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    Written by . Posted at 4:28 pm on October 8th, 2007

    The other day I was talking with Sigvatr (link-dead’s graphic artist) and we came up with a brilliant idea. While we were discussing gaming ideas, mainly cooperative multiplayer games, we both agreed that this area of gameplay is very underrated. It also needs more intensity to become really fun. I’m fascinated by the fear of dying you get in games and I’m always seeking for solutions how to magnify this aspect of gameplay. So we came up with this idea.

    A lot of times while playing Day of Defeat I wasn’t really playing for the purpose of killing as much enemies as I can, I played to survive for the longest time possible. I think my personal record was nearly an hour, being a sniper with more than 20 kills. Yes it involved a lot of hiding and camping but it was worth it. Trying to stay alive is as much fun as killing.

    Now how do you bring this into ordinary gameplay, in a game like Soldat for example?

    You must somehow force the player to be careful by restricting the time he has for gameplay. This works fairly well in Counter-Strike or Soldat survival mode. But what if we take this one step further?

    My first idea was a once per lifetime event. You download the game. You enter the battle. If you die the game quits, erases itself and you can’t ever play the game again in your life. It would be as if you actually were born and died in the game.

    For me it sounds brilliant… but maybe not for the rest of the gamers.

    So the next idea is… Weekly Battles.

    Once per week at a given time there would be a battle. This would be the actual game happening. 10000’s of people would join the server and fight until they die. Some men would die in the first few minutes, others would fight for a couple days. This would be possible because of the fear of death. There would be no Rambo spraying and running into the enemy base. Believe me if you had a chance to play the game once per week you would value your life enormously. Half of the army would probably stay in base just for safety. There would probably have to be a special sergeant class that kills deserters and sends them to battle!

    If this idea seem bizarre to you, well think about TV shows. I think you don’t have a problem with waiting a whole week for your favourite sit-com? And they last mostly 30 minutes! This would probably be also the average time of living in this game. But imagine the intensity! You would remember every minute of it for the rest of the week! A gaming serial!

    A single battle would carry on for hours. People would not sleep or hide somewhere and go to sleep. When they would wake up the battle would still be there. Each player carefully planning every step and discussing it with his team mates. The players that would survive would become veterans. They would wear special badges and everybody would fear them. If you would see a veteran you would flee for sure! But imagine the glory if you killed one of them!

    Of course in-between battles, during the week, you would get to train. There would be special boot camps which you would have to sign up for. You would train on special maps and shoot with paint balls. Sort of like the noob missions in America’s Army. But that would just be so that you can prepare yourself during the week for the actual fun! But if you suck too much during the boot camp you would be punished. Like if you did not show up for training you would get degraded and then when the actual battle would happen you would be sent to front lines as cannon fodder. Or if you would be really bad you would be banned from the battle and wait for next week to pass the boot camp. The drill sergeants in the boot-camp would of course be veterans. See how this all works elegantly?

    This idea nicely blends with another fantasy of mine. When you play any multiplayer game you don’t really know who you are playing with in your team. You’re supposed to know each other, because the game would be better, teamplay would be more smooth, but there is no real possibility for that, the game is too quick. This is partly solved by clan wars, but again it doesn’t matter if your teammate will die or not. If he does he will respawn in 5 seconds and that’s it. There are no feelings here.

    But gaming is all about feelings.
    So what if you could bring this feeling into the game…

    You land in a marine boot camp with 10 other soldiers. You train with them all week, the same guys everyday. During that week you get to know everybody. You bond with each other because you have a drill sergeant which you all hate. You become buddies. Let’s imagine during this week you acquire a friend named Chuck. You fight with each other really well, you have great rapport and do all the team-based missions together. You’re both becoming stronger everyday. Finally the day of the battle arrives. You, Chuck and all your team mates disembark on enemy territory. After days and days of training you stand on the ground looking for enemies… then within seconds out of nowhere… a giant robot stomps right next to you crushing Chuck into little pieces! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    You fight furiously, half of your team is gone. After minutes the fight is over. There are no survivors except you. All the people you knew are dead and you won’t see them ever again (well for a week at least). You look around and you notice that Chuck isn’t really dead. He’s got 1% health and he’s lying in a pool of his own guts. You quickly rush to him with a medikit. You try to revive him. Shit if he dies the game ends, all this week will be a waste! While you’re patching him he mumbles to you “Tell my wife that I…”. You reply “No, hang on, you will tell her that!”. “Tell my wife…. ehhhhh…*gargle*gargle*”. “Hang on Chuck! Chuck!? NOOOO!!!! YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A WIFE!”. And then another giant robots comes from around the corner and stomps on both of you. End of game.

