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    Written by . Posted at 9:01 pm on December 20th, 2007

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    1. See, that is EXACTLY how the lighting should be. Its looking spectacular MM and merry christmas to you. (your voice is still the manliest ever)

    2. I am gonna love this game, and maybe you should use the prison as a starting mission describing the characters background (if your gonna have a story mode, i hope you do ’cause thats were soldat sucked) because that looks MAD, please make us a beta for x-mas.

    3. Two questions…

      1. Is there going to be any diffusing for long-range lighting (shadows get fuzzier as they go outward from the source, instead of staying sharp and crisp the whole way)?

      2. Do you still have at least one spot left for a musician? And if so, what sort of music are you looking for? If you can give me whatever type of music you want I can at least try to put out some kind of sample today or tomorrow, and see what you think.

    4. ArchiSilver

      I too am interested in a musician position, I’m an electronic musician and I mainly do harsh ‘action’ stuff with some ambient music work as well.
      So yea.. Let me know if you want a sample or something.

    5. nice efects. cant wait to see some flash-granades, explosions, shoots, flashlights..

      keep up the good work

    6. I still find Michal’s voice very creepy…

    7. ArchiSilver

      Nems, I thought it was pretty damned manly.
      I’m listening to it while I work out, his voice would be banned as doping in most sports because of the massive increase in pure testosterone while listening to him.

    8. Did you think about bump mapping?
      Might look good in some places (like the doors)…

    9. Money? I thought you were a billionaire from Soldat :p

    10. Cool, cool…

      Maybe you could demonstrate how hacking would work in the game soon… 😛

      Or demonstrate any of the gameplay features fullstop. 😀

    11. Aye, i could also do some electronic music (mainly try to produce drum and bass / dubstep now for several years)
      Ambient, and other sound effects is no problem aswell!

      Let me know if you want to hear anything i made!

    12. was me 😮

    13. About music:
      I imagine the music being some sort of mix of electronic, indrustrial metal. Definitely heavy kick-ass guitars. I want the music to be straight in your face, head blowing. If you want to do some samples feel free to send them to me.

      Did you think about bump mapping?
      Yes I wanted to do it, but decided it would be pure eye candy. I don’t want to do things that have no gameplap benefit.

      1. Is there going to be any diffusing for long-range lighting
      I tried it, but it slows the rendering down so for now I left it.

      Money? I thought you were a billionaire from Soldat :p
      I wonder everyday why I’m not a billionaire… maybe because I released the game as free:D.

      I’m listening to it while I work out, his voice would be banned as doping in most sports because of the massive increase in pure testosterone while listening to him.
      That’s awesome. I never thought of using my voice to get a pump.

    14. Hmmm, I hope someone is gonna MOD link-dead to be a 1:1 copy of Soldat, but with kickass graphics. Or why dont u do it when it’s done? Make it an “official mod” ?

    15. For the music, I imagine something along the lines of System Shock or Deus Ex.
      Although i’m liking the music style of Grospixels and CarbohydroM:

      Are you going to use .mod/.it like Soldat?

      I think the environments are looking quite nice but i’m not quite convinced by the animation system for the characters so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out. I’d prefer something in the style of the game Flashback, it’s definately worth looking at the character designs and features too because they’re the best i’ve seen in a side-scroller. :)

      Good luck with Link-Dead,
      Merry Christmas.


    16. yeah this is good to know then:Are you going to use .mod/.it like Soldat?
      Or can we just send over some mp3’s?

    17. Damn, I like this pretty much.
      Merry Christmas 😀

    18. Hi there.
      Are there gonna be guns with flashlights attached? It would look über-awesome to go in the darkness with your teammates and use your flashlights. Totally like in a movie.

    19. Are there gonna be guns with flashlights attached?

    20. SplinterSnake

      If we want to send you a sample of our music, where would we send it?

    21. SplinterSnake

      If we want to send you a sample of our music, where would we send it to? Like an email, or what?

    22. Hey, I have an ideea. I think this would fit perfectly to the dark-horror type of game:
      One team consists only of a player (or just few players, 2 or 3), but this team has, every round, a different, random type of character with totally different abilities -one ability at a time- (cloak, super speed, no damage from bullets/just from nades, suck player from underneath through floor, and so on). The other team will consist of many players (all the rest) that will have to kill this “Thing”, but never really know what ability it has.
      So they just wonder around in the dark, scared, not knowing what is going to appear in front of them. The team sticks close. Then one guy, thinking he is a hero, goes another way (it would be cool if some sort of realistic view would be possible, e.g. dont see your own team-player if he’s gone around the corner, just see his light and hear the sounds) and WOOM. You hear great battle sounds, screams, and then it’s quiet again. Quiet and dark. And everybody is scared like shit. And everybody sticks close together again. And then the animal appears all of a sudden, and a panic breaks loose. One teammate is torn apart, another is taken by the creature in its claws and the creature is gone again. Quiet…

      Like, this would be the most intense game ever. You’d never really know WHAT to expect. Maybe the creature looks like one of your teammates. Who do you trust? Do you stick together or go out alone? Do you shoot at random in the dark at the risk of killing your own player?
      Not to mention the fun that the creature-guy would have. He’s laugh his balls off seeing the desperate dialogs of the other team and the panic they have. And he’ll play cat and mouse with them.

