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    Written by . Posted at 2:49 pm on October 20th, 2010

    Success! After many hours I have a working Linux dedicated server. We still need to test it cause there’s a million tiny things changed to make it run. I’m really proud how this worked out because the dedicated server is exactly the same executable as the game + I compiled the binaries in such a way that no installation is necessary and it works out of the box even on my server which has an old Ubuntu running.

    The question every Linux guy on earth is asking right now is: does the game client run on Linux?
    The answer is yes I think so. I have no way of checking that right now since I’m running Linux emulated and any video device fails to create in the game. Once I get a hold on a real installation I promise to post a screenshot.

    Of course from this point compiling the game under Mac OSX should be easy as pie.

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    1. Underline

      Well done!

    2. Great job going cross-platform. You can never go wrong with that one.

    3. programmer.laik
      “Meditation solves this problem, refreshes my mind and gives a thousand other benefits. Sleep isn’t so good for refreshing my mind.”
      Pleeease, my masta;P

    4. Anonymous

      ^ well, he said it right there

      what do you want him to explain to you how to meditate? just look it up it’s not that complicated

    5. No, no most people do the wrong thing explaining meditation.

      Let me give you a hint for start. I think Jenna Jameson explains it best when she said “the best ideas come to you when you aren’t thinking about them”.

    6. Hey nice to see that this game gonna work for other platforms as well.

      By the way if you are looking for some artists , who may create for excample
      – or whatever
      i could message some professional guys if they´d like to help you somewhere.

    7. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll need a trailer for sure.

    8. Poochinator

      Realease!!!+1 *Scratches neck* what i gotta do to get some link dead?

    9. Immediately after new Duke Nukem :)

    10. niko šveikovsky

      Random question, Michał. Are you going to be the only one working on the interfaces, menus, et cetera?

      I personally love straightforward graphics…

      …so I hope a lot of time will be put into the functionality of the interface, both in-game and the menus. I am aware, of course, that this all comes near the end, but it’s a good idea to get started on it when you get to the heavy gameplay development. Comprehensible interfaces pull the whole game together, so doing this while you’re doing gameplay stuff would probably be very satisfying.

    11. niko šveikovsky

      whoops, i’ll repost this in a more recent thread.

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