    Do you see this? This level of intensity can’t ever be achieved with normal 5 second spawn times or rounds. This intensity comes from valuing life!

    If you have other ideas for this let me hear them. The idea is to make the player value his life and the life of his teammates for intensity, fun and adrenaline! I want to see this one day.

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    1. If you add in a element of gambling, say maybe you pay a dollar for a life and gain $.20 for each kill. The only thing people value more than their life is money. And this way people wouldnt camp too much because people with lots of kills wouldnt be as concerned about dying, they could buy another life.

    2. This reminds of the games in which you cannot save anytime you want. With quicksaves you just rush out and hope this time you’ll be lucky,but if you can’t save for some time you start to watch every step. This makes game somehow intense but also annoying(shit! now i’ll have to play throught the same thing again :\ ).
      This doesn’t apply to multiplayer games thought.

      One other thing is a “critical choice” if you need to make a choice you cannot revert it becomes serious matter.

      I was quite suprised with this post. You’re idea seems pretty original.

      Will we see that as one of link-dead play modes or maybe in one of your future games?

    3. underline

      Omg! thats perfect!!!! It ll be the most strategical game mode ever!
      But, every human have basical necessities! And they have theres own lifes to live!
      When im sleeping, eating, studing or doing another things i have to hide myself in the game right? Right!. So, will a enemy player be able to kill me when im hide for doing these things?

      Sorry for my english! im from Brazil! 😀

    4. Wow. All I can say after reading that is wow. The idea sounds incredible and I can already picture it in my head. Keep it coming, Michal.

    5. It could be intensse for 5 second spawn time:

      “NO you won’t die you can’t die”

      “Tel my wife … Tell my wife…”

      “No you wont die”

      “Tell this to my… ”

      “Haa never mine I will say it to her another day the 5 seconds is past I need to go fight”
      But what apens with people playing 1 time a weak for 10minutes ??

    6. .Long-Range

      Whoah, if this concept was implemented, I would fall in love with the game. I always felt games lacked the triggers to spur intense emotion. This would mostly solve the problem.

    7. Maybe you don’t believe me… but i actually had already thougth of something like that… and one more thing, this could be a MMOG and then you can register(for free, but the cool stuff would need to be paid, MM needs money t live too!), and then you would have your character stored so you could play whit him anywhere… and about the weekly battles, it could be like a territorry war, each week, the two factions fight for a territorry, and them you would choose one faction when you join the game, some random things could be put on too, like in one of the battles one of the sides, for some reason, has lost some troops due to illnes or something, then it would be like 2/3 soldier for every one of this faction to kill or maybe thes outpost is suffering from ammo shortage and the sooldiers would carry less ammo. But then would be the problem of joining the factions, people would like one more and the other would be whit less soldiers so it would be bad, but also you could force people to register in one of the teams only for balance…idk… but this would be very nice… one more question… the game will have classes to choose? like medic, sniper and so on?

      Hope you use any of my suggestions… if they are not too stupid of course 😀

    8. Seriously.. I think this idea sucks MM.

    9. Anonymous

      I like the idea of a huge weekly battle, but the idea of forced training during the rest of the week decreases the appeal by a lot.
      I don’t want to work to have fun, which is why I don’t play MMORPGs and have to deal with the grind.

      By all means develop the huge battle idea, and it does make sense for the player to do a little bit of training or whatever before joining the battle (to make sure a bunch of newbies don’t come in and mess with a team’s strategy), but don’t force us to only be able to do training, or be punished for not being able to play.

    10. Once a week is too long, perhaps once a day or every few hours.

    11. too really visualize this is just plain ?????????????????????… can u imagine a person with life and responsibilities play non stop for a gew days… it will be madness unless it benifites him greatly… your putting this concept MM againts a “video game tournaments that happen around the world”… alot of people expirence this but not all, not even most.. because its not worth the work and time… its a great idea.. its briliant.. but to REALLY work this u NEED A DAMN GREAT SUPPORT AROUND THE WORLD… a game that will be in the news, that you ill here every where you turn…

    12. Sounds to me like you just wanna make a wave respawn every… wait, let me work this out…

      60 * 60 * 24 * 7 = 604800 seconds.

      … which could probably be done with Soldat right now. Seemless servers ftw?

      If you did ever do this, how would you deal with disconnections? Would it just be that your solider stays where he is until you rejoin or something?

