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    Written by . Posted at 3:30 pm on October 16th, 2008

    I have a little treat for you.

    I’ve been making this little application for the past few weeks. It is a test for the new physics (Box2D) in Link-Dead/Berserker as well as a test for the player movement. The graphics are really simple, just lines, so I have to present an explanation.


     This test shows how the movement system will work. It is pretty much like in platformers. This is the best way I could think of to make players move around a 2D map without flying like in Soldat.

    If you create the ragdoll you can drag it with the mouse. You can’t resurrect the ragdoll so you have to restart the program to play again.

    The known bugs are
    – floating onto the platform/stairs
    – some ragdoll collision issues


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    1. works smooth here on wine(Linux) :)

    2. Awesome. So the full game should work also on wine, although there will be a full linux port.

    3. It’s kool how you HAVE to crouch to get through some areas
      Massive FPS drop for me when there’s a lot of bodies but my computer sucks bawls v_v
      Also the ragdoll physics is smooth and realistic

    4. This is kinda awesome already,
      but imagine that with graphics & blood & classes & even more epic shits.

    5. miketh2005

      Just as I expected…without jets this game is gonna suck, jets is what made Soldat so good, without jets this will just be a multiplayer mario shooter >.> and why’d you have to change the pyshics? Soldat’s phyics was so funny, this is just a stupid ragdoll just like other games. Ragdolls suck, this is what made Soldat so cool is that it actually had ragdolls that work and that are funny, no other game could do that, and now you have changed it…

    6. Awesome! 😀

      (2 bugs at the bent platform at the top: You can’t fall through the corner with the spacebar, but sometimes you fall anyway when you run over the corner)

    7. Pretty interesting stuff, cool to see all of the tech working together.

    8. @ miketh2005:
      ya know… you don’t have to play… stick with soldat and follow up on soldat’s updates
      you don’t have to waste your time here
      if yah got something to say try to be constructive and be nice

    9. That’s pretty poor. Making a demo like that based off existing libraries is what.. 2 days?

      I’m wondering how much meat lies under the rather shoddy skin. Show us some of your engine code, will you? I’m actually the kind of insane fucker who’ll read someone’s code and tell something about the man who wrote it.

    10. Underline

      Woww” very nice.. but its too hard to drag the ragdoll.. 😛
      anyway, nice phisics and stuff!

    11. Niko Šveikovsky

      I assume that none of the character movement code from this demo will be used.

      In my opinion, the fall from platform button is much too clunky. Perhaps a workaround could be figured out, or maybe just a more logical choice of button (Say, x? It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better). Besides that, everything’s fine. I imagine you’ll spend a lot of time with the player movement fluidity, so I’m not going to blather on about the fluidity of this demo.

      On a different note, Will you be using asymptotic camera movement in Link-Dead as you did in Soldat? You know,

      camera_x = camera_x(0.8) + player_x(0.2);
      camera_y = camera_y(0.8) + player_y(0.2);

      That sort of thing.

      Fuck yeah!

    13. I’ve noticed that demo is single threaded aka uses just one core. I hope you’re planing on multithreading your game.

      Keep it up.

    14. so michal, game is getting into its beta stages?
      but i guess this is the engine for both the berserker game and the link dead game?

      one thing was that when i held X to long, all of the balls took alot of my cpu. i personally think if youd put that in the original game it will cause some lag.

      nyways, love to see the progress, best of luck.

    15. Niko Šveikovsky: Yes the choice of buttons isn’t the best. Ideally the fall button should be S, but that’s used for crouching. Any suggestions?
      The camera of course will be like in Soldat.

      Rick: I don’t have plans for that but I’ll think about it later.

      G.O.D. : this is just a test application, it isn’t the engine.

    16. Anonymous

      fall button: Jump+Crouch?

    17. Double-tap-crouch?

    18. Double-tap sounds good. Controls must be customizable for a more comfortable experience right?

      Wouldn’t a shaky camera be awesome?
      Like landing hard would make your guy fall and the camera would shake
      -Shaking as your shooting your gun
      -Shaking near explosions
      -Shaking where ever it needs to for a more dynamic, fluid and intense gaming experience

      If those balls [what ever object] are used in-game make them disappear after time like bullet casings from shooting a gun
      [any physics-based object to lower lag]

    19. Yeah, that falling from platforms seems irritating for now. Personally, I would like that fall with space but only with one thing. When you don’t press or hold space, your mate walks on that platform (as it is now) and when you tap space – he falls down (same as it is now). But also there should be ability to HOLD the space and walking through that platforms. Hope you get my idea

    20. Wah… O.0?

    21. SplinterSnake

      Michal?: Double-tap-crouch?


    22. JackIsNoMore

      I hope we won’t be able to continuously jump by holding down the jump button.

    23. I know this is just a basic test but, Id like to know what kind of other things we can expect for the movement ?

      Theres is only one speed for movement ?
      Will terrain affect speed ?

    24. Dont mind my other post…

      I know this is just a basic test but, Id like to know what kind of other things we can expect for the movement ?

      Theres is only one speed for movement ? What will affect speed ?

      Rolling on floor like in soldat ? (crouch + mouvement) Sliding maybe?
      Will there be a prone position ?
      How big compare to this map are link dead maps approximately?

      I cant say as of right now im having fun running around that test but the falling from plateform is kinda cool.

      Finally, I just hope there will be more subtilety in the movement as it was a huge part of soldat. Though this game seems more strategic and i understand you cant affrod players flying around everywhere like nonsense.

      PS: I think double taping crouch would indeed be better.
      AND it would be nice to be able to let go of ladder too.

