Defining Awesome — Update report #3
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  • Update report #3

    Written by . Posted at 5:36 pm on October 13th, 2008

    Some new amazing concept art from Sigvatr. This is a soldier. Click for bigger image in HD.


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    1. wow, amazing work.

      only the HD image truly does it justice.

      you guys still looking for a 3D modeller?

    2. Anonymous


    3. Whoa, totally worth the wait. Is that a shotgun or a dildo? I can’t tell.

      …Dildo would make a great melee weapon…

    4. Underline

      Woww! wAnna see more great art from sigvatar :P:P:P

    5. Winterous


    6. lmao..

    7. This made me laugh hard.

    8. I thought Luc makes the concept art :)

    9. Amazing!
      Im stunned by this high quality! 😮

    10. SplinterSnake

      Looks like th is game will have the guards from MGS1.

    11. awesome!

    12. Anonymous


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