      If that’s the case, maybe you could make a base for both sides where soldiers can literally sleep.

      And if the base got raided by the enemy, the server would contact your game client, connect you to the server and make a loud noise on your speakers to wake you up. Heh heh…

    13. AMAZING! This is absolutely an amazing idea. I have been thinking of some kind of system where the player goes through group training and is based on real-world players/events, such as the “wars” you describe. I love the idea of how the emotion is pulled out. If you can pull this off, there will be a wave of revolutions hitting the industry.

    14. :)MoNkEy(:

      Wow… Its a great idea, but i dont think it could work out in multiplayer mode.
      What if i cant sit infront of the PC every day, but i would like to play a battle one day? I cant becouse i missed boot-camp? OMG… What if u make 2 game modes that link with each-other? One of them is what u have written above, and the other is a “simple” game mode, just like soldat. But, u gain some experiance points during the “simple” game mode, and (after collecting the needed EXP points), u can sign up for the weekly battle.
      Another issue: teamkiller noobs. If u kill a teammate, u loose some EXP points.
      That would prevent these people from signing up to the battle and destroying the team strategy. This would make people value other peoples lives… well mostly… I know, that teamkilling is not always on purpose, (it happens to me too sometimes) but hey, there is always an option: VOTE.
      But after all, u are the creator, u do what u want, how u want, its just an idea.
      Keep up the good work 😀

    15. :)MoNkEy(:

      Oh.. Another thing. Just like in Soldat, peple could still bond with each other during the “simple” game mode. Than they would exchange e-mails, practice together, create clans etc. and sign up for the battle. Playing day-by-day in boot camp is the same. But its no fun if i can play a “real” game once a week. The stress is on ONCE a week…..

    16. mr. noname

      Fuck u monkey i hate u!

    17. But how would you fight with clones? I mean people who try to re-enter the game after they die.
      I see only one solution: the game is shareware and you have to pay N dollars to play it online. After you pay you get an unique CD-KEY. Than some kind of main centralized server should control the online activity of player.
      Of course one can buy another copy of game, but this is extra costs.

    18. Nice idea, but 1 week is very long. It is not necessary any futuristic kinds of a gameplay. It is necessary only Trenchwars on greater spaces.

      Sorry for my english. I from africa 😀 :)

    19. mtwtf: gambling would be great, but show me a way to make it legal.

      //Will we see that as one of link-dead play modes or maybe in one of your future games?

      This might be implemented in link-dead, but for now it’s just a concept. There are many technical aspects to figure out, like lag would be VERY annoying if you get killed by it :).

      //If that’s the case, maybe you could make a base for both sides where soldiers can literally sleep.

      Great idea. You could just go to your camp and sleep. But if the team loses while you’re sleeping the enemy can raid in and slaughter you while asleep :D.

    20. I like the idea
      You can still play Soldat if you die^^

    21. This this idea, if it were to be used for soldat, would make nearly everyone m79 / sniper users. Since you need to be far away, sniper would be the best for this..

      Hopefully you have a huge map, because if everyone wants to play.. x]

    22. lol sounds funny but it will never be like that in any game so dream on ^^

    23. Holy shit, another “I have an awesome idea noone ever had” and everyone’s like “OMFG HE HAS AN AWESOME IDEA NOONE EVER HAD”.

      Might want to educate yourself before posting as Diablo2 had this kind of game mode before (and Diablo2 is old as hell) – it was called “Hardcore” where your character would really only have one life, die and your MONTHS(!) of gameplay would be gone. Now imagine these feelings. People had Lvl90+ chars and eventually died and the char was gone once and for all. Oh and don’t think I would pay money for a game I only may play for 2 minutes per (insert duration here) if I’m not as good as others. Imagine lag. Imagine people dying from higher mights, technical problems, cheating. Imagine how big the frustration potential is in such a game. I usually tend to deinstall games when they piss me off.

      Apart from that I’d absolutely support the “more co-op” thought because that is what I’d love to see. Enough competition already, we have half a million shooters, RPGs, RTSs where people can show how big their mightyness is, I want to play together with my friends, I want to be proud of my friends when they manage to get my ass out of a sticky situation, I want to feel proud when I save my mates’ asses from this naugthy end-boss or when I solve this riddle that kept us from progressing for days. Working together is the most underestimated mode of gameplay ever.