    25. Hm…
      Maybe while going up a ladder you cant do anything and you must HOLD the up button to climb and when you release up you fall
      Will there be ledge grabbing?

    26. Pretty cool. At least it will keep my entertained for a bit :p

    27. i liked the jets from soldat 😀 made it easy to get around and made gameplay faster, fast=good, i dont see why you would want to take them out? for realism? it is a 2D game, cant be 2 real you know, if link dead is in the future why not use jetpacks? they are always fun to play with. oh well the most important thing is lots of death and explosions and blood and death

    28. Underline

      WEll.. i think we can forget about jets for long travels.. but a ‘boost jet’ must be avaible IMO.

    29. I think falling from platforms should be the same as other games, down + jump. No jets = new game, if i wanted to use jets i’d play soldat.


    31. @ nano:
      would be weird to people use to “WASD” with W as jump and S as down
      i guess it could work if you change the controls

    32. archont: Wow, two days? Look archont, you need to be an actual programmer to understand what goes on under the hood. And with your attitude, you won’t get close.

      MM: This is a quite unexpected (but most welcome) news update. Thanks for taking the time to make the demonstration. I like the platform and ladder elements. They add depth to the game, much like the jetpacks did with Soldat.

    33. archont = BigBossSNK in disguise?

      On second thought no way, he doesn’t use the same belittling words.

    34. It crashes when you drag the character around and then press ESC to make it a raggdoll.

      Looks cool so far, keep on it! Good to hear the project is still alive and kicking.

    35. Most… epic… updates.. EVER! Thank you SO MUCH MM for the updates! The community *really* appreciates the huge updates!

    36. Hi Michal,

      I’m glad you’ve finally posted something…
      It’s encouranging but I want THAT FUCKING BERSERKER GAME !!!
      Just start working on it.
      When I start to work on something I work day and night,non stop,not stopping one minute,I take energy drinks,I detach totally from the world outside,I close all doors,make some food provisions and that’s about it man…
      that is the only key to success.
      I’m 100% sure you know what I mean.
      This is how we coders are,but when motivation passes away and thoughts of
      bullshit like “managemnent” these words are NOT in our dictionary we are not
      meant to speak these words.
      Work on the fucking game,I want to play it,I’m sure it will be THE BOOOMB!!!
      And that lameass Sigvatr,get your fucking shit together and finish the fucking game I want to play already,I am waiting too long,I swear I will pay you two a visit and you will not like what I’ll do to both of you if you don’t finish the game faster,what the fuck ? are you making fun of us fans ?
      We are fucking waiting for you to finish it and you sit there like some lame fucks that you are ?
      just start working on it already

    37. without the sweaing, i second that fan

    38. Anonymous

      swearing* soz, my mistake, i dont mean to be offensive

    39. hey Michals fan
      sorry if theres nothing left in your life but this game, but shut the fuck up.
      these projects you isolate yourself for, good for you. mind showing anyone, im sorry did you make half life 3 while we weren’t looking?
      what right do you have to doubt michals dedication?
      with fans like these, reallly I would want to work harder..
      trust me he has more impressive things he hasn’t shown you

      I recommend you take a look around the world in which we live… and shutting the fuck up.

      turn your computer off kid and go… fuck a horse or something

      happy halloween

    40. Good job Michal!

      But now! YOU HAVE TO PROMISE US TO GIVE SOMETHING DOWNLOADABLE EVERY SUNDAY! LET’S MAKE PEOPLE WAIT TO READ NEWS, WORK IN PROGRESS INFO ! You wrote that to make a good game, is to give news and updates very often. So … c’mon! Let’s do it!

    41. OMFG I am a self-important fuck…and I call people kidz
      I should go fuck myself

    42. Hey, Michal — do you intend to include any stunts like Soldat’s backflip, eg. baseball slides along the ground (direction + crouch?), leaping dives (jump + prone?) and so on?


    44. hey cumguzzler
      a. im sorry if you’re not a kid. really
      b. cut my milk? what?
      that is all


    46. Kael Odran

      I really enjoyed post of Michal’s fan. So much fun! Guys it was only a joke! =)

      By the way, In my option “fall from platform” can be shift and “shoot” space.

    47. The Soviet Onion

      How about tap and hold “S”, like dashing in a fighting game?

    48. No tapping! A quick reaction needs one action, not two.

    49. Players shoudn’t collide on stairs while jumping on them, utill they push the jump key.

    50. It’s a cool physics ragdoll, and stuff… I’m mostly wondering how close you are to giving out a full version of Link-Dead?

      How many months away, if you kinda know how much is left to work on?
      It looks like it’s going to be a good game, I think you should be able to climb walls though, like use your hands and grab onto the wall, if it’s flat then obviously you can’t climb that wall, but if the wall has like cracks or suitable terrain I think you should be able to climb, and hang onto edges etc. And run, obviously, maybe with a stamina bar so everyone doesn’t run around constantly. And ammo should not be unlimited like in Soldat etc lol

    51. Seems like you dont use the allow-sleep für all the bullets? I think this would increase the framerate massivly for bigger ammounts of bodys.

    52. rio and ext, i honestly think these concepts have been thought off and are or are not being worked on. MM said the concept is done, and they are basicly working on graphics (and maxing out the engine?),

      takes me to a thought lol, MM you said that once you had the engine running you’d show us some eyecandy :)

    53. Im talking just abaout a feature of box2d that increaes the performance by ignoring inactive object in the physics, this should make the demo more useable as the framerate should stay above 100fps

    54. Rémy le francais

      Yeah good en francais serieux c’est bien foutu 😀

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