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    Written by . Posted at 1:34 pm on March 22nd, 2011

    I’m not gonna make you wait anymore.
    This version is a work in progress (well, all alpha versions are…). I spent a lot of time working on new ragdoll physics code and grabbing your opponent in this version. Unfortunately I overestimated my abilities and it was a tough battle. I had to disable the grabbing because it was too buggy (so head cutting is disabled for now too). I will add it later because there is still a lot of new features and modifications that you can play right now. So the new ragdoll code is there, they still have some Parkinson case, nevertheless should be much more stable now.

    It seems like I predicted an upcoming trend creating the Nuclear Plant map. I tweaked it some more by adding more sniping spots in unused areas. Take a look:

    The screenshot below shows a backflip. If you are light weight class, run backwards and press jump. This makes a very effective back flip, which you can use to jump on a higher platform or dodge bullets.

    There is a new function called the “melee key”. By holding [SHIFT] your gun turns into a melee weapon. So you can shoot an opponent and if he is in proximity quickly hold the key and buttstock smash the dude in his face! Or if you are low on ammo or desperate just throw the gun at him! (RMB + LMB).


    There are new running and getting punched animations.
    Recoil is more natural now and works a bit different. I hope you like it.
    Besides that, lots of bug fixes and tweaks. Check it out:

    Changes 1972-1990:

    - Nuclear Plant map update: new sniping areas
    - new improved ragdoll physics code
    - spear stops at map collison on thrust
    - pickaxe does not stick to ground
    - moved higher FOV origin on 135 degrees
    - recoil now actually moves your cursor
    - gun aim affected by movement (maneuverability) more natural; not affected by cursor distance
    - untied camera from gun cursor while aiming
    - gun melee action is buttstock hit
    - medkit doesn't patch scratches (minimal wounds)

    - default control scheme changed; switched pickup with drop; pickup (C), drop (X)
    - added backflip by running backwards and jumping [JUMP](space)
    - added new "melee modifier" key; hold to use gun for melee combat
    - moved mercy suicide from action menu to keys [ACTION + SPEED] (Shift+E)
    - gun resting only happens on pressing [AIM](RMB)
    - sneaking moved to aiming key; hold [AIM](RMB)

    - fixed no glass effect on melee weapon hit glass
    - fixed head cut not available after head exploding for no reason
    - fixed Glitnir stopping on glass
    - fixed Glitnir shot not done on server
    - fixed choke sounds looped after map restart
    - fixed "Run game" second time crash
    - mouse cursor does not snap to menu if mouse outside of window bounds
    - fixed bots not respawning on round restart
    - fixed bots memory leak
    - fixed map texture leaks
    - possible fix for sprites badly drawn using all frames
    - fixed bullet map hit effects
    - fixed grabbed animations
    - fixed grabbing sync issues
    - fixed ragdoll coordinates being sent on every bullet hit
    - fixed being able to piss when grabbed
    - fixed ragdoll plane contraints directions
    - fixed net id's being overwritten after some time on server
    - fixed gamemode messages when rules changed from default
    - fixed crash on having drop menu open on round restart
    - fixed corpse without head vomitting
    - fixed FOV origin on 360 degrees
    - fixed crash on adding more than 1 class in rules
    - fixed soldier hanging parts stretched or invisible
    - fixed redundant actor creation on server round restart
    - fixed "Animation not found" bug

    - new upper body run animation
    - smoothened pickaxe strike animation
    - kickback from gun kicks more
    - FOV is black by default
    - added melee hit animation

    - added heavy bleeding effect from fatal wound
    - new punch and melee hit sound

    - limited gib sound effects
    - renamed "ServerPID:" to "ProcessPID:"
    - added server variable "sv_ip" to bind the server to a specific IP address (along with sv_port)
    - added video driver features query in Logs/system.txt
    - fixed OS and vendor information in Logs/system.txt
    - textures are not unique (no body decals) on minimalist preset to save memory

    - Glitnir is much heavier (slower to aim)
    - all weapons are 25% heavier (slower to aim)
    - all weapons recoil cut down by 50%
    - crouch run is 15% slower
    - heavy weight class cannot slide down wall
    - buttstock hit constant damage for all guns
    - can't roll when wounded

    DEDICATED SERVER: Update is available too. There seems to be some bug on first start after update. Either run it a couple times until the error goes away or add this into Scripts/
    global sv_ip = `0`;

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    1. so much crashes and bugs, at least throwing weapons seems a bit more fair, too fast tough. lags, and ragdolls are worse then before, usually after an explosion the gfx get stretched across the whole screen , had some fun 1v1 realistic soldat style with one guy tough.

    2. hotfix released for most critical issues.

    3. Marc McMillon

      Hmmmm… honestly im not a fan of the backflip thing.

      Feels to over-the-top if your still pursuing the realistic aspect of war.

    4. – renamed “ServerPID:” to “ProcessPID:”
      isn’t PID short for Process IDentifier?
      Kind of saying “Process” twice there :/

      – fixed crash on adding more than 1 class in rules

    5. Gotta agree for backflip. Its not a really usefull move anyway. And it looks weird.

    6. Underline

      backflip is usefull. a bit weird.. maybe adding the constraint that the player needs to be crouched to do a backflip (to fell more natural. right now it feels like the player have superpowers)

    7. //isn’t PID short for Process IDentifier?

      lol , yeah.

    8. Monsteri

      I think holding shift is not a good idea, because in windows 7 there comes that box, after held 5 seconds. Instead it could be just only tap.

    9. you can turn it off. yet melle modifier is still a bad idea.

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