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    Written by . Posted at 3:23 pm on July 16th, 2007

    I managed to get Soldat’s native map format PMS to work with the Crimson Engine. This was the first thought I had after switching back to 2D, to do this. This does not mean my new game will use PMS maps, they are too limited. I plan on expanding the map format with all sorts of cool stuff and possibilites. About what it will contain, that means what kind of maps can you expect from my new game, I’ll write later.

     Meanwhile here’s a video I made of Soldat maps working with Crimson.

    The test is running on OpenGL. As you can see it is not perfect. There are many polygon artifacts which are not present when it is run on DirectX. OpenGL must manage polygon sorting differently, this will be a problem I’ll have to tackle. Also the sceneries have light green backgrounds because I use PNG alpha channel transparency in the new engine and I didn’t edit the original files (the tree on Airpirates uses PNG). The purple rectangles are respawn points, they can be added or modifed now even with the in-game editor.

    So what does this all mean for now? Well the game will have a quick start because there will be an easy way to make maps at the beginning. At least for testing. There are thousands of Soldat maps and I can very easily take them and test the game. Later on I will have a new map editor made that will import PMS files and expand them with new features, but as I said I’ll write about it some time later.

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    1. That’s cool, as I see your new game will be a side view game to ;D

    2. SpiltCoffee

      Very nice.

      Since you’re using OpenGL, is it safe to assume you’re thinking of making your new game also work on a Mac or a Linux computer?

    3. Nice. are you going to expand the PMS stuff for soldat as well?


    5. I could maybe work on mac or linux but someone would need to compile it

    6. Yes EnEsCe, VEHICALZ! 😀

      Lol, very well done. Soldat doesn’t NEED vehicles, but would be a terrific add-on to soldat. Bigger maps 😀

    7. Boo to VEHICALZ. Soldat is a game of intense movement combined with amazing accuracy. Adding VEHICALZ would ruin the fun because people could just run through and massacre everyone.

    8. He dint said that he did that for soldat but it’s a test for he’s new game not for soldat

    9. it could be great if soldat can support destructible maps … like worms for snes … or animated scenery … for example a animated torch … it could be possible in the gif. format …
      michael .. please do something for the destructible maps …
      i love soldat …
      i could love it much more if the game support destructible maps
      sorry for my bad english …

    10. how would WE make our pms’s work with CG?

    11. While this subject can be very touchy for most people, my opinion is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do appreciate that youve added relevant and intelligent commentary here though. Thank you! It will save you many a cute baby outfit, and at least as many loads of wash in the long run.

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