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    Written by . Posted at 2:18 am on April 20th, 2011

    I’ve been working further on improving the map editor to accomodate the new bump mapping rendering. I got some initial tests working, nothing fancy, because I’ve drawn it myself. I’m waiting for a real artist to draw the tiles.

    In the meantime I’ve been figuring out some changes I want to make in the next release. Here are some things that I’m pretty sure of, but discussion is of course welcome.

    1. 30% smaller characters
    There is something off with the scale in the current maps. The character should be actually larger I think. But I am not going to make him larger. I made him smaller for a test and it feels awesome. I don’t know why but I want it this way (maybe cause it feels more like Soldat?). This decision means all maps will have to be redone. This isn’t so bad because they would have to be redone anyway with the new shading technique.

    2. Default 135 degrees FOV; out of view field painted black
    FOV will stay as default. I think it is essential for good tactical combat.

    3. Teammates FOV adds to yours
    This option will be essential for making the FOV much better. Basically you will see what your teammates see. It will be a variation on 360 degree FOV and no FOV at all. Because if there will be lots of teammates you will practically see the entire map.

    4. All weapons and items will be redesigned for the new game mode called “Intrusion”.
    This is the game mode I initially designed for LD, where two teams have to attack their bases. Some of the weapon and items were made for the Huntdown gamemode. I’m not sure if cloak for example will fit in the new game mode. All of this needs careful rethinking.

    That’s all for now. I hope to have some screens soon.

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    1. Fov sharing ought to require special equipment.

    2. FOV 360 is so much nicer. 135 looks a bit off, especially since the transition to black happens so suddenly. Perhaps some fading would help? Also, black as non-visible area sucks :( . The “greyed-out” alternative looked better imo.

      Oh yeah, and the character size… I was actually wondering why they’re smaller now… but EVEN SMALLER? I like seeing all the details and the feeling was good when they were big. I’m curious to see how this’ll feel…

    3. Smaller characters – good decision.

    4. im for blurred/grayed out fov, not black cuz it’s terrible. I’d prefer fov to work like in soldat anyway.
      smaller characters? would have to see how it looks and plays out but i liked the large ones. im afraid that you just want to hide how much the ragdolls suck ;d
      can’t wait for intrusion. no cloak -fuck yeah!

    5. Reactorcore

      With smaller characters the game will have more room for denser maps and any interactive stuff it might include like machinery and switches. That also means maps will appear slightly larger.

      All that would be very beneficial if this game wants to focus on a larger scale of battles, because right now the matches feel very up-close and personal fights with more detail on individuals than teams. Nothing bad about either way, its just a matter of what you want the game to focus on. A larger war or a small detailed conflict.

    6. Alright, lots of changes!

      1. FOV:
      Even though I dont like FOV I think the “135 TEAM FOV” is a great fucking idea ! Like in an RTS all unit provide different line of sight.
      -I love how it automatically makes being with friend looking in all direction a must.
      -I for one like the black FOV… It would need some smoothing out but it looks better the the other shaded one IMO.

      2. Smaller charcter:
      I think Reactorcore explained really well. Until now I enjoyed the personal battle feeling. But i’m sure this would improve the strategy/teaming of the game.

      Great changes IMO. Really looking forward to this !

      PS: Funny how we played multiple link dead already. Some of theses past version could have made great games too. I want to play MM’s finished link dead the most though.

    7. I’m in alert/brusque mode. Now that you know this, the following comments will seem less like jackassary.

      “FOV 360 is so much nicer.” — Sounds less realistic and more distracting.

      “im for blurred/grayed out fov, not black cuz it’s terrible. I’d prefer fov to work like in soldat anyway.” — This might be sentimental..?

      Aaand, no more comments to bash with feather pillows containing rocks.

    8. not sentimental, i just like to see the map, not 1/8th of it. not seeing the characters and what’s going on is fair enough.

    9. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      This might be total bullshit but if you could plant, or install cameras (probably by an engineer) then you would also be able to see a certain part of the map without being there. Actually I think this is an awesome idea… It would kind of help the 135 FOV so that you can watch out for key positions. They should also be made ‘hackable’ so that they begin working for the other team or smth… Maybe making them ‘destructable’ so that you can shoot them down if you spotted them.

