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  • Written by . Posted at 6:46 am on June 2nd, 2011

    Some people have found out about my secret hobby. I will announce everything very soon. I will explain what has been going on during the past month and what the hell is up with Link-Dead. There are countless reasons why I have been sitting quiet and I will explain everything in the tiniest detail. I am very surprised myself at what happened.
    Stay tuned.

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    1. streaking, i knew it.

    2. FinDude

      I want to be an indie dev just to gain access to terms like ‘soon’

    3. Underline

      I just dont wanna hear: Link Dead is dead.

    4. Secret Hobby? Necrophilia?
      jk, I can understand why KAG is awesome and why you have spent so much time on it. But I think it’s current simple design is very defining. and awesome.
      Why is it that everyone now days work on voxel based games? Mine craft isn’t that good. I have to admit I loved it first but lacked the “game”. Terraria brought the “game” back a bit but lacks support for decent PvP multiplayer gametypes (yes I know you can enable pvp but that wasn’t the point). Survivors of Ragnarök is so much beta still to be counted in.

    5. FinDude

      Oh there’s nothing secret about that, just go look at Berserker and some other previews of his.

    6. Reactorcore

      I find it pretty hilarious that I was the one that initially introduced MM to Ace of Spades and he got inspired by that to make KAG and in turn, get a little side-tracked with LD.

      Whoops I did it again. 😀

      All in all, MM just made a new hit game in a matter of few months that has skyrocketed in popularity and has great potential for MM.

      And fuck man, I’m loving KAG. Played like 4 hours straight today.

    7. Pineapple

      Focus on KAG +1

    8. it was pretty obvious as at the feedback website the account of the admin is

    9. not the first time MM’s abandoned his previous half done project to start working on another. Definitely not the last either.

    10. At least we got some an official statement now.

      And yeah it’s quite funny: I’ve played Soldat all the time. And I’ve followed Link-Dead’s development since the beginning and thought it was awesome. Then I found out about Ace of Spades and played it like shit.
      And then I suddenly found out about a game which combines the 2D-ness of Soldat with the blockyness of Ace of Spades and uses the Link-Dead engine. And – tadaa – MM is involved in the development. :)

    11. oh… It was you who said “the feeling to start a new project is great, thats why some people start a new project after a new project” ( the interview at tedx) you kinda criticised them, so abonding ld would be like criticising yourself, which would be senseful… Howver
      At least make the beta ready before abonding

    12. I will write a very long post about what I have learned during these 1.5 months because it is more than all the months since starting to work on LD.

    13. excited about it

    14. Reactorcore

      I’d be interested to read that post, MM, maybe I’d learn something new aswell and any other game dev out there.

    15. Blacksheepboy

      Welp, still play Planetside up the shiz.

    16. wow, KAG is awesome. I played it all last night.

    17. wow, KAG is mediocre

    18. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      long post eh? looking forward to it

    19. Underline

      I’m Underline!

    20. Just make sure you stick with a game and finish it MM. XP

    21. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      btw KAG is half ruined because some retard is going round crashing all of the servers. sedgewigbeavers ranger is the best i can remember his name. you should really have ip bans.

    22. I'll.Pay.With.Blood

      yeaah it’s pretty bad. i don’t think there will be much more KAG if this server crashing doesn’t stop.

    23. dude he only started a few hours ago how fast do you think one can fix those kind of bugs also its still the beta.

    24. 7 Angels with 7 plagues

      KAG is awesome! Tough I recommend droping the pixel art stuff to gain a wider audiance. If not in KAG, then in KAG 2. Anyways it’s fun as hell. Thumbs up!


      Someone with skills should trace that sedgewitchbeaver guy and make sure he gets a headache and a pretty virus, and a day trying to get rid of it. Anyone who has enjoyment out of bashing others game should have it’s testacles surgecly removed whitout any painkillers.

    25. MM you should seriously consider to see a doctor to diagnose your ADD.

      Will help you quite a lot.


    26. I guess FinDude hit the nail when he made the comment about “soon”

    27. I wanna know where da gold at.

      -KAG miner looking for leprecaun

    28. Monsteri


      Wellwell, link to LD in main page of KAG.
      Would really attract some players on LD.
      And I hope you’ll continue working on LD still.
      You’re starting to remind slightly Activision.

    29. Monsteri

      Sorry doublepost.

      And please, fix the crash on startup. There’s a topic about it in forums, and I’ve spent the error sendium thingy.

    30. Now I know that was a big mistake to pay for the alpha version of LD. Will not do it again. MM achieved 0% trust level in my opinion. And one more thing: KAG sux

    31. I’m proud to anounce, that I made a decision to discontinue LD developement, and now I am focusing on creating donkey kong for c64, which is from now my primary target platform.

    32. just let the community wait.. And dont post anything for over a month… Very cool. Crimson glory, berserker, link dead, … oh ye i found out about your secret hobby… : abonding game deving

    33. Reactorcore

      Looks like MM’s gonna have to do some clean up here.
      So many butthurt kids running around these days.

      Protip: If you’re really that eager to see a certain game of your dreams to be made, consider trying yourself at it. Its tough, but fun and worth it.

    34. so announcement ? anytime soon ?

    35. “on the weekend maybe” we got to wait some more days ;(

    36. tao_taier

      LD’s potential is far greater than KAG’s.

      Think of the total conversions you could get out of a game like LD & the artists it would attract.
      If your stuck, rent some help…

      Get a “Contract” out on that code! Per feature implemented, none of that hourly rate crap.

    37. well smelling the occasion on some heatin this another minecraft-pixel-retroshit wannabe it’s obvious that he’s investing in it to as long as ppl are interested. just as usual mm is acting like a moron ditching those who where visiting this site on a daily basis and showing support towards LD. well fuck it.

    38. We aren’t acting very mature here.. Act more like men, or at the very least, irresponsibly cocky young men that have fun jabbing at everything, yet do it in a fun and half-mature way that isn’t personal — so that you still get your immature point across, but in a funny way!

    39. LD intrigues me so much..

    40. (Too bad there isn’t an edit button)

      I mean, I’ve had ideals, and especially in mapmaking. For Terraria, I have all these fantastic and incredibly impossible ideals for an AMAZING map, likened to recreating the moods I got from old games like Zelda: Ocarina of Time.. and with Terraria, it’s possible due to their item system, and how you could manipulate it..

      So in any ideal, you have to start from the beginning, and anything I make now is shit — I followed an idea the other day, and the product had.. potential, but was still shit — so the ideals have to be put on the shelf, and I’ve resorted to working on various teams that are just doing shits-and-giggles maps for the experience; fun and networking all at the same time.

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