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    Written by . Posted at 7:14 am on December 16th, 2008

    On a recent trip to China when I was wondering in the hills I found a cave. Out of curiosity I went inside. On further inspection it happened that the cave contained some ancient scrolls from a very old Ancient Chinese Master. I decided to share them with you. Here are some translations:

    The art of code is of vital importance to the Programmer.
    It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin.

    If you know the code and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred compiles. If you know yourself but not the code, for every successful compile gained you will also suffer an unsuccessful compile. If you know neither the code nor yourself, you will succumb in every compile.

    Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the programmer works out his victory in relation to the code he is facing.
    Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in coding there are no constant conditions.

    An ancient Chinese song in the key of Em

    I stand alone and gaze upon the code
    White space is all that’s left after the compile
    And now I’m searching a new way to defeat the bug
    Bloodshed I’ve seen enough of death and pain

    I will code, they will hunt me in vain
    I will hide, they’ll be searching
    I’ll regroup, feign retreat they’ll pursue
    Coup de grace I will win but never fight

    That’s the Art of Code

    All coding is based on deception.

    Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your compactness that of the forest.
    In coding and debugging be like fire, is immovability like a mountain.
    Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you code, code like a thunderbolt.  

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    1. Get off the drugs.

    2. Align: Earth;
      Vertical-align: Truth;

    3. Drugs can increase creativity and reflection. On the other hand, they can make you lazy and addicted. The key is to find the right relation of consuption of everything (what is a drug?). But what is right and what is wrong? :)
      I can give you all a tip in this correlation: Only take drugs if you fell you “deserved” them. It can be a good motivation 😉

      I grant that im addicted to watching this site almost every day knowing that most of the time there is nothing new. I am also a programmer, i like this post lol.

      I wish you much success and Merry Christmas.

      P.S.: Here is a nice gift for a programmer:

    4. How is it going with Link-dead?
      Merry Christmas

    5. Ho Ho Ho…
      very funny.

    6. lol thats like The Way, but in programmer style

    7. my computer gave me a fucking permanent syntax error and now it wont talk to me anymore.. maybe I can deceive it into compiling by extolling the virtues of ancient china! genius!
      In other news productivity is up 500% thanks to the art of code and because I am fucking drunk

    8. Too much “Art of war” by Sun Tzu :) Despite that I wait impatiently for something more eye-candy’ish about Link-Dead and/or Berserker.

    9. You’re thinking much about philosophy. Nice if it helps you; I, unfortunately, can’t do anything with it.

    10. JackIsNoMore

      “You’re thinking much about philosophy. Nice if it helps you; I, unfortunately, can’t do anything with it.” -m!nus

      That’s too bad then, isn’t it?

    11. Nice trolling, Michal.

    12. I see what you did there…

    13. I’m a little afraid now of the way you think.
      lol jk… or am i…

    14. An ancient Beduinn song in the key of Urhg

      void main(void)
      for(int i=0;i++;i

    15. i

    16. An ancient Beduinn song in the key of Urhg

      void main(void)
      for(int i=0;i++;i=1000)
      cout==i==” bottle felt from a brick…. I don’t won’t to be a prick… But i want something to code! So i ask You – give me something to do in supercoder mode! :*”==endl;

    17. MM where is our present for chirismast and new year? :( i want link dead and berserker!

    18. Kael Odren

      # Diego Says:
      January 3rd, 2009 at 5:03 pm

      MM where is our present for chirismast and new year? :( i want link dead and berserker!

      I came here for same thing (maybe he wrote something for Christmas) But about philosophy not dead berserker ;/

    19. lol, I think its already dead.

    20. *squinting eyes* you never were to china….

    21. Okay man, come on, it’s been long enough, you had a nice long Christmas vacation, lots of time to relax, now its time to get back to work.

      And there’s no better way to that than a short resumé for documentation and external publicity on how far you got up until now. Including pictures of course.

    22. Cosmin Says: Including pictures of course.
      Hell fucking yeah but not only pics VIDEOS AND MORE STUFF! a freaking demo will be AWESOM! rly man.

      I need my dosis of fucking linkdead! man!

    23. Anonymous

      Sigvatr’s blogroll link was removed from the sidebar.

      Possible treachery?

    24. Well, thats nothing, i’m sad to say, but if sigvatr keeps it up like he’s done up until now, he’ll end up shot by some religious extremist.

      Where the f*** is that update now?

    25. Anonymous

      I lol’d

    26. SonOfBeer

      Wow, people are still crying for updates, and now think MM has been relaxing since there are none?

      A post like this one proves, more than any other, that Michal is on a good working path right now. He’s talking about coding and that’s much what a game (MM’s game) is about.

      As a coder I agree with the profound content within this post.

      There isn’t a single visual update that could match this. If Michal can concentrate on his own work, keeping it for himself, he will not only find satisfaction but also success !

    27. SonOfBeer…you know what STFU! we are asking for some sneak peaks CAUSE we fucking love mm games SO preview or gtfo!

    28. how is the game going?

    29. JackIsNoMore

      Diego, you know what? You sound like a little whiny bitch(literally) begging for its meal when the meal isn’t even ready yet.

      In the meantime I have a nice, tasty cock for you.

    30. 1 cm long cock or what? Oh yeah 1 cm long cock 😀 tasty

    31. g.o.d. & TLD

      get this fkin game working, im waiting for too long now

    32. Hmmm, not trying to be rude, but Diego, dude… u just said cock is tasty… not cool. No matter how small it is. Not cool…

    33. Can you say joke? i mean dude come on JackIsNoMore must be a fucking 10 year old to not see that im JOKING…ffs is the same with the cock stuff…im following the joke…jesus christ

    34. JackIsNoMore

      “SonOfBeer…you know what STFU! we are asking for some sneak peaks CAUSE we fucking love mm games SO preview or gtfo!”

      I’m sorry, but this is no joke. You’re only calling it a joke now, because you’ve been told off. Plus, what the hell is a “Sneak peak?” It’s called a “Sneak peek.” Trust me, you weren’t joking. Sadly. :(

    35. stop the whining and start asking stuff about link dead

    36. Okay… how old is link dead? Does it have a sister? Where are its parents? What does it look like? How tall is it? How much does it weigh? Can it walk on its own? Where does it come from? Where is it headed? What does link-dead think about the war in Afghanistan? Can it read and write? At what school does link-dead go?

      Mr, Mr, can link-dead come out and play?

    37. JackIsNoMore

      This isn’t an interview you dipshit. (Not you, Cosmin.)

    38. arent you tired of waiting then?

    39. Someone has been listening to Sabaton lately. ;]

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