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    Written by . Posted at 7:30 pm on December 12th, 2007

    The answers provided here are not final and are subject to change. It is just a current state of what we think the game will be like and what we’ve done so far.


    When will it be released?

    When it’s done.

    What is this Link-dead game about?

    It is a 2D tactical team multiplayer game in the same genre as Soldat. The game is placed in a future post-apocalyptic setting where men and machines fight with each other on the battlefield as well as in cyber space. It is a game about war with a moral message that killing is bad… but fun.

    How high will the system requiements be?

    I estimate that the minimal requirements would be a 1.5Ghz processor, 512MB ram and a GeForce era video card.

    Is it cross platform?

    Yes it should run on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Should be possible to run it on an XBox too if I get to know how.

    Are you planning on releasing the source?

    The full source code won’t be available but there will be an SDK for modding, much like in Quake or Half-Life.

    How far is the project gone so far?

    The game has pretty much all the engine mechanics implemented. What it lacks at this point are real maps, characters, GUI and network code.

    Will there be a map maker, what about other editors?

    There will be available a map maker and a character animation editor.

    How moddable will be Link-dead?

    The goal is to make Link-dead 100% moddable. There will be an SDK and scripting.

    Are you a machine?

    No, but I have bionic parts. I ordered them from the future in a time capsule.

    What would you rather have, a bionic arm or a bionic leg?

    A bionic penis.

    How similar to Soldat will the game be?

    Besides the sideview and mouse aiming not much. It will kick ass in the same way though.

    What will the gameplay look like in a nutshell?

    Realistic teamplay. The game will be slow paced. Much emphasis will be put on tactics and team cooperation. Not only soldier to soldier cooperation, but hacker to soldier cooperation and proper use of machinery like robots. There will be no flying, just climbing ladders, riding elevators etc. The game will be extremely realistic. 1 shot 1 kill most of the time. The maps will also be realistic meaning they will be real places like destroyed buildings, undergrounds.

    Will you make female characters?

    The game is targeted at real men. It will not be a game for children, women and pussies. No pop-cultural mass-appealing bullshit will be found in this game. It will be the real deal.

    Will there be singleplayer?

    Only bots and online multiplayer.

    When will the official site, forums open?

    When there is something to talk about, meaning when there is some kind of tech demo released.

    Will it be free?

    Most likely it will be free with payment option for additional cool features, like in Soldat.

    What game modes will there be?

    The main game mode will be 2 teams fighting against each other for domination on the map. The goal is to conquer the enemy base. Besides that there will most likely be deathmatch. It will be easy to make new game modes with scripting.

    What character classes will there be?

    The game is team-based and there will be classes. The current classes are soldier, heavy soldier, engineer, officer, recon and hacker.

    What vehicles will there be?

    Giant mech-like robots, small robots, different types of drones for multiple purposes like seek & destroy with search lights attached.

    What will the hacking part of the game look like?

    The hackers can control robots and map elements like lighting, doors, elevators. They can also use drones to search for enemies and mark them on the map for everybody to see on the HUD. It will be possible to hack into the enemy network and use their machinery and stuff. Hacking the enemy will be something like a game in a game. It will be a logical game, like chess, for those that like to think more than kill.

    What is the meaning of life?

    To buy stuff and spend money on iPods, iPod gadgets and iPod casings. That will make you happy.

    How brutal will the game be?

    The game will have the most realistically simulated gore ever made in a 2D game.

    Do you still think it will be the best game in the world?

    It will be.

    There will be more parts to this FAQ, so check back later. Most other info is available in the Development log section of this blog.

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    1. Do you have any plans on useing paralax maps?

    2. “minimal requirements would be a 1.5Ghz processor, 512MB ram and a GeForce era video card.”

      this sux so mutch……

    3. Truly hilarious.

    4. …forgot to add earlier: Data maps in general, ie Specular/Gloss, Normal, SSS, AO, Physics(Friction, Density, Bounce, etc.)…basicaly maps that make everything look totaly fucking sweet. (to match gameplay 😉

    5. blackdevil0742

      Some interesting faq’s. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    6. Happy to know that you are not a machine and that you like bionic parts.
      Personaly I like carots!

    7. treeSkwerral

      MM I ordered a bionic penis but it won’t be ready until I’m about fifty. So I’ll have it just in time to not need the little blue pill.

      jakobs: That’s not that much for system requirements. I beat those requirements by a decent measure and I made my computer three years for about $620 (US) and that included mouse, keyboard, and monitor. So if you can’t afford a 100 dollar computer you shouldn’t be playing this game.

    8. no flying? O.O
      Giant mech-like robots!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh yes!!! i cant fit how it will look like in game! but i can wait to see!

      and about the weapons?
      Can you tell to us the size of the map?
      Did you estimate how much time a battle will take?

      sorry for my english!