    24. The main problem with this would be that people could just not be arsed to do it. What you describe requires very much community activity, in a magnitude that not even some of the current big games could handle. Maybe ditch the whole boot-camp thing, and just allow one hard-core game to be played per week for every player? People could be motivated if there were a central ladder or hall of fame for the hardcore people; you may lose a bit of the emotion, but if things go like they do in Soldat, people would just join these games with their clan. Picturing two-three allied clans going on against a swarm of noname public players to duke it out seems much more appealing than forced bootcamp and 2 minutes of actual play per week.


      no way, i think the one week bootcamp is a great way to make people start relationships. in fact, bootcamp should last five months before you’re even allowed to die in the battlefield! and then the game could erase itself forever, that’d be a kickass idea – imagine how many people would want to play it!

    26. I don’t entirely like this idea. I play games because they revolve around me, not the other way around. If i wanted myself to revolve around a game i would join a clan and have clan wars.

      But i do like the concept behind this. Which is why i propose you seperate the players who want the game to revolve around them, and the players who want to be dominated by the game.

    27. This would need more then one server holding hundreds of people to compensate for time and ping differences. And instead of a weekly battle, have 7 servers up which can only be played like you mentioned but each holding separate theme or areas of battle, something like that.

      I love Soldat for its freedom of play allowed from its simplicity. Keeping that in mind, just dont burden it with real life complications subscriptions, etc.


    28. show you a way? I suppose you could base your servers in a country with very loose laws like the carribean where lots of “illegal” USA sports betting takes place over the internet and phone. But this would take lawyers and tons of $ investment. Was soldat expensive to make or just alot of hard work?

    29. RoboNixon

      (i haven’t read all of the other comments, so if it’s been said, sorry for the repeat) How about instead of making the game just playable once a week, maybe only online would be enabled once a week. Thus keeping interest in the game (by playing/training with bots) and getting people hyped for the “weekly match”. And so people don’t die off so easily from the start, maybe a life system? Say you have, 3 lives, and after expended you would go into observer mode for the game (or the game would just turn off and leave you wondering, a much better idea). That way the guy who goes out first doesn’t end up being the meatshield for everyone else, even after he dies he can still die once or twice. Otherwise, like the idea MM, keep up the good work.

    30. Remenber what i said about registering? You could use a free registration method only to score the pionts/rank on the weekly matches and a paid registration method to save customizations, weapon preferences, quick texts and so on, or even enabling some more customization for paid users or something…. idk

    31. Perhaps when you would die, you would get a message saying the cloning process to reproduce your body has gone underway, but will require a week to finish. Also, this would be possible by a chip that is inserted into the back of a soldiers head that is basically his brain. When he dies, it would automatically recovered by some floating sentient robot that puts it into some mainframe where the soldier would be able to see how he died and check his money, score, whatever.

    32. smartalco

      There is a similar system used in a custom map for Warcraft 3, called DotA (google it, it has nearly evolved to be as the rest of the WC3 community as a whole), it makes you value life the most of anything i have played

      the map, as in most WC3 maps, gives you 1 hero to control, but you have up to 4 teammates, also with their own unique heros, and up to 5 enemies, with their heros, the objective is for your team to destroy the enemy base, sounds simple right?

      the mechanics however become very complex, and dying once could ruin it for your entire team, from some of the worst noobs all the way up to the best players try to avoid death at almost any cost, because when you do die, 1) you lose gold to buy items with 2) you lose valueable time to gain experience 3) the guy who killed you gets a healthy chunk of change and xp. the respawn time rises as the match drags on, at the beginning its about 10 seconds, after an hour its around 90 seconds, what results is a mildly bizarre game where your team must work together to win, yet its every man for himself if you get in a pinch

      basically what im saying: make a game that /requires/ some teamwork to win, and harsher penalties for death

    33. Makron666

      Awesome. something else you could add is classes (eg. medic to heal near dead people) so before you spawn you pick a class and a weapon and go fight.

    34. treeSkwerral

      This is an awesome idea that would be really cool to implement but also insanely difficult. I remember my best game of Halo 2:
      Big team battle on coagulation (ctf)
      I got up to 48 kills and 0 deaths. I was literally looking around like it was me on the battlefield. My hands were shaking and I was frantic. The feeling was really different. Waves of red guys were coming at me and all I could do was stay alive (and I did). It pissed people off soo much cause I was midfield and taking out more than half the people that tried to cross it (I had the sniper and rocket launcher). I would pay to get to play that game over cause of how intense and fantastic it was.

    35. I’m pretty sure that just wouldn’t work, at least not with a game like link-dead, or what it’s hopefully going to be like. I guess if you want such a system the whole game would have to be based around it, but even though it may sound awesome, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to play that way.
      There got to be other ways of making you care more about your virtual life, apart from frustratingly long respawn times and other annoying punishments.

