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    Written by . Posted at 3:48 pm on October 5th, 2008

    I want to try making really short reports about the progress on building the new game. I’m planning this for some time now, but I need to write what we were doing and what was done up to this point. So in an extreme short version, in no particular order, this is the current state of the Link-Dead/Berserker engine and game.

    1. Replacing Newton Game Dynamics engine with Box2D
    2. Using Irrlicht for all game graphics and GUI (custom DLL stripped from 3D functionality)
    3. Made a workable state pumping model for playing over the network
      – it works but there are some bandwidth problems I need to fix to make it really playable
      – using RakNet but I’m thinking of replacing it with something simpler
    4. Thinking about replacing the sound engine (currently FreeSL/OpenAL)
    5. All characters and animations are being remade
    6. There will be new ragdolls based on Box2D (previously it was my own system)
    7. Sigvatr is working on map designs and level graphics for weeks now
    8. Synsynth has made a demo version of Link-Dead music
    9. Nearly all sounds are done for Berserker
    10. Working a lot on engine optimizations, rearranging, code rewriting, simplifying
      – this takes a lot of time and is something I need to do now because the engine has become really big and complex
    11. The game will be shipped with a graphical GUI for editing/creating menus
      – invented an awesome way to connect GUI elements with configs/scripts and making it work without writing any code
    12. Lots of visioning and discussing about the game mechanics and feel with Sigvatr and Me.

    That’s what we were working on in the past couple months. It doesn’t seem much when it is written but I can’t really show you anything because most of what is being done is internal engine stuff. The graphics that Sigvatr is painting is top secret and we won’t publish them until we have something real and working in the game.
    That being written I’ll see how writing progress in a very brief way like this works for me. I want to keep you guys updated but on the other hand development logs and blogs have become a distraction. My main reason for all of this is to create awesome games. Always was.

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    1. Niko Šveikovsky

      This is such excellent news, Michal. I’m amazed at how much all of you have accomplished in such a short period of time.

      I tried choosing what the best part of all of this is, I can’t. Everything listed here is one piece of an even greater feat: progress. (although I am indeed glad you switched to Box2D)

      Oh, I finally replied to your email, sorry about the delay.

    2. Good news. Hope to see some screenies and vids soon.

    3. Nice to hear about the devlopement.

      Hope we still see some blog entry but i sencond you on the importance of the actual game making…

      Keep it on, im sure youl end up with an amzing game.

    4. Anonymous


    5. Yay epic update! Glad to hear some update…

    6. Its cool to hear you had enough motivation to start over again and not getting stopped by the situation you had.

      Box2D, i also compiled it some weeks ago only for the purpose of interest. I was playing with some ragdolls in a sandbox. I would be intrested what kind of ragdolls you use for the game. It is fully simulated?, rather not i think. Many people use quite realistic ragdolls but with static scripts for player movement. After death they simply deactivate the scripting so the victim behaves like similar in soldat. Others use simple boxes with wheels beneath it or similar funny creations. In some cases maybe such simple objects aren’t that bad. I could imagine you use some kind of sticky soldier. Anyway.
      I sometimes think too much about my work as an hidden excuse not to get things started :) Let’s get back to work. Leave something behind you until you die! 😉


      I think I’ll use these ragdolls, they are pretty neat. But they might be simpler in my game because of performance issues.

    8. You should Twitter what you’re doing, might be a better format for small updates.

    9. Ooh, box2d. Me likey.

      There’s just something about idling away half an hour pouring a stream of dead people at a ragdoll. You shouldn’t have posted that link.

    10. archont: haha imagine what will happen when you play Link-Dead with graphical ragdolls and a gore system.

    11. Awesome. We thought you were dead, or possibly in a coma. Which do you reckon will be released first? Berserker or Link-Dead?

    12. Ryu Hinote

      I can’t wait for these games. I’m happy to see an update and everything sounds good. Keep up the good work!

    13. I’m working on a free network lib for my own project at the moment. It has an interface similiar to irrlicht maybe you’re interested.

      greetings :)

    14. Box2D! Something I actually heard of! :)

    15. Goldbuick

      There is a really simple network lib I use called ENET,
      it was made for the game cube and is really portable

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