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  • Update report #23

    Written by . Posted at 5:53 pm on April 26th, 2009

    Here are some ideas we have been working on lately for Link-Dead:

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    1. What..? O_o

    2. i liked the last one l0l

    3. Underline

      The first video means that link dead will have a featura that we can build things in game.

    4. SplinterSnake

      It’s obvious.

    5. niko šveikovsky

      i think a little bit of explanation could do some good.

    6. I’m going to guess…
      1. We either get Lemmings for bots, or we get to build staircases
      2. The virtual world (if this game is supposed to be anything like Dystopia, the source mod) will look like acsii art
      3. The bots will be smart enough to solve a rubics cube?

    7. 1. We can build and maybe dig
      2. That might be the hacking system. solve a virtual puzzle to hack a terminal. maybe also how the consoles to hack will look like
      3. maybe also how to hack. solve one of these cubes to hack…

    8. I think the second is about random, on-the-spot made maps. Something like in Worms. About the rest, Luma is right.

    9. wow wow wow, this is so random

    10. i remember this old lemmings clone midevil game which involved storming castles and shit…. it was fucking awesome….way better than lemmings.

      digging tunnels and setting/countering traps would be soooooo much fun. you could spare the involvement of walking drone/lemming shit with something like a number based(because using numbers could improve the IQs of most people who will play this game) measuring system of vitaly/life/special action… or anything that would represent it like a bar of some sort that recharges…. for ex. start off with the ability to dig a certain amount of time or an certain amount of sections but then you would have to wait a while or get refueled for a recharge…. you could have another person leap frog you and continue digging….the ability to build walls made of wood metal or bodies would be awesome. stacking bodies and objects ito make hills or different shapes to block entrances or fill up holes would be so much fun. a machine might be able to lift and carry more but perhaps could not build as intricate or deal with as many materials as a human.

      also what about the use of animals that would be readilly available in a post apocolyptic world… dogs, cats, rodents, insects, genetic freaks with super long limbs or giant penises?

    11. xf117-philx

      Perhaps the last one refers to learning bots? I.e. they become smarter as you play, or they strategically analyse the players moves, and then adapt to them? I think something similar to this was mentioned in one of the comments on a previous update.

    12. xf117-philx

      Although that ‘RuBot’ doesn’t appear to learn, it is just specifically programmed to analyse and solve a Rubik’s cube, so… I don’t really know..

    13. I think they all refer to the virtual/puzzle part of the game…

      Personaly I thought it would be like timed turn based chess or something like that.

    14. the game in the middle is called “NetHack” btw. 😉

    15. Wolfmilf

      And it’s awesome 😉

      I agree with Rook_PL. The Nethack video is probably about randomly generated levels.

      The lemmings video reminded me of Clonk ^^
      How I loved it (:

      And the third… Maybe not learn, but react to what they see in a clever manner ;P

    16. Wow the game is becoming more and more exciting :>

    17. 1. Ability to build and dig , now that be awesome!

      2. Hacking system random stuff.

      3. Bots learn by analyising player movement ( this was told by MM more or less ) OR Puzzle for the hacking part.

    18. Makron666

      I think it is a reference to hacking.

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