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    Written by . Posted at 6:30 am on April 2nd, 2011

    The alpha version of Link-Dead is an iterative process were I might change something completely just to see how fun it is. This new build changes entirely two critical gameplay elements. First of all I unified the damage model. This means all weapons behave nearly the same when doing damage. A picture describing this can be found below. I hope this change will bring some tactical variety to the game because it is now VERY easy to die, so you’ll have to be very careful about what you are doing, how you expose yourself, what gun you are fighting against etc.

    Second thing is I removed weight classes and replaced it with a gradual system. This means that every piece of inventory you add affects your weight. Weight then gradually affects your movement speed, climbing speed, ability to climb walls, roll and fatigue. I hope this change eliminates artificial inventory shuffling that was done in order to stay in a given class.

    This is not all. There is a couple important bug fixes and other improvements.
    I added an Armor Repair Kit for Einheriar. It means you can now weld your damaged armor!

    There are also some visual & audo improvements. Step sounds are completely remade and sound a lot nicer. They were done by a proffesional (LD’s musician Maciej Stankiewicz). But most importantly there are new BLOOD decals:

    You can download this game for any donation for my game development right now.

    IMPORTANT: When you first run this version be sure to change your Sneak Toggle button to Z or any other key you want. If you don’t do this it is probably the same button as melee (Shift).

    IMPORTANT 2: If the game fails to auto-update, please go to the LD folder and rename LD.bak to LD.exe.

    The SNES port isn’t a joke. Well almost. You can turn the SNES mode on if you change the resolution to something low like: 320×200. To do this open Scripts/ and edit v_width & v_height.
    Meet you on the servers.

    Here is the complete changelog.
    Changes 1991-1999:

    - added Armor Repair Kit for Einheriar
    - changed soldier/bullet collision; hands don't block chest and head
    - removed weight classes; weight affects speed and movements gradually
    - separated sneak form aiming; sneak is now toggle with (default Z) key
    - soldier can walk and patch
    - melee and punch now execute fully when tapped fire
    - corpse stays longer if is being hit
    - recoil doesn't move mouse[effects]
    - new reworked foot step sounds
    - jump sounds based on material

    - new blood decals
    - visual modifications and fixes on Factory map

    - map edge lines not drawn on glass edge
    - fixed bullet collisions after passing glass
    - fixed spear collisions
    - fixed ragdoll death forces
    - synchronized blood particle with blood wall paint
    - fixed attached parts getting stretched too much on lag
    - fixed grabbing floor from below
    - fixed not being able to strike with buttstock close to enemy

    - new unified damage system (all guns modified)
    - increased gravity on all lead & shotgun bullets

    - new easter egg
    - disabled blood map decal drawing on minalist preset
    - console messages are timestamped

    Last but not least. A week ago I asked Prince to write a song about the new Link-Dead build. Being a fan of my games he happily made a new song called “build 1999″. Enjoy:

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    1. i thought that the weight was gradual from the start since you keep track of total weight.
      an improvement: you can’t kill someone while shooting his legs(at least until you shoot them off) but after a fatal leg wound your character can only crawl/sit. Kinda like last stand.

    2. It would be realistic but also annoying if you would shoot someone 10 times in the leg and he is still alive. The character barely walks when he is wounded in the leg, so I think that is fair.

    3. FinDude

      Shooting legs is the most certain way to kill someone right now.
      That makes little to no sense.

      I’d suggest considering a knockdown mechanic. Could be simply a forced prone stance. Would add in some more options besides instant death for a lot of things, such as explosives.

      Or maybe make a certain % of small shots (ie. not railgun or sniper or scram) miss the legs and arms.

    4. Wow, update on saturday !!!

      Good idea to try different things and see how they feel.
      Il go check if I like that new weight/damage system.

      About the snes version:
      The sound where modified on the video editing though ?

    5. Reactorcore

      Would it be possible to force all except the arms into ragdoll mode?

      Imagine this:

      Guy gets shot in the legs a couple times and they are now beyond saving. However, the warrior is still alive, albeit fatally bleeding for a few seconds (depending how badly he was damaged) and has still control over his arms, while rest of his body is in ragdoll mode. He cannot be healed, but he can still attempt to trigger a grenade or shoot his gun a few times before death claims him or the enemy finishes the job.

      Any further damage to the guy will shorten and deplete his life faster. This kind of mechanic would only happen in the event if a warrior is fatally wounded to the legs.

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