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    Written by . Posted at 9:37 am on March 21st, 2009

    Sigvatr has started a new blog. He began with posting some Link-Dead stuff. Check it out:

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    1. SOme stranger

      this will surely make the development faster…all of you are making blogs instead of games,in particular Link dead.Pigs are going to fly sooner than I’m going to play Link-dead

    2. Underline

      Some stranger: so you just have to play another game.. anybody is forcing you to watch the development.

    3. Writing a blog takes half an hour or less.

    4. Sigvatr,

      nothing personal but u must be the sickest and goriest bastard ever 😀

      So im sure, without a doubt, Linkdead will be friggin fkin awesome.

    5. C'o's'm'i'n

      Hey, your blog says something about “concerned parents”. Damn, and I thought you were born from the fires of the inferno.

    6. inferno? he was build from human parts and glued together in hell. the demons praise him as their god!

    7. Sigvatr,

      I would really like to know what made you create the game “Muslim Massacre”?

    8. Dear Krishnaji,Thank you very much for sending brief news about Ghandruk, it cenatirly has given us pleasure to know what is going on in Ghandruk.I was born and bred in Ghandruk but due to global migration, currently living in the global village in the UK. As such I am always endeavoring to keep myself up to date with the news and views about Ghandruk. The step you have taken is good for those people living abroad. If you would kindly send us such brief notes at least every six months would be great?Thank you so much.Warmest regards

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