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  • Crimson Glory source code released!

    Written by . Posted at 6:07 pm on July 11th, 2007

    Crimson Glory is officially open source. You can download it and do whatever you want with it, unless you want to use it commercially (more info in license.txt).

    I want you to get the source code, educate yourself and maybe help me out with it. Add stuff, modify, optimize, suggestions are welcome. I’m using this in my new game, the structure of the engine and all of its core components like scripting and entities will be the same.

    Download here: CG source (32 MB)
    (Crimson Glory website)

    or use the Google Code SVN repository

    The basics you need to know are:

    • The whole source is written in C++ ready to compile and go from Visual Studio 7 (it should run on any other compiler)
    • There are 2 projects Crimson (the executable) and GameDLL (the DLL that is executed by the exe); basically the interesting stuff, meaning the whole game is in GameDLL
    • The engine uses several subsystems:
      – graphics: Irrlicht (also used for geometry, including math and vectors)
      – sound: FreeSL (wrapper for OpenAL)
      – player animations: Cal3D
      – scripting: GameMonkey
      – network: RakNet
      – maps format: DeleD

    The game runs on Windows, however it is possible to compile it on any system. The problems I see are in the different components like FreeSL or Cal3D. In theory they should compile but I never tried it.

    If you have any questions, need help in finding what is where and what in the engine just e-mail me and I’ll answer as best as I can.

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    1. That’a great MM I will look it wen back at home (just a look. I know that I have started one other project 😉 )

    2. Thank You Marcin :* ( ;D ).
      I had so great fun with geting what is going on in Crimson Glory sripts itd. And now i have a lot more options… A lot! “Połknąłem bakcyla” by saying in polish and now i am going to study C++. I am suprised that this CG use Irrlicht becouse when i was searching for free engine to learn more i also found it out.

      I think to learn i am going to use one of a C++ courses (polish) to learn. Can you give me any advice from what shall i begin ? :-)

    3. If you are starting C++ CG is to advance for you. You can take a look at it but don’t start with that you should start with 2D games in SDL

      Good Luck!

    4. Peter:
      Any beginner C++ course will do. When you’ve got the basics try taking a look at some SDL examples, make a simple game from there. You can also look at R source code, which was my first game in C++.

    5. Yeah cool i liked to play againts stupid bots but now its even better 😛

    6. good

    7. good test for 3d game

    8. Maybe this is ending in a great game! o:
      Loved the Idea behind CG but it was a bit rare tho.
      So hopefully the next gen ist taking it to another level!

    9. Mateusz

      Ale jak to odpalic;P?

    10. Will you opensource Soldat now?

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    13. When I spawn a bot, it just lags, and I do not see the bot. What has happened?

    14. what do i do to (1.) play it (2.) make bots???

    15. ja nawet nie wiem jak z botami grac


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