    36. treeSkwerral : “My hands were shaking and I was frantic. The feeling was really different. Waves of red guys were coming at me and all I could do was stay alive (and I did). ”

      Oh that! I get that sometimes when I do something unbelievable. It’s an adrenaline rush. You start hearing your heart beat. It’s an awesome feeling. If you would be guaranteed to feel that every week you would pay money for it, no joke.

    37. Anonymous

      Like prostitution? lol

    38. treeSkwerral

      # Anonymous Says:
      October 10th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

      Like prostitution? lol

      LMAO that’s funny as shit

    39. treeSkwerral

      I would pay for that feeling though.

      Michal on a side note, if you’ve ever been in a serious car accident or motorcycle accident you feel the same way just before it happens. It’s AMAZING cause you’ve lost all control and know you’re gonna hit and your body reacts not by panicking but by releasing LOADS of adrenaline. Time feels as though it’s slowed to a crawl but you can’t move fast enough to do anything just you can think faster. Then it’s called shock after impact.

    40. Cool idea! You are really pushing the boundaries and that’s fantastic. I actually would have trouble playing a system like you describe because I am so busy, but the option to play a very in-depth game is excellent.

      Another way you could make games more intense is to model the effects of suppression in-game. The game could adjust the chance of a bullet striking your player based on his/her actions, and have gunfire affect how the player can use their character.

      Example: Obviously going prone and getting behind cover should protect you, but if a volley of fire comes at your character then the game can ‘force’ the character to get down! This helps keep players alive by automatically helping them out of harm’s way, but also can get them pinned down under fire. So it’s a double edged sword, you ca prevent enemies from moving freely by spraying bullets over their heads, but if they return superior fire you could end up suppressed and overrun!

      Maybe make it easier to move AWAY from fire instead of INTO fire.

      Special units, or skills could allow for the possibility of overcoming suppression. Sprinting might allow units to make a ‘leap of faith’ through fire.

    41. I’ll start of by saying: Yes, OMFG Yes. This concept does sound extremely cool. I mean to team up with your best friend, and with 1000 more, just to survive a couple of hours. I mean, like a new line of tactical thinking.

      And all of mankind fighting for survival. It would be totally cool, if there was a possibility to become like a scientist. Trying to create more efficient and more powerfull weapons againt the machines. Like for every unknown machine you kill you try to find his weak spot, and then create a efficent weapon for that type of enemy…

    42. holy, this idea is so awesome!
      It sounds like it would be so fukking much fun.
      But I think it will be very hard to make it real and working. If you would done that, link-dead will be one of the best games!

    43. “no way, i think the one week bootcamp is a great way to make people start relationships. in fact, bootcamp should last five months before you’re even allowed to die in the battlefield! and then the game could erase itself forever, that’d be a kickass idea – imagine how many people would want to play it!”
      Around four.—————-|

    44. What could be cool his if you have a hevy gun you walk slower then with a less hevy gun

    45. Michael that sounds like a great idea. But I was wondering will there be a mode sort of like survival mode expet Soldat mode. Where the game becomes like Soldat like the running speed and all change to Soldat style. The only difference would be you could use vehicles. If not will you at least be able to program a mode like that? I know you probably don’t like the idea of it but I think some people would like that.

    46. I love the idea. This game could very well be in the future, when the technology exists 😀

      I’m very much against MMORPGs, I believe in smaller-scale games, and I’ve also liked the concept of weekly/weekend persistent worlds where amazing things can happen, then everything resets again for next week.

      Who knows? Maybe in the future YOU will be in charge of making this game and it will be a hit :)

      One question remains… When do I sleep?

    47. the idea is good. It reminds me about the macthes on ESL. But i think its hard to implement such matches INTO the game and make it FAIR to the players. Maybe it is better to make a similar site like ESL but only for link dead with special servers. Personally i dont like teammatches or clanwars, i prefer to win by my own. I would be happy if there would be also a 1vs1 ladder or somtging like that.

    48. I think it’s one of the ideas which sounds greate but sucks in practice…

    49. Yes: it will be possible to mod the game and make anything out of it, making Soldat isn’t an exception.

      //One question remains… When do I sleep?

      I wrote a few posts up about my sleeping idea.

    50. My main problem with this idea is that it would be a pain in the ass. Waiting a week to be able to play.

      Maybe as a tourney type of thing, but I would prefer to be able to jump in whenever I have the time.

