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    Written by . Posted at 11:53 am on June 15th, 2010

    I’m making big progress. I’ve written the main part of the meta-game processing. This means rules defining the gameplay. All the rules are written in basic config files and can be exchanged and modified at will. You will be able to create a capture the flag or domination mode super easy with this.

    Here is the rules config files hierarchy:

    RULES file – main rules file in which you can define the teams, points you get, damage modifiers, respawn types and others

    TEAM files – separate team definition files; there can be 1 or as many teams as you want; you can set the team name, colors, base and target items (like flag in CTF)

    CLASS files – separate class definition files for each team; as many classes as you want; each class can use a different actor file (skeleton and animations) and skins.

    INVENTORY LIST file – list of available weapons and items for each class; it is done in separate files because they can be easily exchanged and reused in different game modes

    ACTOR file – the file for the item which defines how the item is built and setup; it is used for weapons, grenades, bombs and other items; this is were gun appearance details and characteristics are held

    SUB-ACTOR file – file for a subitem of the ACTOR; used for example for different ammo and bullets in guns

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    1. AnonGamer001
    2. Clive Jericho

      this is going to be a fun game to mod, I’m starting to get a little excited.

    3. toot, okay – what skill do you need to have to create those goodies?

    4. Underline

      Great =)
      im wondering if you still wanna add giant robot in the game!

    5. i like it that the possibility to create new mods easily is given, but i´d like suggest to at least create the CTF thing on your own else there will be like 20 different ctf mods out later on.
      Its always nice to have sth. which is official.

    6. @herp, You will need notepad :)

    7. @darDar This isn’t an engine without ready content, it’s going to be a complete game with “official” mods.

    8. I think CTF fall in the category of game modes and not game mods. 😉

    9. niko šveikovsky

      impressive work, michał.

    10. Makron666

      That sounds good, how flexible is the script, are there any significant limits?

    11. Makron666: nothing that I can think of right now. Maybe some weird game modes (can you come up with something?). But all the standard ones like in Soldat should be possible to do easily with these scripts.

    12. epic, multiple death match teams sound awesome, escpecially if you can really make them all different from each other

    13. Are you planning to release link-dead with some mods on release date? Or will it only be the original game? Maybe nice if you could introduce a mod at release which could function as an example for scripters.

    14. Berserker was supposed to be a mod for Link-Dead, but I don’t have time to do both.

    15. seiko ソーラー電波

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