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    Written by . Posted at 2:26 pm on October 30th, 2007

    Another video log of the stuff I’m working on right now in link-dead. HDR effects, parallax scrolling, ambient lighting, dynamic lighting all is here, check it out.

    – by ambient light rays I meant the static ones that look sort of like sunlight coming through the clouds.
    – the second light I added was static that’s why it messed up the scene a bit when I moved it. I use static lights to optimize the rendering.
    – the actual map was drawn by Sigvatr, the background is some random illustration

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    1. Amazing dude

    2. Yay , eyecandy ! Looks great, i like the fog effect and the HDR especially. (just please dont overdo it, like some of the modern games do )

    3. autonomous

      what were the requirements for the link-dead?

    4. On my laptop Pentium 1.6Ghz, Radeon 9700, that runs with about 70FPS. It’s not a brilliant speed but I have a lot of ideas to optimize it still.

    5. Lord Frunkamunch




      That looks incredible! I can see why you’re so excited about this game.

    6. underline

      Wowwww! very nice.. There’s gonna be waters in the game? I can fit the realism of water in the game if you have plans to implement this.
      Its aways good to hear from you michal.

    7. Master Chief43

      What do you think the FPS will be on ~1.0GHz and just DirectX 9?
      I’m thinking… 30-60fps… I hope you can polish it up when it’s released…
      btw when do you think it’ll be released?

    8. Master Chief43

      Will there be a map maker?
      Will Link-Dead be as moddable as Soldat or more… (hopefully more)
      I guessing there will be bots… (computer)

    9. Damn you make me really addicted to it :) Looks awesome but only too bright for the final release.

      Which programming language do you use? Still delphi?

      I ain’t got time ro bleed!

    10. MM this looks amazing.

      I’ll try to answer some questions:

      1) I think he’s trying to make this more moddable than Soldat
      2) He’s writing the new game in C++ using cross-platform libraries. This game should be playable on Linux and Macs as well as Windows

      I know the answers to most of the other questions but I don’t want to give out information he doesn’t want released yet, so I’ll let him answer those if he wants.

    11. Will there be a map maker?
      Yes, that video is made from the map maker. But it is only for adding stuff like lights. Read my previous posts on how the maps are actually built.

    12. Damn, the best 2D game is comming!
      I’m sensing you guys will be famous.

    13. -edit-
      how you’re going to reconcile all the eye candy effects and easy map painting system?

    14. i hope i’ll be abble to play LD on my crappy-old pc with that cool effects…

    15. The lighting effects look B E A U T I F U L.

      Only thing I’m worrying about it if the beautiful graphics will have the game run horribly on my computer :[
      I only have 512 RAM.

    16. Make that 504 MB of ram*

    17. The light etc. effect are really nice

      The map made in photoshop or ms paint …
      do they need to be compile to getter with a map maker to a binary format or they are directly loaded in game?

    18. um, fucking awesome? really, i cannot wait to play this. My PC should be able to handle it too, judging from your system specs. (rad!)

    19. Uh, the wall definitely says ‘clown rape’


    20. HDR FTW!!
      Great work MM, and that background looks awesome.

    21. Oh my god

      You are god πŸ˜€

    22. SadistAtHeart

      Your english is pretty good.

      Also, the effects are great as are the graphics; Sigvatr was a great choice.

    23. Link-Dead is going to be the best game ever

    24. “Looks” awesome, don’t mean to shit all over this but this is just eye candy; Most of it is just textures (well done Sigvatr, you deserve a Cookie for those). It looks fucking brilliant mind, but personally I would like to see some of the core gameplay at work before you pump out eye candy MM.

      Again great to see you have a running commentary on this, keep it up.

      BTW, Clown rape???

    25. We are working on graphical features at the moment so I have something to do while he works on gameplay features. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really have that much to do.

      MM keeps me busy all the time :)

    26. The graphics have big potential but the gameplay is more important (Although a good atosphere is important for me). I hope that you stay minimalistic but optimize every aspect of the gameplay like you did it in Soldat. I also hope that there will be more “movements” for the player to add more advanced gameplay with keyboard in addition to mouse controls.

      How is the progress? 20%? Just tell me how many years i have to wait:)

      How much time you spent with coding each day? Is it like a fulltime job for you?

    27. So far every graphical effect is actually also a gameplay feature. The lights will be a key component for the gameplay.

      How is the progress? 20%? Just tell me how many years i have to wait:)

      How much time you spent with coding each day? Is it like a fulltime job for you?

