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    Written by . Posted at 11:42 am on March 7th, 2009

    I’m battling with the netcode. It works and doesn’t work. It’s the most difficult thing I’m doing, my brain hurts from thinking about it. I feel like a network simulator in my head constantly playing it in my thoughts.

    The network code will be 100% reliable and from the tests I’m doing it seems that it is going to be really smooth. I have a little program that helps me with this.

    I wish I had this when I programmed and tested Soldat net code : QoS

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    1. C'o's'm'i'n

      I couldn’t post any comment, the last past days :( . WTF?

    2. I’ve learned more about netcode from your blog than from anything else.

      Anyways, good netcode is awesome.

    3. Can you share with us what this “little program” is :)
      What your testing on?

    4. C'o's'm'i'n

      DUde, the programm’s name is written just there. it even has a link to it. Look again.

    5. Underline


    6. Woopsy :)

    7. Shoozza

      You can think alot about netcode stuff. I know when I wanted to make a kfouleggs clone which should have netcode. I was talking about the netcode with one other guy and me constantly found new ideas and new problems for how to do it and what if etc situations ;). Just take care that you don’t overheat your brain MM :P.

    8. wtf is this shit? you are updating? :O wtf

    9. Underline

      Hey MM, do you have plans to reveal some game play concepts docs to the public?? it will be really GREAT to know how the gameplay will be and discuss the best arguments for the game.. this way you will never fail in your patch to create the game of the games! ๐Ÿ˜€


    10. I’d kill the see an ALPHA version of this game :3

      Keep up the good work MM

    11. This is one of the reasons I’m afraid to keep on learning programming hehe. I hear that netcode can be a very horrid thing, especially when you have to think of things like NAT punching and other issues like firewall stuff. >.

    12. Strange, dunno why, but a large chunk of my above message seems to have gotten cut off. Though it could just be the crappy web browser I’m using at the moment, not formatting the page correctly. Hopefully it’s all there.

    13. unless you ended with a >.> smiley, its not all there

    14. I find it awesome that you are updating your blawg more frequently ๐Ÿ˜‰

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