Defining Awesome — Update report #5
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  • Update report #5

    Written by . Posted at 7:57 am on February 5th, 2009

    It seems ray-casting doesn’t work as I expected (they don’t work well with edge shapes). Send your complaints on the Box2D forum. So no working hitscan weapons for a while.

    At least I got a nice weapon working in the game. Sigvatr is also working on HUD graphics. They look promising.

    I’m not showing any screenshots cause we agreed not to post any game content until we have a proper game working.

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    1. Box2D. I love that physics engine. Well, the AS3 port of it anyway – haven’t had any good reason to go back to C++ – even though I miss pointers and memory management.

      I’m actually thinking about developing a little flash game with it. Think linkdead, but single-player, much simpler, and with a storyline of resurrected Hitler fighting Jews, Homosexuals and Afroamericans, in each of the three episodes.

    2. Oooo, controversy. Call it ISP-Ban This Game.

      Anyways, if you someday start adding in that Lua, making different guns shouldn’t be that bad.
      I’m just talking out of a tree here tho. Keep it up! ^^

    3. so progress is getting on :)

      good luck michal and siggy
      this is gonna be one Awesome game.

      dunt forget, if u ever need something, just tell us.

    4. Adding different guns would be cool IF a system to synchronize the mods would be developed first.

      And that is a lot of workk, mind you.

      Developing a lua scripting environment for single-player gameplay is rather easy, but when it goes multiplayer, desync usually follows. Just look at SupCom – a much larger game, developed by a serious studio that was INTENDED for being modded with extensive mod support. And yet it’s very easy for lua scripts to desync the game.

    5. I think a system where you can just edit certain weapon variables like you did with soldat is sufficient. But take it to a bigger level so that it can affect player movement and so forth.

    6. just dont rush it. Make it highly and easily moddable, take your time. I’d rather play an awesome game after a long wait than a shitty one anytime. And i suppose i’m not the only one to think so, right guys?

    7. archont: isn’t it sufficient to check if the server and client scripts match? If not client downloads server version. No way of desyncing unless it is hacked.

    8. archont:

      Mods will be available in single player in most games, aswell as in Link Dead

      But its always the server who decides What mod will be played on that specific server.

      And, like michal said, the client will basicly just Download the mod, and after thats done, no desync :)

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