      There is no 100% so I can’t tell, but I want to release a playable version as soon as possible. In a couple months maybe.
      When I’m onto something I code all day long, more than a job. If I don’t feel like it I don’t code at all. It’s hard to tell cause I stopped keeping track of how much work I put into it. I don’t discipline myself, I just trust myself.

    28. This isn’t really a constructive comment, but: damn, that’s beautiful!
      In my eyes most of the really good games are 2D, and using modern techniques in a 2D game is just AWESOME.
      And lights as a key component for the gameplay….man, that sounds really really good.
      Keep it up!

    29. Anonymous

      Would it be possible to create weather effects like Lightning?! Cause that could have game play uses and look cool xD.

    30. Would it be possible to create weather effects like Lightning?

      I don’t know about lightnings, I’ll have to think about it. But there will be more effects using the same technique as the fog for dust winds, rain and snow.

    31. Master Chief43

      I have ALOT of questions… Don’t have to answer all but do your best…

      1) Is the gameplay going to be similar to Soldat like is it gonna have that
      ‘jump run’ like in Soldat?
      2) Is it fast paced?
      3) Limited Ammo and Ammo pick-ups?
      4) Start or respawn with certain weapons?
      5) Weapon spawn points?
      6) Script Core?
      7) Online?
      8) Off-Line Campaign? Online Co-Op?
      9) All new Forums for Link-Dead?
      10) Free To Play? (hopefully…) If it is is there going to be a ‘Registered Version’ to unlock more features?
      11) Have anything about the User-Interface?
      12) I seen something about DESTRUCTABLE WALLS?
      13) Gamemodes? (such as CTF or DM)
      14) Built-In Online Ranking System?
      15) What are the different classes? or ranks? or teams?
      16) Particle Effects? (ofcourse… but tell me what has them, for example when you walk you emit a dust part(s) or when you breathe on a snow map like when you have a smoke on Soldat)
      17) The version your hoping to release in a couple of months is just a public beta? So we shouldn’t have our expects TOO high eh?
      18) Customizable players? (if so, what’s customizable)
      19) What are the features? You told us a few such as the Map Maker, Lighting Effects, and Physics
      20) Are you able to make your own base?

      (Sorry for the long list… hehe…)

    32. @Master Chief43
      I doubt MM plans out everything. He would probably just picture everything happening in his head. Not necessarily going into detail with every aspect of the game. Although reading your lengthy post there has raised a slight question, MM are you planning to create a website containing info on Link-dead anytime soon?

    33. teh_ham, a website is in the works. Elephant Hunter and I are working on the site and forums right now (he’s doing most of the work though, in the design stuff)

    34. Master Chief43

      I look forward on seeing the site!

    35. The lighting looks good, but it looks very very sharp. My opinion is that it would look cooler if the edges could be anti-aliased, so it looks smoother.

      And I love your accent. Haha.
      Keep up the good work man

    36. an ideea, after watching the video; how about moving grass affected by in-game wind?

    37. found
      But it is in a very early stage.

      Moving grass, lol. sorry πŸ˜‰

    38. The effcts are awesome, especially the fog, great work.

      the hdr rendering looks also good but it’s already kinda too light.
      don’t make it like Serious Sam 2, because there, they really overdid it with hdr

    39. Lol yeah with lightning, you could use it to disrupt enemy vehicle movement. Sat if a player threw out a “lightning attractor” then that area would be struck by lightning; disabling the vehicles in that location and damaging enemies (a little, too much would be unfair). xD just an idea.

    40. When the site is more or less up and running I’ll make a comprehensive FAQ which should answer all the questions that link-dead produces now.

    41. wow.. I already love the game. hope the gameplay will be as awesome as the graphics πŸ˜‰

    42. Master Chief43

      Koo… a FAQ section… Hope ya answer most of my question :)

    43. Makes me really look forward to the future :)

      Plants that can sway through the wind! Or is this asking for too much?
      I would think leaves blowing though the wind is asking for too much though, so I won’t mention it… πŸ˜›

    44. Wow, you have such a serious mature voice lol. But anyways the map looks so cool. The lighting and everything is so awesome. Omg I can’t wait.

    45. Master Chief43

      Curt says:
      //I would think leaves blowing though the wind that wind is asking got too much though, so I won’t mention it…

      There doesn’t need to be a wind just animations… unless you want it to be implemented… Leaves blowing could be implemented like rain, snow, or dust. Now that I’ve mentioned that… You can modify the precipitation in Soldat to look like leaves.