    51. Well maybe there could be a variation. For example the battle would be constant all week. But you can join the battle only once per week. That way you can do it whenever you have time.

    52. Yeah that last post is nice, but server crashes should be minimum (not for say none), i love that idea, if the idea comes true this game will kick ass

    53. is this gonna turn into an mmo?

    54. I dunno how much I like this idea. I think you would really need to make it so its harder to die. Because in Soldat or even games like CS you can get smoked really quick. And there would have to be real class rewards for surviving longer.

      What could be neat is if you had it so you die if noone saves you. So people are encouraged to play together as a team. Like maybe when you die depending on the death changes your class role and strength when you respawn if your saved. IE if your simply shot and killed a soldier can bring you back to life and you’ll revive right there but with a low amount of life. But if your like blown to bits or your head blows off than someone can bring back your soul. And then they have to take your soul back to the base for you to respawn into a new body / maybe this body can look like a robot so you can know that this person was smoked. Also maybe you could have it so enemies from the other side can take your soul if your blown to bits or they can blow your body to bits shortly after you die and take your soul. And then if they return to their base youll respawn for the other side.

      And to top it off maybe no1 saves you and then your dead for the rest of the weak. Ie your soul is gone after a certain amount of time in the open. And maybe if someone collects your soul and then they get smoked all the souls they have disapear. So people think about grabing souls.

      I dunno simply an idea because I can just imagine gettin smoked immediately just from spam and a week is a long time. Plus if your friends with someone and you want your side to win of course you would save your friend :)

    55. Hah I think it can be done without the souls. Simply make it realistic, how often does a bullet kill? 90% of the time you’ll get hit in some muscle and you’ll be ok if you get medical attention fast. So medics would be REALLY important in this game. You would actually care for people that are hurt. There would be a lot of wounded people lying around, not so much dead people, unless nobody takes care of them.

    56. I think that this game would cause the same sort of feeling you get from playing Capture the Flag (with actual people, not an FPS, mind you.)

      Games can last for hours, and usually you only assemble your friends every once and while to play it, but the exhilaration of being able to do anything you want, use whatever strategies to survive, is amazing! You can sneak around, or just go in brute-force and hope you get lucky, and there is no respawn, just a jail, which you usually end up sitting in forever while you watch your teammates get eaten alive… (et cetera.)

      In any case, sounds like a really interesting concept, and playing just one week would keep people from becoming disinterested. Though, not as good for people who can stay alive, but end up devoting time to the game instead of doing other things. I can easily see some pro player staying alive maybe 3 days, sitting in his room, waiting to go to the bathroom…

      Perhaps you could do it in 1 hour or so segments, play for an hour a day, then the next day, another hour, all those who died in the first hour can no longer play… battle resets after a week (or when one team wins?)

      Intermissions (“cease fires”) seem like they would be a must.

    57. Some weird guy.

      I agree with that last paragraph. There could be a huge battle oce a week, and smaller battles every 12 hours, with each battle starting in say, 2 hour increments, so everyone can play if they want to, eh?

      There should be medics(of course you know their position), gun smiths(deliver weapons to the team they are on), bombers(can take out huge masses of enemies with bombs they call in), etc etc etc.

      I love the ideas stated so far, the game is going to be great.

    58. Valuing life basically just ‘costs time’ which is why this will not work very well in an actual gameplay experience, but I can see how the idea is interesting. Waiting a week may sound acceptable, but 9 minutes waiting in America’s Army when you got shot the very first few seconds of the match is already way too long. Imagine you get shot the very first seconds of that weekly match.. 30 seconds of gameplay, perhaps a few minutes and then you’d have to wait one full week? That’s too punishing for a game to be fun.

      It would make the experience more intense, but only as long as you are alive and participating in the war, as you know the people that died aren’t coming back with a respawn. The moment you are dead yourself though, you become a spectator with little to no need to stick around or even care about the outcome of the match. Sure, you would like your team to win, but the entertainment part of the game and basically all interaction is over.

      Realism is cool, but only until so far. Too much realism is not fun.

