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  • You have big dreams but you will never make them

    Written by . Posted at 7:55 am on September 6th, 2009

    There are two types of people: the ones that accomplish and the ones that do not. The only difference is not talent, genius, luck or some other artsy, vague, psychological, “energetical”, meaningless attribute that these people have. The people that accomplish things DO things. The rest doesn’t actually >>DO<< anything.

    It’s as simple as that. If you think you understand this, you don’t. If you don’t agree, I pity you fool. Let me explain with the most simple common for everybody down-to-earth metaphor possible. And forgive me my french.

    When you go to the toilet to shit, you go there alone, you sit down and just do it.

    BUT with every other thing it isn’t that simple is it??

    With your dreams, projects and goals…

    …you have to think about it, build up for it, read books about it, watch motivational movies, go to seminars, schools, setup project plans and systems, learn tons of stuff. You have to talk about it with everyone. Blog about it. Twit about. Sketch it. Sign up on multiple forums talking about your project. You make a company. Before that sit for days thinking about a cool name for your company. Think up names for your projects. A cool nick and avatar for yourself. Make a web page. Design how it will look like. Ask friends do they like the colors. Test your new layouts and comments scripts. With going to the bathroom you don’t do all those things? You don’t setup a company first to make a dump.

    You don’t talk about it endlessly. You don’t fantasize about what its gonna be after you make it. You don’t count the money that you will earn for crapping. You just go to the toilet and shit. It’s like my physics teacher (Mrs Cz.) used to always say when she failed someone: you have to sit on your ass and work. There is NO OTHER WAY. Never was, never will be. All those great people in history actually did something. I’ve never heard of Leonardo Da Vinci’s website or company. There is nothing else you need to do and also nothing more!

    With pooping you don’t procrastinate. You don’t start new shit projects everyday, you don’t go to the toilet and think maybe not this time. You sit on your ass and squeeze those butt cheeks. You don’t shit halfway through with a piece of crap dangling out of your asshole and say this is too much work and quit. You have to make it, if you don’t you’ll blow up and fill the room with an explosion of shit, piss and guts. Sit down and do it. This is the attitude you must obtain if you will ever, EVER want to create and do anything in your life. Go to the toilette and create something. Nobodies gonna do it for you. You have to do your own shit. You don’t find people to help you. You don’t post around forums looking for guys to help you. Your friends don’t want to mess around with your shit. You’re too big for mama to be wiping your dirty ass. You got to do it yourself. Don’t be looking at other toilets maybe they are better. Don’t be learning, going to school to “acquire the necessary skills”. You know how to do it. Your body knows how to shit, it is the only thing that will help you. Worship your body – it knows. Just allow it to do its thing. At least sit down everyday and squeeze a little. The shit will come. You are the shit. Now go out there and do it!

    What’s that your saying? You don’t have a choice because you MUST poo poo hence you do it effortlessly? Well let me tell you this Mr Shitty Pants. You don’t HAVE to do anything. You can go right now to a river or just grab a big enough rock and kill yourself. It’s a choice.ย  So if you decide to live then the fact is that you MUST accomplish your dreams. There is no other way. If you don’t do it you will lead a god forsaken bitter life and eventually die as a sad lonely fucked up old loser. You know those stupid assholes that piss you off all day? Internet trolls, forum nerds, critics, angry car drivers, old bitter drunkards. Those are all people that failed. They failed at making their dreams, thus failed at life. If you are a worthless scum with no guts to simply work hard then I have no pity for you. Die as the stupid son of a bitch you are. Otherwise if you have at least a bit of dignity, stand up, don’t shit yourself in the pants. At least take them off and sit on the toilet. I’m not even asking you to wipe after. It’s not time to think about fame and success. It’s time to squeeze your big brown asshole and create!


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    1. then why do you twitter/facebook? and you’ve got a company, too.

    2. CoToMacZie

      I have a dream too: stick Link-Dead up your ass and concentrate on your previous game(s). Fix what’s broken, do not create more broken stuff.

      Seriously, you should succesfully finish atleast one game before creating more of them…

    3. SpiltCoffee

      Now that was different…

      And suddenly I have an urge to go take a dump.

    4. That’s what I call a strange ANALogy, oh well…

    5. Now I have to take a shit.

    6. Wow that was good now I realised why I’m not making progress with my dream game.

      PS: I was eating >:(

    7. “you donโ€™t go to the toilet and think maybe not this time.”
      uhm, actually, sometimes i do.

