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  • Written by . Posted at 6:38 pm on February 23rd, 2012

    “Ultimately, sidetracking kills you”

     Donald J. Trump

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    1. And I end up reading this while browsing during class.


    2. And I end up reading this while browsing during class.



    3. Reactorcore

      Donald J. Trump also said this:

      You’re fired.

      (if you’re reading this at work)

    4. Why would you listen to a carnival barker and joker like donald trump. Come on MM

    5. niko šveikovsky

      i consider sidetracking to be a guiding force in helping me figure out my interests. if something distracts me when i’m doing something, i’ll let myself get distracted to see where that takes me. there’s usually a common pattern to this distraction, i’ve learned how to direct it in a constructive way and i’ve gotten some of my best ideas like this.

      that’s about ideas distracting me from other ideas (which is good! if an idea of yours bores you than it’s a bad idea). something different is the internet distracting me from work. that’s truly evil. speak of the devil, i’ve gotta go.

    6. Which one is the real distraction? LinkDead or KAG?

    7. coolguy

      R.I.P defining awesome site

    8. coolguy

      R.I.P (this website)

    9. We need more “Inspirado”!

    10. r.i.p

      this website and anything else

      what’s happening MM?

    11. no, for real, what is going on? are we gonna see link dead coming alive? or anything else? I really do like your work

    12. Overseer Of Messages

      King Arthur’s Gold is happening.

    13. Sad

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