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    Written by . Posted at 3:43 pm on March 4th, 2011

    Here it is, fast as lightning :). Lots of bug fixes in this patch. It’s not perfect but I’ll get there in the next releases.

    Most important changes are:

    • Camera now works differently; you can move it around most of the time instead of just when aiming; It stays in the center of your character only when moving (cause it’s easier to move/climb like that)
    • Running/walking movements are now smoothened and the speeds are more unified; also the player does not stick so much to the surface (this gives a new feel to the moving, I think I got rid of the awkwardness of the running from previous releases)
    • Armor is much heavier; some movements like wall climbing are restricted only to light classes
    • Huntdown is now about hunting heads!

    See change log for details 

    Changes 1969-1972:

    - wide view is now default; view is limited when moving
    - aiming with weapon slightly zooms the view
    - action menu can be used at any time now
    - guns and pickaxe have more mass and are slower when thrown
    - weapon throw aiming is twice faster
    - weapon can be only thrown after aiming delay
    - FOV 135 is further from player now
    - gravity is 15% lower
    - added short description on weight slider
    - smoothened running animation transitions on slopes
    - smoothened run/walk animations
    - when running on lower slope character doesn't stick but flies a bit
    - unified run/walk/back slope speeds
    - holding [DOWN] (S) key drops through all platforms and stairs
    - special rolls and flips are restricted to light class only[bugs]
    - fixed client & server ragdoll crash
    - clamped mouse cursor to screen bounds
    - fixed secondary gun having disabled lasersight and flashlight
    - fixed grenades on belt exploding
    - fixed slide, piss and choke sounds being played infinitely after map restart
    - fixed throw gun collisions
    - fixed invisible weapon dropped from backpack
    - throw weapon does not get stuck in ceiling on throw
    - fixed FOV optimization bug
    - fixed FOV errors on scoped distances
    - fix server crash on weapon fire
    - fixed crashing if no bot files are present
    - fixed inventory render crash
    - fixed glitch on jumping sideway on a slope
    - fixed laser stopping on glass
    - fixed climbing up wall if left and right key held together
    - fixed Glitnir not passing glass
    - fixed lasersight icon in action menu
    - fixed Einheriar armor with black artifacts on non-shader rendering
    - fixed 3 tile height fast climb animation

    - added fixed stance and speed icons to hud
    - added aiming black line (simulate visibility through muzzle)
    - added acid piss fumes
    - pickaxe rotates in air
    - added heartbeat detector in hotkey icons (although it doesn't do anything)
    - remote bomb frequency is now bright yellow in pie menu

    - limited armor fall off sounds

    - Huntdown rules change:
    * Einheriar need to collect 10 heads to win
    * Wasteminers need to kill all enemy units (team count multiplied by 10)
    * If time limit hits none of the teams win
    - added "waiting for players" text in scoreboard

    - stock recoil reduction down by 15%
    - Glitnir shot now needs 75 out 100 energy points
    - all armor is heavier by 0.4 points on average
    - Baldr is 2.0 points lighter

    - application writes process ID on start and saves it to Logs/pid.txt
    - ragdoll is stabilized on start

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    1. FinDude

      I don’t see the point in basing gameplay objectives on something you can’t randomly do.

    2. Don’t worry I’ll fix it. In the meantime you can put up a server with the old rules file if you want… or grab living soldiers and cut their heads.

    3. Looks like a lot has changed 😀
      I don’t like how the menu kind of controls your mouse though. I noticed that if link-dead is running behind my Opera browser it still grabs on to my cursor and moves it around…

    4. Is that guy in the screen shot peeing?

    5. woops: correct.

    6. when 2 guys are standing at a body and you want to take the head(which 50% of the time doesn’t work) you grab your living teammates head! grabbing living opponents is also really unbalanced – there’s no way to counter – it could be some kind of a button mashing contest when someone grabs you (and only from behind).
      i had some fun but the game is so unbalanced that after 10 minutes you want to quit. instead of adding and reworking everything how about some balancing?

    7. FinDude

      Some ridiculous button-smash minigame is just asking for autofire macros.

    8. Monsteri

      I actually fully don’t know how the cameras work, but it would be cool if they’d just disable FOV (For you and your teammates) in the point they ‘aim’ at.

    9. i had some fun but the game is so unbalanced that after 10 minutes you want to quit. instead of adding and reworking everything how about some balancing?

      There is no point in spending time balancing this game now. I might balance to a certain degree but please bare in mind that 50% of the game features are still not there. Everything will change once new moves come, new weapons, new tools etc.
      Just have fun with what you have now and enjoy the evolution of this game. No need to be competitive atm.

    10. Totaly agree with that ! Most people seems to forget link dead aint a deathmatch game…
      One thing I hate about the latest build is the new weight… You cant have fun with inventory anymore.

    11. thisgameblows

      this game really blows so far. there doesnt seem to be anything to enjoy my mutant guy looks like a $2 stripper

    12. thisgameblows

      its hard to be constructive when there is nothing actually good about this game, in its current state it cant be improved its just gotten far too complex and unplayable.

      notice that there are no players online. this games been hyped by far too many words:

      ‘you can piss on people’
      ‘you can chop off someones head’
      ‘you can spear someone in the balls’
      ‘you can scream out in pain’
      ‘you can hack shit’
      ‘you can jump around like in that french sport’
      ‘you can use medpacks’

      ALSO BTW:
      THE GAME IS DARK AS FUCK so you cant see any of the above features




      PLZ PAY ME

    13. ‘you can spear someone in the balls’
      OH FUCK! I’ve never tried that!! 😀 *starts LD*

      PS: This game is awesome.

    14. i must admit i have lost interest in this game since sigvatr is no longer associated. he really brought polish and atmosphere to the game. that’s not the only reason but im too lazy to type more

      just my opinion

    15. That hits the target dead cenetr! Great answer!

    16. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

    17. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

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