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    Written by . Posted at 10:47 am on October 11th, 2007

    Sigvatr has posted a lot of info on link-dead on his website. You can see actual game sprites there, more technical details on the game and most importantly gibbage concept art! Be sure to check it out here – link-dead graphics.

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    1. underline

      My god! sooooooooooooo cooooooool!!!!

    2. nice sprites

    3. commenter

      fucking awesome.

    4. Grand-High Gamer

      Those gibs are goregasmic.

      Dunno if this is of any help to you but I know a site with sounds which you can basically use for free without credit or anything like that (I do a bit of game creation myself).
      I expect you already have a sound source but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    5. I think the great thing about Link dead is the attention to detail you have given in regards to the animation and the actual looks of the soldiers. I’m expecting a shitload of animations in this game MM =)

    6. I’ll have some videos ready for you to see probably this weekend.

      Thanks for the site Grand-High Gamer.

    7. commenter

      can’t wait to see them videos : >

    8. those videos are going to effin overload the server hosting them ! 😀

    9. hum… maybe all that blood spilling gonna be not so cool at all… MM, r you planing to make possible to turn it off?

    10. What do you all have against blood ??

      We need to see blood in game and It would be awsome that bodys would stay after diying but would maybe lag :/

    11. @rfreak: it’s ok every so and then, but all the time is not too good you know, and if there’s an option to turn it off would be fine, you can play whit it, or just disable if you don’t like…

    12. Very niceeeee.

      //hum… maybe all that blood spilling gonna be not so cool at all… MM, r you planing to make possible to turn it off?

      It would be better if you could control how much gore there was… 😛

    13. Don’t be pussies :p.

    14. Hey, I’m all for blood and guts flying everywhere. He’s the one complaining.

    15. I like it when the amount of blood is realistic with detailed collision detection and skeleton moving. It gives me a feeling of “second reality” in the game:) The gore in Soldat is quiete perfect to me. This one screenshot onwith the many gibs looks like an M79-hit!

    16. It’s because not all people are fans of gore, and maybe some fathers may not allow some teenagers to play the game if it’s soo bloody, they would have the option to turn it off/control how much gore there was so they could play too…
      but the game is your, do wherever ou want, i’m just commenting

    17. Sure, comments are welcome, we can straighten things out.
      This game is not going to be for children, women and pussies. The gore is going to be realistic, too much looks cartoonish, I don’t want that, but certainly there won’t be an off option.

    18. We should put children in the game you can kill.

    19. how do i get soldat 1.4.2?

    20. no wrong. i need soldat 1.4.1

    21. i can´t get 1.4.2 to work without 1.4.1

    22. too bad, this gonna reduce somehow the number of people that will play the game… but the game gonna be a huge sucess anyway… i guess…
      I don’t think that a game must have lot of gore to be good, but lot of people actually like that, and you are de successful game developer and ,for sure, you know what you’re doing.
      Talking so much about the gore that iforgot about the sprites. They are really awesome, this is the power of the simplicity, proving that a game don’t need to be 3d to look amazing

    23. Makron666

      Hey micheal if you want gibs and bodies to stay 4 ever without lagging try to find a way to render them to a texture (eg. deactive them) that way you can put in heaps of blood and dismemberment.

    24. The sprites look absolutely amazing, except for one thing that has been bothering me: The heels of the boots look a little too “square.” I think that they should be rounded off a bit.

    25. Sprites are promising, but I can’t see any gender progress, still only one to ‘choose’. Aren’t you going to fix it? ;P

    26. @Rook. “This game is not going to be for children, women and pussies” -MM

      Like MM said, i guess it’ll have only one gender… women would not it in the bloodlust armys… i guess….

    27. Illuminatus

      so what about Anna? 😡

    28. Illuminatus

      “:” + “x” –> 😡

    29. //so what about Anna?

      I didn’t say they can’t play it, it’s just not ment for these groups of people. Girls can play manly games I won’t stop them, the same way you can play with dolls, I don’t care.

    30. My god that looks sweet, MOOOORE BLOOOOD I SAY

    31. Makron666

      Although this isn’t related to the topic, agood weapon would be an anti-gravity grenade which makes people’s controls stuff up and bullets curve around the area of disruption but if blood is splattered into the area it floats around until the effect is gone. And if you touch the blood it stains to your character.

    32. :)MoNkEy(:

      Yea! Blood dripping from clothes, dismembered bodyparts in your mouth….COOL! Maybe add a feature where you can use the dismemebered bodypart as a weapon 😀 (pick up a poor, fragged assholes hand and beat the other guy to death with his poor friends arm) LOL that makes me laugh so hard i can hardly breathe!

    33. kkk my friends Dead 1 monte aago and now ever since she dead 3 of my friend dead i dont know waht going out

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