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    Written by . Posted at 3:01 pm on April 9th, 2010

    Download R (.ogg music files and tabs in s/m folder)

    The music for R is the only complete musical structure that could be called an album made by me. I made probably twice as much music for R but I picked the best ones. R from beginning was meant to be a minimalistic game. So the music also had to be minimalistic, there was no other choice but to get inspiration from Phillip Glass but there are dozens of others. Making this soundtrack was pure fun because I didn’t have to focus on the music sounding good, it had to sound synthesized like from old games. Also it had to be repetitive to get you into a semi-hypnotic state of mind.

    More info on selected tracks:

    rtheme – this is an orchestral theme, I wanted it to sound grand and film-score-like. Looking back it’s a good track by its own but it stands out from the rest too much.

    arabesque – this is a blend of Debussy’s Arabesque and Vivaldi’s Summer. Pretty unique combination. It plays at the scene where Joseph gets hit by a lightning.

    reading – a haunting organ track. It is played in the first episode. The theme is later reprised at the very end of the game using heavy brasses (tribute to Basil Poledouris).

    relhard – you may not hear this but this track is actually based on Ozzy Osbourne’s Mr. Crowley. I wish I can record it live someday.

    wes – I didn’t know I could write mandolin music when I did this. It is also the first song with lyrics that can be sung, anyone want to try? I’d love to hear it (there are tabs and lyrics in the music directory of the game). This track is a tribute to Steve Martin, I wonder if you know what I’m talking about. It is played during the singing mime cut-scene.

    rot – probably the wierdest song used at the swamp episode. A canon piece. The theme is played over and over by more than 8 instruments.

    rww1 – I love metal music being played by MIDI haha. I couldn’t record it live because 1. it wouldn’t fit the game 2. I did’t have the technical skills to record this speed metal track back then.

    itmust – this wasn’t meant for the game at first but it fit the Zorth episode. It is a very Vangelis-like piece.

    rr – music played at the end of R. This was meant to be R’s theme but I decided it was too happy. This specific piece of music I had written entirely in my head. I just sat down and typed it like you type a letter. I almost never do something like that.

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