    59. wai wai wait so im gonna have to wait for a week to play this game cant you just put this on one game mode or somthing becouse i think that might suck and hey i cant leave my comp on for 3 days

    60. I just read this article now, and sorry, since I dont have the time to read all these (surely great) comments, but I have some ideeas (which were hopefully not mentioned yet).
      First of all, if you really wish to have intensity on the “valuing life” level, I think the life-bar should be relatively big, so everytime a bit of it goes down the player goes like “shit shit shit, this cant be happening!”, that way he would start valueing every lifepoint. The advantage to this is also, that players with a bit more courage dont just start the game and die and it’s over.
      That way, “heroes” can be borned, people with more courage and skill, that can allow to take a risk and approach the enemy lines. Also this will reduce the “home-spawn-point campers”, that wouldnt leave the base.
      I think the “drill seargent that can kill you” is a relatively bad ideea, since one might use that and go all crazy.
      Another good ideea would be to allow friendly fire, but if a player kills a team-mate, he will be banned for the next 2 battles (in your conception 2 weeks, I would set a battle every 3 or 4 days, thus he would be waiting about a week), and the player that got killed by his teammate should be allowed to play a second round (well, maybe just with only half of his life full or maybe the next day).

      Medic-packs should not really heal, but preferably stop the bleeding (real slow bleeding, but enough to make the player panic and search disperately for a medic kit) and add just a bit to your Lifepoints.

    61. Hey. I have just recently heard of this game, and every part of it rocks. But MM, please dont make this game an MMO. A large part of Soldat players will play link-dead too, and i believe a lot of ‘us’ dont like levels, experience points and stuff like this. However i think this whole Weekly battle thing is a good idea and it will bring a whole new ‘era’ in gaming history. The best is that i also thought of this ‘one chance to play per life’ concept, but never thought that anyone else likes this idea. Now i probably will be able to try it and it excites me every moment i think if it. Thanks MM, you are the god of game making.

    62. You value your life when glory is involved, like when you’re escaping with the enemies flag in soldat, them hot on your tail, dodging every bullet because you know it will be the death of you and those points. But yes, there’s still a total disregard for your teams lives, only a bond of hope then your team will kill those chasers.

    63. A sideline to Cosmins idea: You would be promoted by taking thhose risks by venturing into enemy territory and, if you survive, probably get the kills. High ranking players would be granted to stay away from the front lines for a while; position would decrease until you’re forced into getting back into the deep action.

    64. I always thought a game like this would kick ass, but of course none of the big game companies have the balls to make someone pay to buy a game where they fought one battle a week. It’s too much of a risk for such companies.


      I have always thought of a game like this but never thought it would work because ppl wouldn’t be interested and would get bored, I think once a week is a good idea so that the game never gets boring and always is exciting, scarey, addrenline pumping gameplay. Without the robots I just don’t like the idea. But definatly have paintball practise at anytime during the week. A army type game whether you base it on Vietnam or WWII or even a new style Iraq(middle eastern) type warfare. I think you could use hackers still like in your original plan but also have soldiers on the frontline defending your position. make big long maps with alot of places to hide/camp much like Trench wars in soldat but bigger and better. Have Tanks, Jets and Artillery and have it so squads of 4 or so can be in the 1 tank, someone drives, someone on machine gun and the others are just passengers. Have medical centers for if ur legs or arms have been shot (or blown off) but with it taking hours for you to be mended so that you will value not only your life but also your well being. If your leg has been shot or blow off you cannot move but simply shoot from which you lay until a teammate comes to your rescue. If your arm is shot or blown off you cannot use a weapon like a AK that are big and genuanly need two arms to operate, only a soccom or a knife can be used unless both arms are shot. And when out of the medical Tent(or whatever) you have a bandage from where you where shot. I know this is gonna be 2D thus macking it hard to judge whether or not you were hit in the arm or chest but i like this idea. Make it so that if you have been shot before you cannot play as well(slower shooting or running, more recoil, blurred vision, mouse sensitivity lowers…). I like the idea that you can play for days(3 at most) unless you have been killed. I like some of the ideas ^ in the other comments like how you gradualy die if know one has the guts to save you on the frontline if you have been shot in the leg. Make it a mic friendly game like CS.

      (i have alot more ideas but this is long enough, i have spent and hour thinking and typing up my ideas and its time i went to bed sleep.)

      WELL THOSE ARE MY IDEAS, BIT LONG BUT WORTH THE READ. i also don’t wan’t MM to neglect soldat, it is a game that i love and wish to play in the future as i have in the past. I wish i knew how to make games, I only have the ideas :(

    66. last man standings are always very fun

    67. Maybe once your wasted you sit on chatscreen and once someone else dies they choose who they wont to stick back in.
      or maybe for killing an enemy your granted a revival of anyone you choose.
      and then by giving the players a rank it will force noobies who dont get picked to wise up or become a medic who all will pick.