      Oh man, I’m imagining this soooo fucking perfect! THIS HAS TO BE A GAME-MODE! IT JUST HAS TO! THE DARKNESS IS PERFECT! No teammate seeing except what is in reach of your flashlight. Limited ammo, just 2 nades, limited FLASHLIGHT BATTERY! Yeah! So you have to turn the light off every now and then to reload the battery! But you can hear steps in the darkness! And the creature should be able to run (hear loud steps) or just crawl (crouch) (hear no steps).

      OMG, OMG, I’m totally ecstatic right now! Please say you like the ideea and support it everybody!

    23. god dammit it looks pretty cool!

    24. Cosmin, that sounds astoundingly like The Hidden: Source (

    25. What? There is already a game like that?? Is it 2D ??? *curiously checking the site out*

    26. Ah, okay. It’s a steam HL2 mod. Wow, sounds cool though.
      Well in my ideea, the “creature” or whatever it is only has only ONE random ability at a time (per round), so the surprise effect is bigger for the other team. Plus I think this would work great with 2D. Way better than 3D. in 3D games I always hated scenes where the enemy just scares you, appearing from behind or sth and making loud noises. (e.g. HL2-Ravenholm or DOOM 3) . It is a bit too horror for it to be still as fun as it would if you could see your character from the 3rd person instead of the 1st. My opinion…

    27. Haha, sorry for filling this post up, but I just wish this would be possible. Michal, you surely know the StarCraft Editor, right? It had almost everything you could wish for. Or RPG Maker 2000. Game editing was no problem with that. You could add a lot of “if clauses”, so your character could do different things in different situations. It was like a kind of programming, just with pre-defined commands that you could just pick and mix together. That would make a game moddable to its smallest joint. I think THAT would be AWESOME in link-dead.
      Imagine all the mods that would be born from such an editor. And this is what the public ALWAYS loves. Mod-ability of a game. And self user-made stuff in general. Think about HalfLife, Sims, StarCraft, the soon to come Spore and so on (even a lot of racing games or GTA-Vice City. Everything that could be modified). Their huge success and their role as milestones in game history was the fact that they allowed the player to test his own things out. Don’t you agree? Freedom for the user!

    28. cosmin- cool ideia..

    29. wow. that is awsome

    30. This game is going to be great. The lighting effects are really doing its job. But i want to help in some kind of way, unfotunatly i can’t because i do not have talent in making these things or enough money to donate. If i had enough money to donate i would. Merry christmas MM and good luck with this game. And a question from the video and and the game.

      Q. Why was the a bonk sound after you said merry christmas in the video?
      Q. Will this game be in a retail business?

    31. ArchiSilver

      Maybe I’m retarded or still disoriented from the pure manliness of your voice, but I can’t find a contact email or anything anywhere.

    32. My email is at the top right when you click the page “MM” on this site.

      Cosmin: yeah that’s cool. What if the creature can morph into a teammate! So nobody would trust no one! It’ll definitely be possible with the modding capabilities.

      //Q. Why was the a bonk sound after you said merry christmas in the video?

      Somebody hit me in the head.

      //Q. Will this game be in a retail business?

      Probably not.

    33. GOD FUCKIN DAMN THATS COOL >:O I would pay AT LEAST 20 bucks for this game! Seriously you should consider publishing it yourself, sell it online. Thats money man!

    34. A couple of questions about modding:

      – Will I be able to mod the characters in terms of different states they can be in? (E.G Lying down, standing up, firing, reloading, dying etc)

      – To what extent can the weapons be modified? (Can I say, Attach a light source to it/ add a laser sight onto the end?)

      – Will I be able to create/modify game modes?

      – You said you were releasing the animation program ( I can’t remember where), will we be able to modify the actual skeletons?

      – The decal system was impressive, is it possible to attach entities such as light sources onto the soldiers?

      First of all don’t feel pressured to accomplish the above if you haven’t. I don’t expect it but it would be nice to have these as modding capabilities, this game is already shaping up to be brilliant.

      One last thing, make registering actually worth it. In soldat it removed some minor annoyances and gave you the option to change the colour of your jet flames, to me this just wasn’t good enough. In Link-Dead you could make some weapons which are more powerful than others exclusive to registered players (which is what you could of done with the barret and m79 in Soldat).

    35. ArchiSilver

      I’ve sent off a sample.

      By the way, will there be sniper rifles as such, and how will they work?

    36. “In Link-Dead you could make some weapons which are more powerful than others exclusive to registered players”

      Uh no, registering isn’t supposed to give you an advantage, just make the game better.

    37. I can help with wrighting music.

    38. Agree with NooMoahk. Registering should have some nice bonuses (boni, whatever), but not ruin the game-fun for non-registered users.
      Michal, you should really make a CD for selling though. It should include stuff that the regular download-user doesnt get, like all the art-works, making-the-game video (combining all the videos u posted and the blog and more), explanation of your motivation, then your target when making like-dead (why you did stuff that way and what you wanted to reach by doing that), maybe some small secret add-ons, dunno. Maybe even bust a registered version of Soldat on it. All that comes in mind. I think this would really help your career as a game developer.