    9. after stealing ideas from bioshock (puzzle games to hack stuff) and Stargate Atlantis (seek&destroy drones: & ), why don’t you make Darkwalkers (UT3: ) too 😛

      cross platform ability makes it rock even more 😀
      Prepare for Soldat 2.0 mod! 😛

    10. omfg!

    11. @m!nus: you pobably meant it good, but it’s not called “stealing” boy.

    12. michal: it’s richard dean anderson, who plays mcgyver, yes (also o’neill on stargate)

    13. >The game is targeted at real men. It will not be a game for children, women and pussies. No pop-cultural mass-appealing bullshit will be found in this game. It will be the real deal.

      HEY! What about special Hoff class?!?

    14. hey mm i want to know if there will be flying like in soldat i mean normal mode and stuff?

    15. “When will it be released?

      When it’s done.”

      Glad to see your sticking to your guns MM

      Glad your taking modding into account, I really can’t wait to use that sweet ass animation program.

    16. Hmmm… animation program… does that mean one can animate his own character movements? How free is it? Will one be able to create stuff that walks totally different (hehe, for example a horse) ?

    17. Master Chief43

      This FAQ just made my day. Thank you and hope to see more.

    18. Fuck Yeah!

    19. THXS for the faq!

    20. WOOO!!!!
      Damn you and your awesomeness, i can’t wait for this to be done!!!
      It sounds awesome like!!
      Question when will the other “punk” team have there gosteks done, or when will the full concept art of that team be up, otherwise, looks good :)

    21. :)MoNkEy(:

      Will you have something to prevent situations like all the players try to be the same class? I mean its no fun, when a whole team consists of nothing else but heavy soldiers with big ass guns, and taking out the other team consisting of nothing else but recons/light soldiers/hackers….
      Maybe a maximum number of players in 1 class need to be set.
      But I don’t know who will be stupid enough to do things like that, although I’ve seen a lot of dumb people in soldat….

    22. /\
      Good question! 😀

    23. What library are you using to make link-art -> link-dead beside OpenGL?

      are you still using raknet?

    24. gore….yesss i loooooooove gore ♥. i want your babies

    25. Barret Master

      dude i am SO waiting on this to come out. im gonna die when i get to play it. i mean ROBOTS?! SO MUCH YES.

    26. 2 more questions:

      1) How many players per game do you expect? What will be the maximum, minimum, and average that you would expect to see in a regular and fun game?
      2) Will LD have proper widescreen support (eg adding GUI or black bars to pad it to work out without stretching). a huge percentage of new computers are selling with widescreen displays and I know that this is something which Soldat lacks, and it is really annoying.

      I look forward to seeing this FAQ maintained

    27. Now I’m going to have to buy a GeForce graphics card D:
      I have 512MB of ram but my stock card (Intel Graphics Controller) uses 8MB to run. Do I need a ram upgrade if I purchase a GeForce card or will the game run smoothly with the bare minimum?

    28. 8MB on the graphics card is not good enough. I think 32-64mb will be the minimum.

      I’ll answer more questions in the next FAQ edition.

    29. Technically this game is going to be Crysis among 2d games:)
      I hope that you gather questions for next FAQ.
      1. except ragdolls, will there be rigid body physics during regular match(not like in Soldat only on LAN) BUT with real impact on gameplay?
      I mean: barriers, destroyable buildings and cover spots, vegetation(a frag with falling tree like in Crysis^^)
      2. will there be a game type with humans against humans only?
      3. according to your lighting presentation: will it have real impact on gameplay ? will the players have flashlights? will the light sources be destroyable?
      4. proper hit detection: no matter how much bullets the player puts into enemy’s legs, he lives? even if they fall off;)
      Keep up the good work! :)

    30. He said in video that he wanted flashlights

    31. Technically this game is going to be Crysis among 2d games:)
      No no! I really don’t like that game. It’s really bad.

    32. you gotta be kidding! Crysis owns! in every technical aspect this game is in the future, far beyond today games. Procedural animations, transitions, destruction, gfx, sfx, physics, particles ummm !!! ive played all so called “next gen” games on PC and only Crysis is deserving to get such tag. the gameplay is fantastic and satisfying. I dont understand how can you dont like this game..

    33. ow check this out!!!: such physics impact would be awesome 😀 :

    34. No female characters? What?

      I’ll mod them in, by god.

    35. No female characters? What?
      Yeah the sprites are big enough now =)

    36. @Chris: You’ll mod women in? Why is that?

      Cuz you wanna SEE women in a game? If so, I suppose you would prefer them half naked, yes?
      -Well, in this case, you’re a freaking perv. Go get a girlfriend and a life.

      Or is it, cuz you wanna see women die? You really love guts and breasts unite in a simphony of gore and spread over the field?
      -Well, in THAT case, you’re a freak, since… when it comes to survival, isn’t it always called “women and children first” ? And I think this rule applies to and should be followed by all real men, a group to which you in this case would sadly not be counted, by the reason of your lacking respect and brains.