    68. I am T.K.Maxx im polish i lieve in england and i think its a good idea for the traindig and for the punishments. But not for the banning im 11 yrs old my mom wont sometimes let me go on MY computer. sad! so i think its not a good idea to make the ban.
      I have an idea that u could add money to it but not like 0.20 $ more like 0.10 $
      cos its too easy to get 1.0$ by killing 5 ppl and u could make the weaps more realistic than in soldat cos i dont like when m79 shoots soo badly. hmmmmmmmmmm oooooooo i have an idea y dont u make training servers on soldat yeah that would be a good idea eg. Training level 1, Training level 2 etc. can i ask something GIANT ROBOTS?????????? well they would be ok if they had like 30% life not 100% life or 1000000000% life. k i g2g thanks for reading if u read it :) bb

    69. and if u could make medics on soldat and the lie not dead think that would be fun tooo

    70. michał y do u not write ur name as Michał

    71. if u want to make money of something make it good make it cheap and than when u know its polular make it even cheaper

    72. o and can u make a demo of the game so ppl can see how it looks or at least make a video plz

    73. Well this is a good idea. But 1nce a week would get boring pretty fast. And the players that dosnt got superhuman skill from the beginning would be exterminated very Qwickly. And if there are snipers in the game (dont know rigth now and dont care) They whould sell like cheese buckets to a fatso. Maybe you should have waaaaaaay bigger maps. And vehicles. And medics (who can cure a certain amount of damage when you die but never recover you fully). In this gameplay mode Any type of shiled is a must.

    74. Horse Racing Software…

      Horses finishing 2nd LTO have a greater next time out strike rate than horses finishing say 5th LTO….

    75. DonBattery

      Nice idea in general, but I don’t like the boot-camp thing. Don’t force anyone to play! WoW is a track of fail cos of this. The money-system is a fail for the same reason. If someone (or a team) would WANT to win, or et least survive, they WILL practice.

      The other thing is the game-time. The “big game” should end in 60-90 min, otherwise players will loose concentration/interest, and we will be at the same trap (forcing ppl to play).

      So if you make it a “Once Per Week Big Game” where one can die just for once (not too easily, but not too hard), with lot of strategy and team play, it would be a milestone in game history.

    76. What a great idea! I’m in complete support of this.
      Would there be different modes, and this weekly thing would be one of them, or would this be the whole game?

    77. Привет создателям блога, блог добрый, однако вот я не понимаю… Вы там 1 либо всё-таки 2 ?? человека… Точно будто желание пишут 2 человека, честно :) Но пишите однако равно хорошо ))

    78. I just want to say, I love what you’ve done with Soldat, it’s really a great game, and I look forward to your future developments.
      That being said, I was really interested by this idea. I am a total fan of these immersion type games that really make you feel like part of the action and part of a community. I would love to see a game like this in the near future.
      Unfortunately I don’t have much experience in game making or other programming skills (just java and some basic python), but I plan to go into computer science in college next year and would be honored to help you with this idea in any way I can.

      Keep up the good work!

    79. Advantageously, the article is really the best on this notable topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates. Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the tremendous clarity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Authentic work and much success in your business enterprize! You want to make sure these things are safe, but you also want to make sure they are going to stay put.

    80. Why not make a version more like dodgeball. If you get killed you are out (and you would have the option of following the person who killed you), and then once the person who killed you dies, you, and everybody else who was killed by them, gets back in. Sorry, that’s a bit of a tangent.

      I like the idea of the battles, but maybe more frequently, like every day or two. Also, I agree with whoever said that you should be able to join battles at any time because that’s more convenient. Also the sleeping/barracks idea was a good one.

      Thanks for reading this (assuming you read more than just this line).

      PS do you know if it is possible to download all of the concept art at once (like in a bundle). If so, that would be awesome, cause it is great. Give the artist (I forget his name) my regards, and tell him that he is appreciated.


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    82. […] I need to clear my mind about some things and ask my long time readers for some opinions. You might have read the latest post on the King Arthur’s Gold blog. It’s called Adventures, Overworlds and the Full Version. If you have been following this devlog then you’ll see that there is nothing new there. I’ve talked about these ideas here and here. […]

    83. I dunno, even though it sounds cool in concept I would prefer to have a big experience points penalty and big respawn delay (1 hour) for dying; or just be banned from the big battle until it ends. I agree with the training and the big battle once every week though, it sounds awesome.

    84. I love the idea I have actually waited for a game with this!

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    91. entirely up to you, of course. might be a good opportunity to poke at them more about getting signing. I’ve been tempted to make a video talking about it myself, but I’d hate to piss off their community.

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