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    Written by . Posted at 2:36 pm on August 26th, 2009

    Disclaimer: I do not hold responsibility for what this software does. This is a test release and I want to check how it works. Windows only.


    This is primarily a network game test release. It does not have much to do with Link-Dead. It has quick and dirty graphics and sounds which resemble a certain 1990’s game.
    Please do not report any bugs. I don’t care. The only thing I’m concerned about is whether and how the network play works; if it crashes or doesn’t work in any way.

    The controls are standard WASD. If you want details they can be found ion the menu (ESC).

    T key is for chat

    To play with yourself:
    take off your pants.
    Just kidding.
    Press escape. Select Game/Start Server.
    When it loads: Select Game/Join Localhost

    To play with real people:
    Download and install Hamachi
    Create an account or whatever it tells you to do. When you’re ready, in Hamachi click “Join an existing network…”.
    Fill in the details:
    Network name: link-dead
    Password: funnybunny

    In the network, there should hopefully be other players. You can chat with them (click on link-dead for channel chat), setup your server or join their servers.

    To start a server follow the steps above in “To play with yourself”
    To join someones server press Game/Join Address. Change the IP:Port to the players IP. Default port is 50008.

    That’s all. I hope it works.

    Oh yes and the download link! Grab it here.

    Please report if it crashes. Tell me when exactly in the game it happens, a screenshot will help.
    The framerate won’t go above 30 fps, it is fixed, not slow. If it drops below 30 then tell me and mention what hardware you have.

    - fixed graphics messed up on some systems
    - fixed crash on map1.png load 
    - fixed crash on kill and possibly others 
    - fixed disconnected player crash 
    - fixed join crash
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    1. The Game crashes when I shoot an enemy.

    2. Crashing on load in module ntdll.dll.

    3. ^^^ On Windows XP SP3, btw.

    4. while loading stops at “Precaching file”, apears error “..problem with aplication Crimson.exe..” and shutdown of program.

    5. RustyScrew

      I was doing fine until i added like 3 bots to the server and we started messing around, then it crashed.

    6. the same that F3nyx

    7. Too bad it doesn’t work under wine…

    8. still the same

    9. niko šveikovsky

      Crashed after the console log finished loading everything.

    10. i didnt write latest comment nemed “dyer”, it isnt mine 😉
      btw. what a fucked dumbs..^

    11. Hmm dosent work for some reason…ill wait a bit longer if I have 2 =/

    12. Uh, it seems lots of people have problem with understanding how the game looks like in an early alpha. Good luck in dev MM! :)

    13. @trueanon

      Somebody is spamming using another persons nicks
      Imo MM is some kind of genius, stupid spammers wont change it

    14. MM you MUST Fix climb animation when jump ahead on wall.. soldier is going into it. its funny when it crash))

    15. Everybody calm down! There was just a little runtime error im sure can be fixed.

    16. I get the same thing as F3nyx. It crashes on ntdll.dll.

    17. CoToMacZie

      Polish programming at its best, siema ;]]

    18. The game crashes often. I’ll probably post some network bugs tomorrow. I’m off to bed :3

    19. Clive Jericho

      It crashes while precaching…
      usually when it reaches map1.png

      Windows XP SP3
      1GB RAM
      GeForce Mx440

    20. btw it crashes while “creating world” at loading texture “map1.png”

    21. the game does not even work for me…

    22. crashes with 2+ bots, crash when i try to join a 3+ bot server, keep getting stuck between 2 ramps, getting stuck in ladders, getting stuck on stairs( animation keeps the same, cant do shit )

      its only a test, a very very very very testy version.. but im still quite dissapointed. what happened to all the lightning stuff you made? where is the sprint button :|?

      its sooooooooo unfinished, get back to work : O

    23. Same as Weedy. The game crashes when I shoot (or kill?) a bot.

    24. Undisclosed

      Doesn’t load up. It crashes when the command prompt say “Config loaded from”
      It blames irrlicht.dll for the crash
      Running Windows 7, with the program under compatability for XP.
      Also running as Admin.

    25. Undisclosed

      There is also a runtime error if I run it without compatibility.
      I did try your download MM.

    26. crashed while loading (GMA x3100 on XP-SP2)

    27. These are not only network bugs but you may want to know them anyways.

      When an enemy gets killed while he is shooting you get this error (doesn’t depend on who gets killed – works for bot vs bot and bot vs human)

      Error message:
      Unbehandelte Ausnahme bei 0x1006b8b9 in Crimson.exe: 0xC0000005: Zugriffsverletzung beim Lesen an Position 0x09f6001c. (yep it’s German)

      This means:An exceptions occurred at 0x1006b8b9 in Crimson.exe:
      0xC0000005: Access violation when reading at position 0x09f6001c.

      It’s just at the entry point of a function/method
      Maybe you delete the player and try to access the floating point value after that which has become invalid by that time.

      1006B8B0 push ebp
      1006B8B1 mov ebp,esp
      1006B8B3 sub esp,8
      1006B8B6 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+0Ch]
      1006B8B9 fld dword ptr [eax+4]

      Also I noticed that you can get stuck at the stairs and that you cant climb up the “ladders” when you press a or d to move the one side.

