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  • Update report #12

    Written by . Posted at 9:13 am on February 28th, 2009

    A bit less work done in the last days. I don’t fell that motivated to work hard because only one thing left to do to meet the deadline of having a walking/shooting guy is making crouch animations.  That’s easy and they are just placeholder animations. I’m waiting for Sigvatr to come up with new gostek graphics.

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    1. im hoping that the new animations will be a lot better then the previous animations! :)

    2. Dude, you can always release something before the dead line.

    3. Or just relax and replenish energy. Breaks are no crime 😀

    4. Nah, don’t release anything early, just take your time and produce a quality pieice of work. And BTW which will come out first, Link-Dead or berzerker?

    5. I take the freedom to answer that, since I think I know the answer:
      As far as I know, Berserker is going to be a much smaller game, kind of like a prototype for link-dead, in which the options are by far not as many and complex. (It’ll be more hack and slash.) So it will surely come out first.

    6. Makron666

      That is what i thought, but they both use the same engine, and they are both being made at the same rate. I’ll just wait for MM to answer.

    7. cmon siggy, dont make us wait :(

      BTW cosmin,

      berserker was announced as a mod for link-dead
      but you are indeed right aswell, MM told us that berserker would be released earlier then Link-Dead

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