    10. @IPWB: don’t forget repairable, or you’ll see them destroyed early in the game and be pretty much pointless for the rest. i am worried though that they would be too easily destructible, and may not even be worth taking the time to repair due to being destroyed so quickly.

    11. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      @DD Yeah, I was thinking of how to make it harder to get rid of them, and I had another flash :D. Perhaps having cameras as part of the map, and only allowing the players to hack them so that they can use them would be a better idea. BUT, then you wouldn’t be able to choose where to place them :S

    12. I like the idea of an Engineer class who can deploy one or two cameras somewhere, or some sound detectors or movement detectors (also turrets, mines, ammo dispensers and force fields maybe also trenches.
      the engineers of each faction could have different type of cameras or detectos.
      The hackers will have the ability to interfere the circuits of those devices.

      There will be, a limited amount of such devices per team.

      It’s a must for each team to have at least an enginer and a hacker.

      Something else…

      …I don’t have this game, but when the moment arrive (have money in paypal) I will donate some money.


    13. Double post.

      Maybe could be a Leader in the team (or some class, or a wearable device), which share it’s visibiliy (or half of it with the team-mates, or something like that).

      Or a camera in the head armor.

      Or, Perimeter Scanners in the map (see'naga_tower)

      All the soldiers could activate it, but they must stand next to it, to maintain the scanner active (could be key element of the map), however, the hacker could hack it, so the scanner will remain active, without the presence of a soldier next to it.


    14. Looks like the game is going to good direction. Can’t wait to make maps for this. The shared FoV really needs a equipment for it. So if you are team player that relies on sight, you may take the cam to help your mates. Would also be interesting for those sneaky people to have FoV prediction equipment so if you can see head of enemy you have some feed back on how much they can actually see.

    15. smaller characters sounds good and create a different gameplay experience. reminds me of soldat which i love and played for years

    16. Underline

      news? =)

    17. NooMoahk

      The shared teammate views are awesome, that’s the kind of feature I wanted in Link-Dead.

    18. News would be cool :) !

    19. Monsteri

      Are you alive still?

    20. Gogogo MM! Suprise us with another huge update! 😀
      But do it nao. :(

    21. Reactorcore

      I might the wrong, but since he said the size of the warrior was modified (30% is a big change!), it means he’ll need to make or get new sprites for the warrior, all weapons, redo all maps, and do a pretty large overhaul for ingame graphics, it isn’t gonna happen that fast.

      Be patient, MM’s hands are full and he is knee deep in work.

      I’m pretty excited how things will look once its done though. : )

    22. Blacksheepboy

      I built an up-to-date computer recently and consequently was finally able to play Link-Dead ‘maxed out.’ Too bad I missed out on the rush during the first releases! Well, I enjoyed hunting down Terminator and Tron with spears and explosives :)

    23. Don’t know where to post this, can’t seem to remember my soldat forum username as well but….

      some guy just made a “soldat” for iphone… too similar, think you should contact him 😀

    24. Underline

      This is strange,
      Longer time ever without hearing from you.. =/

    25. I’m hoping the best and expecting something huge! :)

    26. update… it’s been 2 weeks.

    27. Monsteri

      He’s at least alive, I saw him on Soldat Forums today.

    28. Tenshi

      @illu that’s what she said.

    29. tao_taier

      Smaller sizes will help the pace of development all round.
      Though hopefully not as small as soldat. As long as its all mod-able in the end I’m not worried about the sizes longterm.

      [Still, soldat sprites were bad. In all honesty the arms were gimped. They looked ridiculous when holding pistols. And looking from to one side from the other made everything look different in ways that made modding it irritating.
      Just saying. Don’t any fanboy diehards get all in a fuss over me saying that… face reality, they stunk. Though not without “charm”.]

      Regarding cameras, “i am worried though that they would be too easily destructible, and may not even be worth taking the time to repair due to being destroyed so quickly.”

      Just make them very small & discrete, hard to hit and see.
      Like the size of a cut-in-half marker in terms of width & length.
      Or small scope, in terms of size. Then give it a “crescent-y” shape for the base of it that connects to walls.
      When activated you could use the mouse to set its direction?

      Also a (disposable? ) tool to disable them would give you an option other than having to shoot them (giving you away). And/or a single use distortion device that you can place in an area….er… scratch that, EMP grenades would make more sense for that since they would already be a multi-role item.

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