      Also writing too much text in the say console moves the text one line down below the output box and crashes it when you press enter at the beginning on one one line function:

      Microsoft Visual Studio C Runtime Library hat einen schwerwiegenden Fehler in Crimson.exe gefunden.

      78591641 and dword ptr ds:[785BD7A0h],0
      78591648 ret

      I guess this writes to the end of the char.
      I think you reserved not enough space for the chat line. Should make sure people cannot add too much text.

      The climbing into a wall bug looks funny what I also found out is that when you move stairs up backwards the animation is also weird you need to press and hold a and then w for that (works also for non stairs when you move backward.

      Would like to see more intelligent bots. Currently they seem to be nothing but nice campers who wait for death.

      The error messages get displayed behind the map which is not very nice to read and when the console is displayed the net stat text doesn’t get darker.

      The scrolling is somehow fast (when you didn’t join a server) maybe it’s just because I use a trackpoint mouse.

      Some scripts are missing I get error messages:
      actor config: ‘Scripts/’

      You can’t write special chars like ö because it opens the console.

      I hope thats useful.


    28. Found a crash:

      Windows 7 64-bit
      4GB of DDR3 800
      nVidia 9600GSO

      I was playing a local game happily with 1 bot for 5 minutes. Added 3 more bots quickly. they all spawned in the same area shot each other dead. then a crash.



      the game totally crashed for me right at the beggining while loading some textures…
      Michal I hope you didn’t give me some nasty virus.
      “take off your pants” :))) lol

    30. i suggest you stop posting “crash reports” since they’re all already mentioned. flooding this with comments wont help Michal fix it.

    31. It’s crashed while playing with bots.
      I’m using Windows 7 – 64bit.

    32. It’s always crashing while playing with more than one bot.

      For example, if there are two bots, it’s crashing randomly while he’s firing.

    33. Its weird because when I start the game the screen is all messed up and it says that im in editor mode…

    34. just reporting: When I start the game I get a runtime error. When I manage to get into the game somehow, this is what is looks like…

    35. haha! like I thought, “just” a network test.
      and now all these freaky fanboys cry because it isn’t what they were expecting 😀

      it crashed
      – sometimes at the moment I killed a bot (there was only one)
      – while joining localhost after adding 3 bots
      – while joining localhost after I somehow managed to add 13 bots (most times it just crashes after 3 or 4)
      – everytime I do the following: start server, add bot, add another bot, add third bot, now they shoot at each other, if one gets killed –> crash (notice: me did not join, and if I add more bots it does not always crash)
      – while slowly adding bots every ~10s, after the 7th or 8th bot the game-window and dos-window just disappeared, there was no crash-notice like usually

      one time I started the game, did join localhost (without starting server before), nothing happend, i pressed disconnect, suddenly my fps was at 12 (30-31 before), after 2s it was 30 again.

      keep up the good work, MM! :)


    36. Btw, what does MM think of the OpenSoldat effort:

    37. 7 angels with 7 plagues

      Yo! It’s good to see that a test version is out. It might be buggy, but that’s what a test version is for right? It’s not even a Beta so you can’t expect it to work flawlessly. Anyways

      – Crashes at startup:

      – If I apply the updates it starts, but it looks like this:

      – If I exit the updated game (Esc or close), and try to start it again, it crashes, and will crash until I REapply the updates (zipping it to rewrite the files).

      System specs: HP

      Compaq 6720s Laptop.:
      -Intelc Centurio core 2 duo @ 2.0 Ghz
      -1 Gb RAM (Yeah I know, not much :P)
      -Windows Vista Basic Home 32bit (freaks me out sometimes, considering going XP again XD)
      -Intel GMA 965 X3100 (CS1.6, Warcraft III, GTA:SA, SOLDAT runs smooth for example, so it’s not that crappy kinda vidcard. I get 31 Fps on the Link-Dead engine btw)

      Hope this helps, keep up the good work guyz! Peace!

    38. Thanks a lot guys for your input. Apparently there is a lot of crashes. I will be trying to fix these issues and keep you updated.

    39. Check the updates box below the post and see if it fixes your issues.
      I still need to fix the crash on load. But I think it has a more serious background.

    40. Also crashes on my comp WinXP SP3 while caching map1.png. Is the exe an Debug build? Please upload Debug build, they are not as sensitive to access violations like Release versions.

      BTW i also started to develop a game, you can download the Level Editor pre Alpha (Drawing/Scrolling/Loading and Saving works fine until now). Please try it out (Windows only).

      Sorry for my advertising Michal! :)

    41. yv3; thats cool! The map editor is very intuitive. I would like to achieve something like that for link-dead. Of course I wouldnt use ascii but real tiles:). What kind of games are you planing on building with that?

