are “trying” to do something that is a hint that you’re not […]

    26. I liked it dance monkey dance

    27. that was stupid

    28. never stop owning MM

    29. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

      The thing gave me nightmarez.

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