      OR is it cuz you’re scarred by BIG GUYS with BIG GUNS and prefer attacking small, defenseless women? Or are you yourself a woman?
      -In both of these cases, you, my friend, are A PUSSY, and shouldnt try the game out in the first place. Go play Barbie’s Ranch.

    37. Why not add women…they can have different strengths and weakness making for more flexibility in class stats.

    38. women would bring to much controversy and we want to bring back muscles to Holiwood (or internet in this case) no princess game not killing women that’s not cool

    39. not killing women that’s not cool
      Its been done with another game called Gunz so we wouldn’t be breaking taboo.
      It’s also rumored that the female models has a slight advantage over the male models in Gunz, something with jumping…

    40. Hehe cool. when its out i got to buy it.

      Good luck MM

    41. mmm,, you should try to work out the required system to a little lower level,
      just a suggestion

    42. not killing women that’s not cool
      Hahha, I hope no feminist reads that.

    43. “Hahha, I hope no feminist reads that.”

      I dont really catch it? just saying that killing people is not cool at the begining (maybe fun but not “cool”) and women killing is worst then anything but that’s just the way we see it, not necesseraly the way it’s suppose to be.

    44. This game in-the-making reminds me of Dystopia, modification for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. To hack into certain systems, you also had to get through a certain mini-game; it was (and maybe still is) one of the most popular HL2 mods. Any inspiration?

      Good luck on development!

    45. “I dont really catch it?”
      We can’t kill women? thats not cool.

    46. Referring to what Anonymous said in the post before the post above me:
      Naa, I don’t think Dystopia would be the most popular HL2 mod.

      This FAQ is neat.

      Even though I would like to know if it’s possible to add destroyable environment with the engine you’re going to use in Link-Dead game? Or atleast like, the trees in Crysis for example (that’s totally different, but a good sample what I want to mean). You shoot few bullets to a tree, and at the spot you shot, the tree cracks. And falls down.

    47. Oh and, detachable limbs would be awesome. 😀

    48. Meant with other weapon than chainsaw on the post above.

    49. I’m sure it will be fucking failure

    50. Richard Dean Anderson

      “Technically this game is going to be Crysis among 2d games:)
      No no! I really don’t like that game. It’s really bad. ”

      Totally agree. The Crysis-team didn’t learn one thing of their Far Cry game. Basically the made the same mistakes all over again. Gameplay is hardly better than Far Cry, so in a way it’s even wórse if you expect games to improve over time. So many things are done horribly wrong. Can’t even start to explain them all.

    51. Oh shit, this game is sounding and looking fucking awesome. You’d better not fuck it up, Michal.

    52. I think there should be flying, but with a futuristic machine such as an advanced helicopter or anything that hovers?

    53. czy tu żaden Polak nie zagląda? 😉

    54. Yeah, I think this will be a nice game. Will this game look kind of like that “R” game you created? And/or a little bit like Cortex Command?

      This is what Cortex Command looks like:

    55. when is it coming out?

    56. WHERE ARE SOLDAT 1.4.3????1.5 years and no 1.4.3-.-

    57. Deep Guardian

      Me i have sugestion for link-dead. I think you was delete the jet pack, right? So I think to make the jet pack in a item (like bersek or bullet proof vest example). I think too to make solid we can walk on, but when you press a button (s example), you can pass it whitout walk in(like a none collide).It all for the moment. I know it, my english bad…

    58. “czy tu żaden Polak nie zagląda? ”
      Tak, zagląda, ale rzadko. Zapraszam na!


      512mb of RAM is decent in my opinion…

      Anyways, MM I don’t come here often so I don’t know where I should be putting this but please watch this and take it into consideration. Since you are still working on this new game, this is an idea I thought would be implementable into it, and posssbly in the next soldat update.


      multiobjective maps for organized squads on both sides for each game – a new genre?

      I think it would work great for soldat, it would add a new dimension to teamwork, and the mapmakers something to be excited and thinking about.

      Even on an average sized server (16 people), there could be 2 or 3 squads on both sides facing each other off and helping each other out, each numbering about 3 or 4 people. Wouldn’t that be great?

      I also heard your looking for people to help out and I wish I could, but Im an Adobe Flash and After Effects guy :/ I’ll be sure to contribute soon though.

      – KK

    60. How will be released hacker battle in cyber space? I saw it in some fantasy, but there was just visual detals.

      How are you going to make hacker think? Please explain, I rly cant imagine that. 😐

    61. If hacking will be too realistic, theres no way to learn it… if it’ll be too gameakin… ehm, I dunwanna play tetris.

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    72. Great post, Carm!! I have to agree with you that running is definitely a spiritual experience. I felt so liberated and such a natural high each time we hit the pavement! Thanks for the support, I cou1;n&#82l7dt have done it without you! xo

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