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    Written by . Posted at 5:08 pm on September 22nd, 2010

    I think I got it right this time.

    I need a few alpha testers for initial closed alpha testing. I think 20 people at most. In first order I will pick people that are long time fans on my blog (over 2.5 years), then players that have succesfully accomplished the Link-Dead Technology Test. If you don’t hold any of those criteria please don’t bother and wait for the public alpha testing. If you do and want to participate please contact me with your nickname written in the message and write LINK-DEAD ALPHA TESTING in the subject.

    Also please note that you will need good hardware because we’ll be playing an unoptimized version. You should have a couple hundred FPS on the LD Technology Test. Another thing, is we’ll be most likely playing on my server which is located in mid-USA.

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    1. dun-dun!

    2. Hello ;D

    3. Blacksheepboy

      Hey, I live in Kansas. But, I don’t fit the 2.5 year criteria. So why am I posting. I dunno. Cause I can.


      Hope the private test goes smoothly. Good luck to both teams 馃榾

    4. You could post an eMail to which we can apply though

    5. MM, Am i qualified D: ?

    6. Subject: Closed Alpha Test

      I want to participate in the closed Alpha.

      Played loads of soldats.
      Love the new concept.
      Been around before this blog started just a bit silent.
      I got a high end PC.
      Pick me !

    7. Is this where we are supposed to apply?


      I would like to participate in the Aplha test.

      I am a programmer myself.
      I played the tech test all the way to the end, and i reported multiple bugs in it.

      Here are my rig specs:
      Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
      8GB DDR3 RAM
      nVidia GTX 295 gfx card
      3gz quad core processor

    8. Marc McMillon

      Well, I have been tracking this game since you started.
      I just don’t comment on every blog.

      BTW: Was that 2.5 years ago….


      i think i qualify?

    10. Dang…only 1.5 years. I bet my crappy computer couldn’t run this game anyways.

    11. Dang. I miss out by 0.5 of a year.

      I’m still trying to link my soldat forums account to here.

    12. Link dead alpha testing, I have watched this blog for ever. And I get over 100 fps in the test.

    13. Witaj Micha艂, tu Nevitro – ten co mapy niby obczai艂 ale niestety z powodu tego i偶 Tw贸j kod tam jest aktualizowany i po prostu zmienny to nie za bardzo by艂em z motywaowany do modyfikacji map gdy jest jeszcze mo偶liwo艣膰 i偶 wydasz w艂asny, prosty edytor… [a stare newsy].

      Prosz臋 Ciebie, dodaj mnie do beta tester贸w. Znam polski, Ty tez, bez problem贸w si臋 dogadamy, ja akurat gram ponad 10 lat [przed fif膮 98 jak pami臋tam mia艂em 1 komputer] i znam si臋 na patrzeniu bug贸w [ – znajd藕 filmik o Far Cry 2 (o bugach)]

      Z powa偶aniem Nevitro (btw. tez mam na imi臋 Micha艂 :D)

    14. PS. M贸j sprz臋t to 260GTX, IntelCore 2 Duo E8400[3 GHz, ale mog臋 na 3.6], 4 GB Ram, Vista 64 bit, P5Q Pro…

    15. OK 1.5-2 years is fine too.
      Send me an EMAIL to – mm(at)

      Nevitro, szkoda ze nie znasz angielskiego. Wyslij mi i tak email.

    16. ohh:( so give the others at least some videos please :)

    17. I can offer a Mac perspective, if that’s of use to you? My technical specifications are as follows:

      Core i7 2.8GHz
      4 GB RAM
      Radeon HD 4850 512MB

      I should add that I’m a Soldat player of six years’ standing who has followed Link-Dead’s development since the original ‘HDR effects’ video in 2007, although as of yet I haven’t been able to get the technology test to run successfully via Boot Camp (or otherwise).

      Tell me what you think.

      – P.

    18. Yes, give us a video :)

      Funny to see all the lurkers pop up.
      I’m not sure if I’ve been here long enough, but it wouldn’t matter. My PC isn’t nearly good enough :/

    19. The video from my lecture where I show Link-Dead is done processing so I can publish it any day now.

    20. hell yeah, finally! 馃榾
      just send you the mail.

    21. Amd quad core 2.9, nvidia gforce 8600, 2gb ram, 250 dd

    22. I’d probably qualify, but sadly I have to opt out. I got nailed so hard by a malicious trojan that the system is down.

      Anyhow, good work Michal. I wish you luck with the alpha testing.

      I just wanted to mention that I hope that either sooner or later you can or will have the ability to have animated (with distant sfx) backgrounds.


    23. MM I can test if you want to.
      I’ve got a nice pc and good internet conection, the problem is that I’m not from the US.

      eMail me at
      Also you have added me on Facebook so PM me if you want to

    24. @Skykanden Almost nobody on this devlog is from the US

    25. Eh, I’m in Australia on a shitty PC. I can wait.

    26. Amd quad core 2.9, nvidia gforce 8600, 2gb ram, 250 dd,4 mb internet connection

    27. Yeeha, it’s working on my T61! And the game is really starting to look like something!
      I’m off to try and join the IRC room.

    28. I’ve been spying on you since 2003 馃榾 too bad i missed this thread :(

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