    42. with “awtest05″ I could not produce any crashes – good job, MM! :)

      but everytime I add many bots this happens:

      Windows 7 32bit
      ATI Radeon HD 3870
      2gb ram
      c2d e8400 3ghz

    44. MM: Thanks. The Editor will be customized for the game i plan to make, but also can be used like a normal ASCII-Editor for drawing. I also plan to implement frame-managment to make ASCII-Cutscenes with it. There will be different draw modes to create maps for the game. Each map will consist of three layers (Background/Collision/Objects, the first 2 are simple 2d arrays, last one is a double linked list), the Object layer will be highly customizable, you can place enemies with many attributes, triggers, items etc. The view wil be from top. The player will only be a single character like in many roguelike games, but with the focus on action, there will be lovely detailed ASCII-Blood and ASCII-Animations with physics (flying gibs, explosions etc.) that no one had seen in such a game before :). My dream is to make it playable online, i even thought about terrain that players can build/modify.
      Currently the development frozen, i must finish to build a hamster cage for my son. Visit my Forum for Updates.

      I try your test version at home, maybe it will not crash. Don’t get stressed, happy coding and debugging:)


      Windows XP SP2
      ATI Radeon X800 GTO
      2.7 GB RAM
      Intel Core2Duo E6300 1.86 Ghz (32 Bit CPU)

      Despite that everything works fine

    46. niko šveikovsky

      awtest05 did it.

      no other problems here.

    47. Cool. awtest06 works fine. Thanks MM

    48. [awtest06]

      Windows XP SP3 32-bit
      AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
      ATI Radeon HD 3850
      2 GB RAM

      Works fine.

    49. Thanks for the fix, works fine now.

    50. illu: LOL wtf is that a porcupine?

      Thanks guys, I’m glad the glitches got mostly sorted out. Lets meet later in the evening (like yesterday) for some play testing. I welcome you to the hamachi link-dead chat channel.

    51. “Joining link-dead .. failed, the network is full”.

    52. [awtest05]
      Bugged graphics

      Crashes when it says “Using DirectSound8 driver”
      ModName: irrclicht.dll

      And some specs:
      Win XP Pro SP2
      AMD Athlon XP 3000+
      1 Gb ram
      Creative AudioPCI (ES1371, ES 1373) (WDM)
      Connect 3D RADEON 9550

    53. room: link-dead_test6
      password: 123

      please join wana play

    54. Now everything works fine. Gj MM!

      Too bad blood is not working 😉

    55. [awtest06]

      Crashes at ‘Using DirectSound8 driver’.


      Windows XP Home Edition
      Version 2002
      Service Pack 3

    56. Oh, and:

      AMD Athlon XP 2800+
      2.08 GHz
      512MB RAM
      Realtek AC’97 Audio Controller

    57. @hillo, Profesh: maybe disabling sound will work – add line:
      global s_system = 7;
      to Base\Scripts\

    58. [awtest05]

      Initiates fine, but graphics don’t display correctly.


      Nope, it’s still crashing.

    59. Yah, The newest update works great! I LOVE THIS GAME. I have a pretty crappy computer, so the FPS dropped dramatically when I added more than 5 bots.

      The Movement, Climbing, Walking, Sheild Feature on gun and Ragdolls are all GREAT! I can definetly see this game being big. If someone modded this the right way you would pretty much have soldat 2.

      Intel DuoCore T2060 (1.6ghz)
      2Gb RAM
      Intel Intregrated Video Card (945GMA)

    60. 7 angels with 7 plagues

      Updates solved everything. No crashes, no graphical glitches. Big ups guys! 😀 Peace!

    61. Sadly can’T agree to 7 angels with 7 plagues, it still ocasionally crashes, at “join game” as well as when getting killed.

      It doesn’t, however, occure as often as it did yesterday.

      And sometimes, when using “join address”, the game doesnt react. The menu still works and everything, but it just doesnt seem to try to connect, it does nothing.

    62. @ ZeroG001

      No, it’s not going to become the next Soldat, no way. One of the reason Soldat is so good and popular is the flowing gameplay, which is very fast-paced. As far as I’m conserned, Link-Dead will be complete opposite from that point of view.

    63. Underline


    64. It works, good job! This game looks promising.

    65. diego lemos

      works flawlessly.

      AMD Athlon XP 3800+
      nvidia 8600 GT

    66. Underline

      why i cnat enter in the link-dead hamachi channel?

    67. To play with yourself:
      Just kidding.
      Press escape. Select Game/Start Server.
      When it loads: Select Game/Join Localhost


    68. awtest06 crashes at ‘Using DirectSound8 driver’.

      awtest05 seems to work just fine.

    69. SpiltCoffee

      I somehow found a glitch in the player movement. If you go to the bottom right corner of the map, and hold space while pressing down, your dude will attempt to glitch through the ground.

    70. SplinterSnake

      I got a BSOD and had to reformat my whole computer.

      No, not really but that thought scares me.

    71. Is a Linux version planned?

    72. when i join localhost, nothing happens… i hear some sounds, but nothing onscreen… :(

    73. This test is pretty awesome!
      Unfortunately, the Hamachi Network is currently full…
      Anyway, I’m sure LD will be awesomeness pure.

    74. i didn’t played yet, unfortanely, the Hamachi is still full…

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