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  • Update report #10

    Written by . Posted at 3:24 pm on February 22nd, 2009

    It seems that adding the pixel shader lighting with normal maps didn’t work as I expected. Basically there are two systems that draw on top of each other producing a result that can be described as dark shit (you may notice that we have a very strict descriptive technical language in our team).

    So I faced a problem similar to what John Carmack had when he started coding Doom 3 – How to have a unified system of lighting and shadows maps?

    I thought about it for a couple days and I got the answer. The problem is I don’t have any pixel shader graphic programming education so it seems I am reinventing the wheel every now and then. Like inventing something called Projective Texturing. So the lights and shadows should work fine now with normal maps if everything goes as I predict.

    Btw. we have set a deadline for having a running/shooting gostek by the end of this month (read post above).

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    1. Lighting is… complicated stuff. But cool when it works.
      Release a video of the running/shooting gostek! Or a thing like the testbox only with it! That would be awesome.

    2. love theses updates reports!
      btw. you have 4 days :)

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