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    Written by . Posted at 3:02 pm on February 12th, 2009

    Updated Box2D to newest code = working raycasting = working hitscan shooting weapons

    Played around with creating debree from shots and bullet shells from weapon. Looks great but Box2D needs to be seriously optimized for this to work with hundreds of objects (if you played with my TestBox you’ll see it crashes when you throw a lot of balls). I have to think about this.

    Normal mapping works. We’re officially using normal mapped sprites and backgrounds for Link-Dead. I still need to fix some bugs concerning this.
    Sigvatr is working on weapon graphics and a completely new gostek. We didn’t like the previous one because I quote: “he looks like a robot made of poop”.

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    1. By normal mapping do you mean making a 2D sprite look like 3D?

    2. Michal does this mean you are thinking about the Cortex Command kinda engine?

      maybe this is an solution: Whenever an object stops moving, make it a piece of the tileset. Once it gets hit again, you turn it into a phyisic.

      so when a bullet shell drops on the ground, and it stops moving, it will just be part of the map.

      anyways, if that doesnt work, im pretty sure you can figure something yourself : )

    3. TLD: You are either an idiot programmer or not a programmer.

      Box2d already does this, by putting objects to sleep when stable.

      What might help you MM: shells would only have to collide with the level and, if you’re still planing to use them, shields.

      Although it would be fun to see shells bouncing off of someone’s head, I doubt there’s a real need for that. Also, you should consider shells to be a decoration only, meaning they only get one packet per their life and can’t influence anything (that is, they’re not effectors, they’re reactors) meaning shells could be flying at different angles and positions on different machines, but wouldn’t cause a desync because they couldn’t move or change anything.

      Oh and normal-mapped sprites?

      Purdy please, do you have any tutorials on that and optimization? I think it could be used with Flash 10’s new shading api (which is supposedly faster than AS3, which is by itself as fast as a fiat 126p with 4 passengers the size of Herr Józef Olechowski driving uphill) but I’d need to know how it works first.

    4. You should release the latest build with all of these update reports, nothing finds bugs better than a bunch of eager people with too much time on their hands.

    5. I am quite anal about showing people my graphics and have instructed Michal not to do so until we have a playable game ready, so I can only accept beta testing if it uses placeholder graphics.

    6. I have two questions:
      – Was is hard to adapt Irrlicht (3D engine) to a 2D side scrolling game? I once tried to use Ogre(3D engine) for 2D but it seems like its just something “wrong to do” because 3D engines are “not made for 2D games”.
      – I can’t imagine how normal mapping in 2D looks. And I’m probably not the one only, so it would be nice if you could explain it a little bit.

      Thanks, depape

    7. It’s good to see things are moving towards something promising :)

    8. … and a completely new gostek. We didn’t like the previous one because I quote: “he looks like a robot made of poop”.

      So basically, it came out of his ass?

    9. Michal: Really nice to see your telling some of the programming adventures sir!
      I really love to see how box2d will work out in the game instead of using newton physics.

      Sigvatr: I thought your previous art looked nice also, can’t wait to see more, i don’t know if you created it but the background in the dynamic light video was awesomeness!

      Offtopic depape: Irrlicht is mainly build to use as 3D graphics renderer nothing more. There are functions to draw 2d images etc. Im doing it myself also with irrlicht. For more information youd better be checkin the irrlicht forum at

    10. Irrlicht is very good for 2D graphics, I recommend. It is very easy to do pixel shader normal mapping in it.

    11. Thanks guys.
      I know that Irrlicht and Ogre are both rendering engines only, and I am also registered in both of their forums but when using Irrlicht/Ogre for 2D i always felt I was using it for something it was not done for.
      E.g. I think we dont even have a public accessible struct for 2D vertex formats in irrlicht and the texture detail options are also not optimized for 2D alpha stuff.
      If I’m using a high level rendering engine in OOP i also want to use a real scene management… but irrlichts/ogre’s scene management is made for 3D (the whole alpha/occusion/sky rendering optimizions is made for 3D) and ISceneNode has a 3 dimensional position vector and so on.

      If you don’t know what I mean by “a real 2D engine” (i.e. optimized for 2D) take a look at pythons pyglet library, if you load some textures in pyglet – then they will automatically get blitted into one opengl texture so you have perfect sprite batching. (i think thats called texture atlas)
      (you can draw many sprites without switching the texture with glTexture because they are on the same texture atlas -> thats really great)
      Thats only one example.

      What i also missed in Irrlicht is the ability to use Cg/CgFX…
      I once tried to write a wrapper (a material renderer) but then i found out IVideoDriver is missing a public setTexture() function.
      (funnily both COpenGLDriver and CDirect3DDriver have a method setTexture, but its not in IVideoDriver)

      What is the point of having a D3D/OpenGL independant IVideoDriver interface if you have to use HLSL shaders for D3D and GLSL shaders for OpenGL ?

    12. depape: Your right tho, the main idea is 3D i suppose, but you can modify the source if needed. I don’t really think it really bad to use it for 2d if its made for 3d to be honest. I mean with flour you can make cake and cookies 😉

    13. I’d be fine with testing stuff out with placeholder gfx. Or the ones that look like poop or just rectangles.

      You keep talking about getting this cool stuff done and we can’t even see anything about it?

    14. Archont: im not a programmer at all , im a 3d modeller and a concept artist…
      sorry if my idea already excisted in the engine

    15. SplinterSnake

      I hope there are some weapons that don’t exist in real life.

    16. We have some weapons that have never been in a game before and some that probably haven’t ever even been in any work of fiction at all.

    17. finally i can sense that the game is being made again! \o/
      there is no good MP games anymore..
      just soldat but soldat i already play it. i need a new game..
      hurry uo! :D:D:D:D


    18. Bumping in the men machines post. Thank you :)

    19. man, your “untagged” is getting bigger and bigger

    20. And harder

    21. Thanks for the post,,Xaviera

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