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  • Written by . Posted at 11:19 am on April 30th, 2009

    I decided to reset my blog and transform it to a part of a micro-blogging system using Stay tuned.

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    1. the color black actually enhances
      the feminine nature of this form.

    2. it’s not black it’s brown :/

    3. Totally crap theme -_-
      Back to the old one.

    4. > Totally crap theme -_-
      > Back to the old one.


    5. Anonymous

      really incredibly terrible format

    6. Well it needs some adjustments like darker input fields.
      I like the bigger font size. It makes the text easier to read.

    7. Chutem

      This better be a joke it looks horrible compared to the old theme. Actually this is one of the worst websites i’ve ever seen (apart from those text-only with a horible background pages).

    8. I agree, this looks shit.

    9. my eyes, noooo, AHAHAHA MY EYES!!!

      change it back

    10. old theme NAO

    11. MM seriously, please change it back.

    12. “teh_ham
      it’s not black it’s brown :/”

      dee doo dee doo deet… ackt oo ully the there is no competer screen in the world which can rep re sent pure black with perfect integrity…

      dee doo dee doo deet

      deet doo dee doo

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