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    Written by . Posted at 8:34 am on March 23rd, 2011

    Most important bugs are fixed I hope.
    I’m going to TEDxWarsaw tomorrow (not to speak this time). More news about Link-Dead’s future will come shortly after that. I’ve got a few announcements mostly concerning the game’s design.

    - fixed a couple ragdoll issues
    - fixed respawn & nade timers display
    - fixed double left game msg on server
    - renamed "ProcessPID" to "PID"
    - fixed music mixer crash
    - fixed jump climb bug
    - gun hit angle is narrowed to more perpendicular
    - block angle is reversed
    - fixed climbing with [UP] pressed when just touching stairs
    - fixed sprite depth sorting

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    1. Underline

      – fixed sprite depth sorting
      Great. This was bugging me a lot.

      Gonna test it when i get home

    2. Underline

      About the news.. please.. dont change much how LD is now.. its so awesome.. =)

    3. Great. Hoping for that real game mode :) !

    4. i only have ground textures after the update and the rest is white, game is broken:/

      yeah, cleaning up the mess, the proper game mode, finally setting on what this game is supposed to be, balancing it and making it prettier.

    5. thepessimist

      IMO ‘ServerPID’ is much more informative than just ‘PID’.

    6. the movement still feels, even still from the very first version, very akward and un-smooth… especially with the new “parkour” moves, i have the feeling it still needs ( alot ) of work…

      sorry to say ๐Ÿ˜› dont know about the other players?

    7. ๐Ÿ˜› = :[ soz for the happy smiley when giving critics….

    8. TLD: What do you mean specifically? Do you expect the movement to be like Sonic the Hedgehog or what, maybe give an example of a 2D game with smooth movement?

    9. it isnt as smooth as it was in soldat, it looks so robotic and unrealistic… also the feel to it, the acceleration and the way of movement, it just doesnt feel completely right… you should experiment with that more

    10. That’s because the soldats in Soldat are super-rambo.
      They also have jet boots.

      This is not Soldat 2

    11. Reactorcore

      TLD means Link-Dead is missing momentum in its movement.

      Momentum is stuff like sliding, keeping up the force and speed of your movement to power you next moves, acceleration, smooth transition of one motion to another.

      By “robotic movement” he means the stopping and slowing actions that climbing and the inability to move faster than just running.
      Moving “beyond the limit” is the thing that is missing. In addition, robotic movement might also imply on the control system that does not feel natural as well as the physics for the warrior. In other words, you dont have enough smooth control over your guy in LD as things are too fast and some movements are unpredicatble such as jumps and backflips.

      Since LD has stamina and aims for more realism, you can’t really have the same stuff in LD. Soldat that brough this “limitless potential” in moving such as bunny hopping and superman prone+jet flying. Check this link for more info about “limit breaking movement”:

      In the case of LD, stuff like sliding, faster climbing if you jump and run towards a wall or running that accelerates the longer you run might do the trick.

    12. IMO Movements are quite good. I always thought of it has a Blackthorne/POP plateformer witch is not supposed to be too smoothed out.

      I think link-dead achieve a good mix between blackthorne and more traditional plateforming.

      Sure they still act weird sometime but mostly because of bugs that could be carved out.

      I really hope MM focus on making the game has tactical has it should be (bases/hacking etc..), since all those change will influence the way we see movement.

    13. The difference between Soldat and LD is that the 1st has physics based movement and LD has animation-based movement. That’s why it feels as it feels. This is the way I intended it to be, because I was thinking of a realistic platformer when doing it. In a tactical game you need to know exactly were your soldier will be. When you jump or climb you need to know exactly how fast it will be and were he will land.

      At this point I think the game is lacking a good tactical game mode and maps. I think you will see how the movement fits once you see how the game should be really played.

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