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  • Written by . Posted at 2:11 pm on April 3rd, 2011

    Brilliant design lessons; Mechner’s 1 3 2 method & why less talk is always better.

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    1. It’s funny, because the author of that piece made one of the talkiest games in recent history.

    2. Great read indeed !

      Talks just dont convey the vision.
      We have plenty of example in theses forums.
      We all talk about the features we would like to see in the game because it fits in OUR vision of link-dead.

    3. Reactorcore

      Thanks MM, please post more of this kind of stuff you stumble on it, I got a pretty good kick out of it.

    4. Good stuff.

    5. Matt: really what’s that? Maybe he learned from his mistakes.

      Reactorcore: sure.

    6. Yes. Fuck yes.

    7. Less talk! More do!

    8. Damn it.

    9. Fuckin’ like me now fools cause I’m cussin’, and using correct punctuation. This shit is effective.

    10. Well, shucks, that’s where the author wobbles. He explains that the intellect is only a small part. Actually, your intellect is that triggers everything else. It is what triggers your emotions. You intellectually make the connections, and your feelings go “ah-hah… cool; dumb; stupid; ouch…” Like, when you slam your finger in a door and you start yelling before you feel the pain. You intellectually know the pain is coming, and that triggers your “oh fuck” responses. Well, technically, your intellect triggers your will, and your emotions just follow along with the whole process.

    11. archont

      Bullshit, so much, much bullshit that my monitor sprayed diarrhoea over my keyboard.

      I agree with the idea of rapid prototyping. It’s a good thing because translating fun game mechanics to text and the other way around is difficult and a lot is lost in this translation. I completely don’t agree with games having too much text and voice acting. That’s utter bullshit.

      The best games I remember, like Deus Ex or Planescape Torment had loads of text.

      The issue is not that loads of text is a bad thing, just loads of shitty text. The lobotimized monkeys with typewriters caged in Bethesda’s design departament should be euthanized, that’s a given. But it doesn’t mean that the game industry should abandon the two cornerstones of any civilized society – text and speech. It just needs to line individuals responsible for this tragic state of events, such as Todd Howard, up a wall and pull the trigger.

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