Defining Awesome — New interview with MM about Soldat & Link-Dead
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  • New interview with MM about Soldat & Link-Dead

    Written by . Posted at 5:50 am on March 21st, 2011

    The interview is done by It covers a variety of topics: such as my fascination with 2D, about my development process, inspirations and the causes of design changes in LD:

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    1. You mentioned 2d side scrolling rts games. Here is one very old one:
      Great game entertained me for hours when I was a lad.

    2. Cool interview.

      Has for a recent sidescroller/rts there is grim grimoir on ps2 … Its shitty and have nothing to do with a link dead rts though.

      Another thing I would like to see is Link Dead Tactic TURN BASED STRATEGY. Think about the future of chess With fog of war and everything ! id love to see that !!!

    3. Blacksheepboy

      So the idea of link-dead is *basically* a mature version of “lolololol” Soldat

    4. I’d like to know why team-work and delegation isn’t working out for you. There COULD be 2 MMs. So why not?
      The Programmer/Graphic Artist mix seems to work just fine. Why don’t you get someone to work on that system you were talking about?

    5. Blacksheepboy

      It can’t happen because there aren’t two MM’s. It’s extremely hard to share your soul with somebody else, and it’s basically impossible if they share a different “vision” or agenda than you. Basically, MM would have to find a “son”: someone EXTREMELY open, willing, and malleable.

      As a personal example… I’ve spent the last year and a half understanding a particular subject, and I’ve got to be pretty damn good at explaining myself, but when someone is either unwilling, or has a different agenda, it’s impossible, no matter how perfect your presentation, you won’t be able to cause the other person to see the same beautiful picture you have in your soul. In the end, I lost my vision and got sucked up into his agenda (ugh, still a little resentful over it, but I’m back on track, and have forgiven the poor ignorant bastard who’s really missing out on a wonderful world).

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