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    Written by . Posted at 6:48 pm on April 3rd, 2009

    I made a bot today with working waypoints. Waypoints are recorded by the player moving then the bot uses that as a path for his movements. It looks promising. Maps in their architecture are more simple than in Soldat, so I think this will be sufficient for realistic bot movements. Although I am thinking of making some kind of ‘probability-based’ algorithm for the movement. It would be more life-like since things in nature work more like that. We’ll see, I’ll keep you updated.

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    1. Makron666

      Could you also make a dynamic difficulty that you can choose, where at the start bots are easy, but they learn your movements and methods over time and get harder and harder as you get better, that would really boost the replay value of the game.

    2. Underline

      ANd about the netcode? is fully working?


    3. uknown xxx 123

      So the bots won’t move until player walks around the map once?

    4. michal you friggin stole my idea,

      its my system of a learning bot >.

    5. I think he’s saying that when you make waypoints on a map, you use a player.
      Then the bot uses the movement of that player as a waypoint.

      I think i got it right. It’s not dynamic.

    6. Awesome!

      cant wait for 1.5.0

    7. what else are the bots capable of doing?

      like when you move a path to a machine gun, will they continuously mount it? ( this way you kind off, team move to a certain area and camp there, and the bots will be smart enough to stick together and move along with you )

    8. Underline

      # Awesome! Says:
      April 4th, 2009 at 10:40 am

      cant wait for 1.5.0
      Its not for soldat im afraid! ­čśŤ


    9. SOme stranger

      this looks promising,at least he started writing some fucking code for a change.
      way to go Michal , keep it up !

    10. SOme stranger

      he may have (not) stoled your idea,but he at least is capable of writing some fucking code to put it in practice whereas you can hang on to your idea which is practically useless without code

    11. Some awesome bot intelligence would help make it more interesting to play than soldat. Maybe make them remember where you are or something, so that if you hide behind something for instance they wouldn’t just hop away following a waypoint. Instead they could run at you.

      W/e I’m just bored of soldat bots.

    12. @some stranger

      i already wrote the fuckin code and i put the idea up the MM site for more then a couple of months, so stfu.
      The engine me and my friend made , was something that recorded player movement and responses to bot actions, creating an human-kind reaction and movement to the bot.

    13. Riccardo

      Once the game is ready, and many people are playing online (or before, or when you prefer or whatever), would you consider building some population of automadet-bot playing, governed by a neural network based AI instead of a standard one, and using the artificial life paradigm to evolve this neural network, or any other kind of genetic algorithm?

    14. niko šveikovsky

      i really do hope you get some intelligence packed into the bots. ie, it’d be nice if bots actually stuck around areas that they knew had hidden enemies instead of hopping away once one hides behind a wall.

    15. I like chocolate ice cream

      Maybe make the bots remember how they died last time?

      Like if a bot walks over a minefield, and explodes, he wouldn’t try going there again, without a metal detector or hovercraft.

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