      “Iโ€™m not even asking you to wipe after.”
      eww. If you compare that to game making: It’s like making a game and then not publishing it. somehow..

    8. ^ Stop complaining you internet nerds and forum trolls. That was the most inspiring shitting reference I’ve ever seen, totally agree with you.

    9. Can’t agree with you more.

      It reminds me of myself when i started playing the guitar.
      Ive always kept believing it would come eventually, but then i started up looking my idols and my favourite music, and those guys didnt just sit arround and play some music, they worked there asses off for their talent and art.

      So! instead of wasting my damn time, ive been playing music for 1,5 years and i am able to play anything i want to play ( buckethead, post rock, metal, shred, acoustic, blues ANYTHING!!!! )

      Damnit release a darn book and sell it to me.

    10. oh man it’s great load of inspiration to me. cheerz form poland.

    11. Your Epic…


    13. you got that shit right

    14. TLD: Yup, the best guitarists played 20 hours a day to get to the point where they are. No other way.

    15. Am I the only one that thinks that mm looks much older(30-45) on this pic than on the first(20-30) one he posted on the soldat forums. Did that much time pass?

    16. The best guitarists also tend to write boring uninspired music so that they can showcase their skills. Fuck ’em.

    17. F3nyx: technically best doesn’t mean best overall.

    18. If you tend to be the part of the people that rather tend to DO something, you can even get the problem to shit right. I speak of self-expirience. You forget how to concentrate on your body or just concentrate on nothing, you sit on the WC, whinking about the next step how to succeed the next steps, and the shit wont come out. But if you do sports you can reduce the problem.
      In the last three weeks i made a hamster cage for my son. Last Sunday i finally finished my work (i post at ~21 hour at my forum about it if you are intrested). It took “only” 3 weeks, but it was hard motivating every time you get back from work. Why i did that? It was more expansive than buying a cage of wood, it was a lot of thinking and planning (Google Sketchup), my hands and back hurts. It was fun at all, i learned something and my son is very happy (for a while). The journey is the reward. But WHY i did that? Sometimes it is like a fight, you just want to be better than others, you want to create something unique, you dont want that everyone forget about you when you die. I try not be egoistic asshole, following moral rules similar to the christian ones (im an agnostic atheist), but i admit, i want to be famous, famous like you Michal… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    19. If you want to be famous, go on a killing spree…

    20. That’s called infamous ๐Ÿ˜›

    21. Jerzy Gzula

      A great piece written with sincerity and passion, a great example of something that was “just done”.
      It is poignant, funny, and it inspired me.
      I think this text will make a great inspirational speech and I would like to see you do it as well someday.

    22. That’s the only way. You said so.

      Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    23. I wanted to say something , the article could be misunderstood by the kids.
      Each Human is different, there are people that tend to be more creative, other like more to help others or just do the same monotone work just over and over again. There is also a biological sense behind this, some things just have to be done, but they must not be initiated by yourself. For instance if every one would be like Michal, there would be no bakers, garbage mans and other people that just do things other have told them to do. There is nothing “bad” being a “normal” guy, you just have to reflect about yourself and your needs to find the desired activity to be lucky in your specific and subjective way.

    24. yv3: this is why this article is for people with “big dreams”. Nothing wrong with being a drone. I know a couple people that don’t want to achieve anything in life and they are much happier than people that want to achieve but don’t have the guts to do it. Those people make me angry and I’ve written this for them.

    25. That is the best inspirational post i’ve ever read. It back’s up the reason im droping out.

    26. Good stuff

    27. A big HURRAH for this. ๐Ÿ˜€
      You made my day, especially at the “people that are failures (trolls)” part. I’m seriously wasting much time on them instead of doing my goals at times.

      However, sometimes I also feel like overwhelmed by shittons of ideas and not knowing what to start with and if they are worth the effort. And sometimes I feel like doing absolutely nothing and while thinking of all the stuff I’m thinking of doing like learning this and practicing that and making others it feels like theres just no time to have it all or my brains are getting fried if I am.

      Sometimes I feel like one of those “I want it all and now” people and not being certain how to proceed or if doing something is actually worth it and it pisses the shit out of me.

      Bloody hell.
      I think I’ll just shut up now. ๐Ÿ˜›

    28. It is true, most ppl just talk about theirs big plans but don’t do anything to make it done.

    29. Love it.

      If “Just Do It” wasn’t already trademarked by Nike it would be yours.

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