Defining Awesome — State of the game – September 2011
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  • State of the game – September 2011

    Written by . Posted at 11:36 am on September 6th, 2011

    Quick recap of what has been going on in my life:

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    1. I’m really happy for you about KAG. The game is getting better and better. Congratulation!!

      I will try Soldat 1.6 right now! Maybe I will get addicted again! lol.

      Still… Im missing the ‘link dead’ days =(

    2. Missing the good old days too.
      Nice to see you haven’t totally forgot about this blog.

      Some inspirational/game design post would be much appreciated.

      On another note, i’m really happy to see you are getting the credit you deserve with KAG. I’m not really into it anymore but its definetely a great game and every patch adds a lot of good stuff!

    3. recreate soldat with the new engine plox.

    4. Test – sorry if this works; please remove this post — I’ve been having complications trying to post some comment for some time now.

    5. Reactorcore

      Is the lecture recorded and uploaded somewhere? I’d love to see/read/hear it if possible.

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