    46. That project mean soldat will die ?? this lights efects are great but imo soldat is too good game with more fans but you leave it…

    47. A question: Will it be resizable?
      I hope not that ugly like in soldat (streching)

    48. Master Chief43

      Soldat won’t die… I sure of that! But most likely lose alot of players because of Link-Dead.

    49. Great news! This looks good!

    50. Yeah, animated scenery would be great (and supporting .gifs couldn’t be TOO hard, right?)

    51. it looks damn awesome!
      but im getting nervous about the requirements now. my computer is good, but my graphic card isnt so good.
      but id like to see that graphics ingame.

    52. Makron666

      That is awesome. Im just wondering if it will play on my pc:
      5.6Ghz p4 processor
      512Mb ram
      128 Mb intel medial accelerator

      I hope there is alot of weapons, and i hope u include destructability.

    53. That looks completely gorgeous. The parallax, fog, lighting, and especially the quality of the artwork on the map are all top-notch.

    54. Master Chief43

      Aw… My computer is crappy…
      -AMD Athlon `1.0GHz (really old…)
      -256MB RAM
      -Directx 9 (ofcourse)
      -Rage Fury Pro / Xpert 2000 Pro
      (Hey! Quit laughing… :( I can play Soldat okay… I play ctf_Ash 30fps with about 10-16 people on map. Tell me if that’s enough…)

      Yea… Hopefully I’ll be able to turn off/on some extra features… So I can actually play this game… And not be disappointed… BUT DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT THE FEATURES JUST BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WITH OLD AND CRAPPY COMPUTERS SUCH AS MYSELF! Keep Them In! It’s our faults for having crappy computers… :\ Could you atleast post the minimal requirements? If ya know them ofcourse…

    55. That’s more of a bloom effect (the type overused in almost all games today) than a HDR, but of course you appear to be appling it to localised areas rather than as a post-processing shader.

    56. I have a question about the shadow casting, will it be a single texture map which can be drawn by the artist? or will you be implementing another way to create shadows?

    57. NightCabbage

      Michal – “Read my previous posts on how the maps are actually built.”

      I can’t find any LOL :)

      But I’d say that given the type of lighting and soft-shadowing you’re using, you must be using a polygon map… because in this video the ground also generates a shadow mask, which is very difficult to do with a bitmap :)

    58. NightCabbage

      Oh, and creds to Sigvatr, the map terrain looks awesome – some nice pixel work there! :)

      (did you make all the fog/lighting textures, too?)

    59. Master Chief43

      Mostly likely he does all the art and graphics. Michal just programs it. Michal may draw alittle here and there but Sigvatr does the amazing visuals and Michal give them life.

    60. @NightCabbage

      He could be using a poly map, but that poly map could of been generated from a bitmap. It would be awesome if that were true.

    61. NightCabbage

      Michal says: β€œRead my previous posts on how the maps are actually built.”

      Does anyone know where I can find this information? :)

      I’m interested now LOL

    62. Master Chief43

      I don’t know but you could contact Sigvatr or Michal.

    63. […] check how this looks in the game just check this post New mighty lighting effect. Everything should be clear there, although that video doesn’t use the effect map […]

    64. NightCabbage

      Thanks Namagem :)

    65. wow i really like the light beams going on there, and the fogs well done. seems like theres nice texture work as well. cant wait for the game, i hope its as fun as soldat, gameplay wise. because the graphics are impressive! now all thats left is gameplay

    66. like curt said swaying ragdoll plants and blowing leaves would be cool, you could implement leaves in the parralax scrolling. Mastercheif43, you pc is crap, i can max out every bot in soldat and i barely have lag, thats about 30 bots. i like the sound of an online ranking system and when are you gonna release a demo, at least a singleplayer demo with vehicles (If there are any) would be good

    67. Master Chief43

      hehe… i know… my computer embarrasses me… :(
      I think the ragdoll plants and leaves are a bit to much… I don’t care if it’s in the game but like… make it able to be turned on/off. Maybe makes all the ‘extra’ graphical gimicks be able to be turned on/off (except lighting. who wants that off :))

    68. mmmm my system specs:
      amd athlon 2200xp
      ati radeon x1650 512 ddr3
      1024 mem
      direct x 9.0C
      Crossfire tech

      this could work out or should i buy new processor and motherboard?

    69. […] Map format preview New map format – collision New mighty lighting efects […]

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