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  • Why we need emotions

    Written by . Posted at 2:42 pm on May 30th, 2010

    A speech I gave at TEDxWulkan about why it is absolutely necessary to use our emotions to propel our work.

    It was a spontaneous event made by the team behind TEDxWarsaw, which is a local license of TED Talks. The theme of the event was “It’s impossible. But doable.” 2 weeks after the Iceland volcano eruption TEDxWulkan was an opportunity to look at Explosive Ideas, Impossible Dreams and Crazy Propositions and how those might actually be accomplished.

    The video was made thanks to and the rest of the speakers can be viewed here

    Thanks for watching, for me it was certainly fun to do this.

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    1. Jeez, I’m lookin’ for those motivators, but every once in a while some dumb bitch demotivates me with their stupidity and evereythin’ has to start over.. nice speech though :)

    2. ur almost as sexy as justin biber<3

    3. Nice job!

    4. Really nice talk, what you’re saying is very true, now I need to think about this for a while…

    5. ive watched it live i like what you say, about the company names and logos . theres lot of truth in it.
      quality is most important, but you know.. sometimes the case is different πŸ˜‰

    6. good speech, favorited

    7. I agree with the motivator thing, though imho the brand (read: logo & name, website, etc.) sometimes does matter, but I’m talking generally, not about games.

    8. Underline

      Sometimes I think that my true motivation is I wanna be better then the others.

    9. Excellent speech.

    10. randomguy001

      :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ O_o @_@

    11. Your speech is so random and so unplanned…
      But I still like it!)))

      Keep it up!))

    12. Skykanden

      Lovle speech MM, it was really deep and motivating, that should give a reason to work to everyone.
      Well done really.

    13. *stands up and claps*

    14. Thanks a lot for the responses. If you like it share this video to other people. Spread the word!!

    15. Nice speech!

    16. The trouble, then, is knowing what you want. Indeed we are our own worst enemies sometimes…

      Nonetheless, I’m motivated to at least figure that out.

    17. Soldat was also on german television.

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