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    Written by . Posted at 6:52 am on October 25th, 2007

    You might know this or not but all my Soldat and other game related stuff are now hosted on one server. This post is to inform you that we’re going a big step forward now. You might have noticed that all the mirror files are gone and I’m hosting it only from one location. This is a dedicated server machine hosted and built in Chicago personally by Mr. FliesLikeABrick. Everything is hosted in one location, I know it was a pain to maintain everything at couple locations (like lobby server, mirrors, BattlEye server, SVN reps, forums, site etc.), so a brick has been lifted off of FliesLikeABricks shoulders. Finally I can afford to own a machine like that thanks to all people that are registering, so this is because of you (and keep it coming cause I have to pay the rent;). I haven’t bought myself a new car from the registration money yet so you can see that I’m investing the money in my games. We are preparing for the future. We need a server like this to handle all future requirements not only for Soldat, link-dead but for everything that might come next. FliesLikeABrick assures me that the server will take the load, so I trust him and I’m preparing a new game that will beat everything else in popularity and really stress test the server.
    You can read more specific details on the server and hosting adventures on FliesLikeABrick blog.

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    1. Anonymous

      just a question might be a bit off topic. How does the scripting will look for link-dead? Will there be any scripting engine in link-dead?

      Anyways big up to flabs helping you out!!

    2. The scripting is the same as in the Crimson engine ->

    3. Good to see more steps towards link-dead.
      I seriously cannot wait till the first playable version is out

    4. Funny, 3(4 whit mine) comments only for this post, which is really more important than the last one, but they only care if the game you’re making gonna satisfy then, they don’t really care if you are one step ahead on something… people these days…
      Btw, great that you can afford a server, but maybe its nt dangerous to rely on registration payment to pay the rent? Or it already proved to be a really source that you can trust? If yes, then it’s just another proof of soldat success :)

    5. @Andre
      Speak for yourself. I’m interested in both the games MM makes and the problems he faces and how he overcomes them. MM also uses this blog as a mental output and I do find some of his views very interesting.

    6. @teh_ham
      Sorry if I upset or something, I didn’t mean it, but you and I are interested, but the remaning people? I didn’t said that everybody cares, i said mostly people don’t mind, but there’s also some people that really do care, like you, me and others commenters.

      Sorry again u.u

    7. Good job, MM. Good to know Soldat’s future is safe.

    8. @Andre
      I’m not upset at all. It just annoys me when people don’t think about what they are saying. Anyway, it’s been one day since he posted it, do you think this would be flooded with comments in one day? I think not.

    9. kewl. That scripting engine looks good! Dammit cannot wait to script my server for link-dead 😛

      Could you explain a bit more about it in a different topic maybe in the future?
      As in which functions/events we can use.

    10. MM join the beta channel on IRC sometime! We miss joo =/

    11. Thumbs up to FliesLikeABrick !

    12. “You might have noticed that all the mirror files are gone and I’m hosting it only from one location.”
      I just love the cross-atlantic downloadspeed!

      Now you can just remove the mirror list.

    13. So what happens if the server goes down?

    14. If that happens, I put everything back online on either another server of mine or a virtual machine until his server can be repaired. I keep nightly backups of the content and real-time replication of the database server

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