      Yeah, I asked the question bout the skeleton modding once but I think I never got an answer. Will u like…be able to make a 4-legged beast and coordinate the way it walks and jumps and stuff? That would be…the ultimate modding EVER. (well I dont really mod something often, but there are people out there that would make jewels out of these possibilities).

    39. ArchiSilver

      I suggest taking a look at what the guys at Introversion software did with Uplink. They had this awesome bonus disc filled with game music, beta game files, wallpapers and info about the development process.

    40. Introversion kicks ass! Heil Uplink and Defcon!

    41. i could do some spriting and music perhaps?
      weapons perhaps?
      more character aspects?
      just gime an assignment email:
      feel free to email

    42. Yeah, I asked the question bout the skeleton modding once but I think I never got an answer. Will u like…be able to make a 4-legged beast and coordinate the way it walks and jumps and stuff?
      Yeah you can do whatever you want in the Character Builder, that’s what the tool is called.

    43. Master Chief43

      Sweet. Hope you find help and donations. Maybe if you let people register and give them a updating list of Register Features and then you can get the moneyz you need.

      I’m retiring and you won’t be seeing me anytime soon. So I won’t be here for the Link-Dead release unfortunately. Hope all goes well. Happy Holidays.

    44. What would the money go towards? Starving homeless programmers in Poland?

    45. Uh no, registering isn’t supposed to give you an advantage, just make the game better.

      That was just a suggestion at what he could do with Link-Dead. I just hope MM makes registering Link-Dead worth it.

    46. Oh yeah, and I know it’s way to early, but dabs on beta testing =)

    47. Didn’t mean any offense ham, just didn’t like it. But yeas the retail disk with extra content would be totally awesome.

      Ok heres my question: You said before it would be fully compatible with linux, so could I play it on my linux equipped PS3?

    48. NooMoahk: Unless your PS3 has a keyboard than I doubt it.

    49. “Unless your PS3 has a keyboard than I doubt it.”

      It does indeed, a mouse too.

    50. Then I guess it would be able to, if the keyboard on a PS3 works the same as a keyboard on a computer.

    51. :)MoNkEy(:

      These lighting effects are kick ass!!! I can alredy see a mod infront of my eyes…

    52. Ahh the lighting is wonderful, it looks strange how the lamp lights from other sources work though.
      Will there be and kind of melee weapons that work in a more interactive way then soldat’s? Because melee battles can be done in these sort of games, you just don’t see it very often.

    53. couchdweller

      You know what would be awesome michal? If you could implement normal mapping over the entire map. Since levels in this game are just entire images, another layer could go over that image like in photoshop and the layer could be a normal map. The normal map could respond to dynamic lights.

    54. “Then I guess it would be able to, if the keyboard on a PS3 works the same as a keyboard on a computer.”

      Well, I mean hardware wise.

    55. You should make it so you can shoot lights and torches out. It would add another scary element. Your team is hunting down this “monster” and suddenly all your lights get blown, and you can only see a small distance around yourself.

    56. It should be a manly game, ok… but i think the best aproach would be serious sam/duke nukem way. u gotta leave room for a bit of fun in there… i think…

    57. Well MM, I like to write stories… I recently started writing something about what should be the IV World War, and I discovered I like to write science fiction about the future. Maybe you already have a creative mind on your team doing that stuff… If not, or if it isn’t a priority, I could help. Maybe I suck on that, I just started writing stories… Just tell me if you need help on that sector and I could try to write something to see if you like it.

      I think LinkDead, differently from Soldat, is the kind of game that needs a cool story behind it.

    58. Hey, if you need help with animation, Im pretty interessed in 2D animation, and have alot of experience in Adobe (macromedia) Flash.

      I would love to help out if you need help (and if I qualify) 😉

    59. Yea, make the game more modable than cortex command.

    60. Hey ppl, i’m back!
      Well, I guess when the Character Builder is released, then many of us will do their best on helping you with the animations, so you dont have to come up with ideeas and movements for every character on your own. Just pick the best!

    61. Hey MM.
      I can create tools i think and i think i can contribute a bit on your game by making for example custom installers or interactive menus. you say it and i can create some stuff. would love to work with you and your team. Please contact me on my mail:
      Hope to talk to you soon.

    62. wow ! nice work. can’t wait to play this game :)

    63. Hi. Did you say you were gonna release the character builder soon? Or was I hearing things… And sorry we can’t help you out by donating… its just that… We need to to become registered… [hehe]

    64. If you’re serious about your skills send me an e-mail. It’s in the MM section on the top right of this blog homepage.

    65. bostonian

      reminds me of this MM:

      but probably a coincidence

      btw, hey awesty, love your flash works

    66. Bloggers happen to be under appreciated, many thanks for bothering to post this.

    67. Thats cool! Did you know that because you are ralely nice I can make you two ralely cool Christmas CD’s just because your my friend??? lol They are coming your way. :)

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