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    February 5th 2009

    Update report #5

    It seems ray-casting doesn’t work as I expected (they don’t work well with edge shapes). Send your complaints on the Box2D forum. So no working hitscan weapons for a while.

    At least I got a nice weapon working in the game. Sigvatr is also working on HUD graphics. They look promising.

    I’m not showing any screenshots cause we agreed not to post any game content until we have a proper game working.

    February 4th 2009

    Update report #4

    Added a little widget on the right side of this page. It is a tool that tracks time that I spend on the computer. All the stuff there should indicate how much time I spend working on the game versus time spent on doing other things (procrastination). I don’t know if it works correctly (there should bars for coding, communication etc.).

    As for Link-Dead:

    Yesterday I managed to do gun management. That is picking up and shooting. Bullets are working too.
    If you’re tracking my development you’ll notice I did this the second time. To explain shortly: I’ve been basically rewriting the whole engine for the last couple months. For example switched from Newton Physics to Box2D.

    Today I’m going to update Box2D to the latest version so I can use ray-casting.